Extreme transformation : weight loss program

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

It sports reality show.The program introduces viewers to the real people who are suffering big overweight.Heroes reality show say that it is hard to live with more weight and what they want to drastically change your lifestyle.Heroes, who came to the project ready to change completely, in just one year.

Under the guidance of the famous specialist-trainer to improve the shape of Chris Powell (Powell), the characters of the program completely revise your diet and lifestyle.They begin to look at the world other eyes, they appear a second wind.Chris has full control of his players at all stages of weight loss program.Chris strictly monitors their wards, ensure proper nutrition for those as an ideal to be performed exercises for weight loss.

Chris has certain rules that the heroes of the program, and all the people who dream to lose weight, must remember and comply with strict attitude.

Now we will talk in detail about the rules that will change the way of life.

* Each morning begins with a promise to mys


must take the sticker and write it on their promise and hang it on the mirror.On the reality show promise begins with a movement of 5 minutes.Movement can not be held to strict rules, the movement can be both simple and complex.Prostoe- is just walking on the ground in front of the TV, it slozhnoe- jumping, news and more.Here the most important thing is not what movement you perform, and the promise.Do one promise you will follow, and the second and third.Thus, you will begin to achieve great results quickly and will come to its end.

* Additionally, drink one liter of water.

viewer does not see the program as heroes drinking water per day, but in fact they drink very large amounts of water.The water is absolutely necessary to man, but not all, we use just pure water, we usually replace it different, harmful liquids.If you train yourself to drink 3-4 liters of water a day, then after a while you will notice that your figure and skin noticeably changed.

* Eliminate sugar from a meal.

course renounce all at once would be difficult, but you are not asked to make a sacrifice.You just need to promise yourself to give up sugar in at least one meal.It is not difficult.

* Eliminate sodas each day find time to exercise and never skip breakfast.

At first glance, it seems that such a change in my life are possible, but they play an important role in the process of losing weight.Powell asserts, "There is only one reason that I recommend to stick to such changes in the course of the year."Everyone wants to see a very rapid and effective changes, but the body does not need time to adapt.You just need to set a goal and go, overcoming all obstacles.And after the first month you can always notice the result.

* We need to stop eating foods that contain fat.

Such products do not bear the characteristics of a positive.Noticing the fats in the ingredients list, you should immediately withdraw from the purchase and use of the product.

* Always ensure that the size of servings.

Powell says, "to control portion sizes, you just need to eat every three hours in small portions With each meal, the amount of food intake is significantly reduced blood sugar level to normal, dull feeling of hunger..."To the feeling of satiety for a long time did not leave, eat foods such as almonds, bananas, a piece of cheese or a protein shake.

* D Hold the his word, not excuses.

Powell says "Reincarnation - a very emotional process in the course of the show selection we spend a week on it, to determine who should stay and first of all we leave the people who can not keep his promise So, what we think...and promise in the first place itself affect the final result. "

* If you stumble - to recognize and acknowledge it.

«When we have selected different categories of people, many of them think that they will not choose or exclude in the future.And most people think that way - break.But Chris really appreciates and respects the people who admit their mistakes.Such people fully understand that they are responsible for their actions.And this is their record, they are fully prepared to take care and have the courage to pay for it.It concluded that these people have even for ourselves have won. "

* P Aden without errors.

It often happens that after a while people return to normal life.Such people should remember a few rules.

first - you need to throw away all the ridiculous ideas ie unload emotionally.

second - you constantly have to remember that you gave a promise.Think: "your set goal has been reached at least once ?!"

Third - you need to give yourself a new promise.Any promise to be old or new, the most important thing to keep it.

* Find a support.

«It is necessary to communicate with the people with whom you have common interests and similar goals.These may be found among your immediate surroundings and neighbors, and all strangers on the Internet, who are concerned about the same problem as you.Numerous studies show that weight loss is progressing well, when a person feels the support from friends and family.In addition, interaction with others will increase your personal responsibility in relation to achieving its goals. "

* By Upīte photo frame.

«Frame the picture, which depicts what you do or what you strive ,.For example, the shape of their dreams "- advises Powell.This is a very effective impact on the subconscious and every time you look at a photo, you aspire to this goal. "

«Extreme transformation: weight loss program" contains documentary evidence of how brave heroes, able to overcome the most terrible fear throughout the life- overweight.