The fungus ( tinea ) symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

fungus (tinea) - is an infectious skin disease, is very common, is caused by several different kinds of fungi.Infection causes itchy scaly round spots that develop on different parts of the body, including the scalp, the groin, the nails, the feet and the skin under the beard.Treatment in most cases eliminating the disease for several weeks.How to cure this disease folk remedies, see here.

• Fungal infection.Contact with animals (especially cats and dogs), having a fungal infection, it is one way of transmitting the disease.

• Ringworm suspect the appearance of the characteristic rash with red outline.

• Direct microscopic examination of scrapings from the floor peeling usually allows to detect the presence of a microorganism.Sometimes, you need seeding swabs culture.

• On the scalp: balding spots and peeling.

• On the skin: round, red spots that grow to about one inch in diameter.Since the spots grow from the center of the central region of healing, and around it is the red ring, which is maintai

ned active infection.

• Under the beard: itchy, scaly rash.

• On the legs: dry peeling and cracking of the skin between the toes and on the vault (athlete's foot).

• In people with athlete's foot may develop dermatitis (skin inflammation), allergic possible, in other parts of the legs or arms.He goes after the full recovery from the fungal infection.

• On nails: thickened, scaly, rough nails on the hands or feet (onychomycosis).

• The groin: scaly, red-brown spots usually on the inner area of ​​the upper part of the thigh (jock itch).

• Ringworm often can be treated with nonprescription antifungal creams or solutions, particularly those containing terbinafine, clotrimazole, miconazole or ketoconazole.Typically, they are used once or twice a day;infection should begin to disappear in a week.Continued treatment for the recommended time ensures complete freedom from fungi.

• If treatment nonprescription medications do not help, may be prescribed stronger oral medicines.In particular, their use is necessary for infection of nails or scalp.

• If possible, include the affected area clean and dry;Talcum may be used or medical powder.

• If the place of the fungal infection begins to bubble or trickle, use a damp cloth to clean the affected area.Do not open the blisters, it can cause the spread of infection.

• If you have ringworm groin (jock itch), wear cotton underwear and change it more often than once a day.

• If athlete's foot is necessary to frequently change socks to keep your feet dry.

• clotrimazole powder to be used for the treatment of shoes, to prevent re-athlete's foot.

• Do not use anyone one towel or shoes.

• Carefully wipe the feet after bathing or showering after swimming.

• Avoid too long stay in a warm humid environment, such as the area around the indoor swimming pool.Heat, humidity and darkness are favorable for fungal growth.

• If possible, avoid contact with infected pets.Immediately consult a veterinarian to treat any skin diseases your pet.

• See your doctor to confirm the diagnosis, and if symptoms persist, or if the infection continues to spread after several weeks of non-prescription medicines.