Diet for Hemorrhoids

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Very often the cause of hemorrhoids is considered to be improper and an unbalanced diet, which is why doctors advise to adhere to dietary diet in this disease.Since when receiving certain foods, as well as deletion of some of the products of their usual menu can be normalized as digestion and defecation.
incorrect and unbalanced diet can lead to the appearance of hemorrhoids.A number of food has the ability to stimulate blood flow to the vessels that are found in the pelvic area, such products may include alcohol, various types of preservation, hot spices, smoked and pickled products.Due to the fact that the venous vessels and overflow leads to their tension, the walls of veins and protrude formed hemorrhoids.Between constipation and hemorrhoids very close relationship.If you have constipation organism cleansing occurs with difficulty and at the same time a person can be bleeding in the area of ​​the rectum;lesions appear not heal and micro cracks, which could lead to thickening of the blood vessels in

the field of education, begin to form as a result of hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids often occur constipation, as the intestine is impaired, but also due to the fact that people are ill hemorrhoids, intestinal cleansing process to be afraid because of the pain.
If correctly to make the diet during a diet for hemorrhoids, it will play an important role in the treatment and prevention of diseases, all because of the fact that the work of the intestine will return to normal, as well as to recover its microflora and helps remove extra pounds in the body.
diet of hemorrhoids - it is the most convenient way to reduce the pain.Even sometimes when proper nutrition can do to get rid of the disease.In order to understand the meaning of this diet, you need to decide on its objectives.
When the disease is most damaged rectal mucosa, and it is still getting worse due to the fact that pieces of undigested food, and increased pressure inside the digestive system is applied to private injury.Here on this and concludes that the main goals of diet for hemorrhoids include:
-reduction of constipation, when the regular chair with a soft consistency;
-providing complete digestion of food, so that would be great coarse particles could not inflict additional damage the rectal mucosa;
-normalizovat metabolism;
-vosstanovit disturbed bowel function.
With diet, you can achieve normal bowel function, to the cleansing of the body took place on a regular basis, it is best if it's going to happen at the same time, as well as no extra effort during defecation.It is known that for constant constipation, stool dry and hard, because he goes hard on the gastrointestinal tract.Because of this man to cleanse the body have to make great efforts, it contributes to inflammation and swelling of the veins located in the aisle.
Home in the preparation of diets for hemorrhoids doctor or dietitian should pay attention to the individual characteristics of the human body, as many people have reactions to many foods varies.All this depends on the digestive tract and immune system, but also on the type of neural activity.But, all the same for the treatment of hemorrhoids is necessary to exclude products that tend to irritate the gastrointestinal tract, and even to give up drinking.Even in this disease need to eat at a certain time, only in this case you will be able to "teach" your body to adjust to the schedule of meals and after a short period of time will feel an improvement in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
Let's define what products can be used during this diet, and which is not desirable.Experts studying the causes of hemorrhoids and treatment, have identified a list of products that are useful or on the contrary, harmful use of hemorrhoids.
It can safely be useful include the following:
- meat;
- fish;
- honey;
- fresh apples and grapes;
- Crude worn carrot, cauliflower, garlic;
- serum, it is recommended to drink 1-2 glasses on an empty stomach.
The following products are contraindicated in cases of haemorrhoids:
- porridge semolina and rice;
- pasta;
- jelly;
- mashed potatoes;
- turnip or radish;
- milk, chocolate;
- tea, tea drinks and coffee.
In those moments when the disease hemorrhoids escalates, it is best to resort to besshlakovoy diet for a couple of days, the main diet of this diet are foods such as broth, protein omelet, digested on the water rice porridge with butter slice, boiled meat and white crackers.
Also during the diet and treatment do not forget to drink the right amount of water.During a diet for hemorrhoids you need to use at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day.Mineral water is recommended, but should be selected not too salty.
should still pay attention to physical exercise, as little exercise will help normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.People who pay for a 20-minute workout on the lungs, rarely suffer from the occurrence of diarrhea or constipation.To do this, you can ride a bike, do a light jog or just walk briskly, all this will lead to an increase in heart rate.Just select the kind of exercises or physical activity that will bring you pleasure and engaged for half an hour a day.
offer you a good recipe for porridge, which is very useful in case of constipation.
Take 2 tbsp.spoons of oatmeal, wheat, barley or coarse cereals (barley can take any from this list, but it is best to alternate them).Next, you will need 2 tbsp.tablespoons of whole flax seeds, 2 tbsp.spoon any chopped nuts (except peanuts all possible), 2 tbsp.tablespoons finely chopped dried fruit.
This mixture is to pour water, mix well and put on a night that would be well treated and the present.In the morning we will need to drain the excess water in the mixture should add yogurt, yogurt or yogurt.To the intestine does not start fermentation or bloating, it is recommended not to take, together with cereal and fresh fruit juices.
During the diet of hemorrhoids is recommended to adhere to the following menu:
first breakfast - milk porridge 250 g fresh cabbage salad with apples, seasoned with sour cream 150 g, beans fried in vegetable oil, beans and egg about 200 grams, tea with milk.
Second Breakfast - 150 grams of fresh apples.
Lunch - vegetable soup, seasoned with vegetable oil about 350ml, boiled meat about 50 g stewed beet 150 g, 100 g lemon jelly
Snack - soaked prunes 50 g
Dinner - vegetable stuffed with vegetable oil about 200 g,Krupenik with cheese from buckwheat 200 g tea.
Before going to bed - 1 cup of yogurt.During
to can consume about 200 grams of rye bran bread, 250 grams of white bread, 15 g butter and 40 g of sugar.
You can also take a more gentle version of a diet for hemorrhoids:
first breakfast - milk semolina (200 g), 150 grams of milk.
second breakfast - a cup of yogurt.
Lunch - oat milk slimy soup (400 g), meat souffle (60 g), fruit jelly - 1 cup.
Snack - steam fish souffle (100 g), 100 g sour cream, tea with milk - 1 cup, broth hips - 1 cup.
Dinner - boiled fish with mashed potatoes (200 g), tea with milk - 1 cup.
at night - 1 cup of yogurt.
Full day - 30 grams of sugar and 30 grams of butter.If
diet for hemorrhoids is designed correctly, it will be physiologically balanced, and will also contain the right amount of fiber, which is needed to complete the work of the intestine.It is important to observe this diet for a long time, until the final improve the gastrointestinal tract.For what would have been the most effective diet, you need to be physically active, avoid stress and stressful situations, as well to engage in therapeutic exercise.