The diet of astronauts

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

In modern society many girl dream have slender figure and look stunning , but frequent problem interfering is do , are extra kilos body. In fight with him you can help one of most heavy and hard diets , and called she « diet astronauts ».
reading name this diet , you certainly think , that need will use in food food , that eat astronauts in flights , but on the fact is misleading. name this diet , rather all , associated with hard schedule astronaut , than with their power . In time this diet your body will often be in stressful situations , so how diet in nutrition very cruel , menu this diet equally and it repeated every day . Popularity to this diet came , after of , how conducted a survey among girls, that held its . So here on results polls, due diet astronauts , them managed reset for 15 days 15 pounds!By ak you see, adhering one menu , girl overthrown in day on kilogram .Sometimes some bored monotony in food on over 15 days and they stop their diet.Termination diet so same affects and on efficiency slimming, than less you « sit » on diet , the less you reset .
Ingredients, incoming in composition this diet include in themselves protein products , and so same desirable limit or same fully exclude of diet products containing fiber .
diet this diet built on basis most main principles , that conclude in currently reduction calorie in daily menu , and so same preference protein products at reducing carbohydrate components . If correctly build program slimming, the with its using can achieve more effective results in disposal by unnecessary pounds , but still and not prevent dystrophy muscle system.
In result , of , that products containing protein processed much faster , is promotes acceleration exchange substances in body and body stores additional energy .Thanks this , fats in body burned actively . So same , at right compliance this diet , later some time you notice , that your skin cleared.
This diet not quite simple and very strict , so how in it very many restrictions , and adhere to these restrictions account pretty long from 10 to 20 days. We already mentioned , that menu in diet astronauts very meager and monotonous , it can cause stress state even in targeted people.
For those , who dare use diet astronauts, for achieve ideal figure need know , that abuse this diet not recommended , so same at this diet body spends large number forces and energy. But all same , if you want use this diet and want get from her maximum result , the remember following :
- apply diet better all one time in year , that would not nasty harm body ;
- so how diet products in this diet poor and not different variety , recommended on all it over take vitamins ;
- so same recommended use large number water .So how is contribute reduction appetite , and still help cleanse your body .
draw your attention on the , that in diet astronauts there restrictions . This diet not recommended apply people in which have violation or same disease digestive system or gastrointestinal - intestinal tract .
On all over diet you have refuse from reception in food salt , sugar and spices.The given diet desirable stick on over 20 days. can take is for kind course treatment , on over which your body will cleaned , so same become more active exchange processes , and still fat reserves organism will burned more actively .
For of , that would pass this diet from start to end , you necessary will well tune and stock large number exposure , that would overpower monotony in menu .
you should into account the fact , that at this diet nutritional substance in body digested more slowly .E the allow you rid from frequent attacks occurrence hunger , so same at diet astronaut , you have refuse from frequent physical loads , your forces just can not enough on classes in sport hall or fitness club. But all well not is forget help body output products decay proteins , for this you need will load its body feasibly , example you can do aerobics , do easy charging and still need will follow for use water .
Recommended menu for diet astronauts :
- in time breakfast drink one glass yogurt or same can drink cup coffee , and so same eat one egg, which can boil or fry on dry pan
- on lunch boil half chicken , broth about floor - liters , so same glass yogurt or same cup coffee
- on snack cup coffee or glass yogurt
on dinner can drink one glass yogurt or cup coffee , and so same still c 200 lean curd or same curd mass.
Here your diet astronauts suitable to completion, you not necessary to correctly determine food after its end , pay attention on the , that calorie products, consumed you need increase gradually , at this should avoid too fatty and fried products.For time your diet body weaned from fiber , therefore carefully monitor process use rough food.