Simulators for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Very often it happens that adhering to a variety of diet we lose weight, but there is the expected result, for example, tight stomach, taut skin on the thighs and buttocks.And then we have to resort to the help of a variety of simulators, which help lead to our skin tone and become an indispensable tool in losing weight.Doing exercises on the simulator can be in a variety of fitness halls and gyms, but it becomes unrealistic, since most women have work, family, household chores and so it is very difficult to spend 1.5 - 2 hours for training.But in this situation, there is a wonderful way - to arrange a gym at home.To do this, you need to buy an effective fitness equipment and do to them when there is free time.
In sports stores sell a variety of exercise equipment and we have eyes on this diversity scatter in different directions.In order to choose a good and effective training device, you & amp;n bsp;good to know on what kind of area of ​​the body you want to make a bias in the classroom.
There are two criteria for selecting the most effective simulator:
1. It is necessary that at least as a busy working more muscle groups can be, the more work the muscles, the faster calories.
2. To the body quickly penetrate as much oxygen as possible, which helps burn fat.

From all variety of exercise equipment in the stores, two main groups can be distinguished: cardio fitness equipment and weights.Among women, the most common are the cardio fitness equipment.The essence of this simulator is based on the training of the heart.After all, when active sports are very important to strengthen the cardiovascular system and increase endurance.And while training on cardio workouts lead to the conclusion of excess fat from the body.
And now let us consider the most popular simulators.

One of the most common and effective cardio exercise equipment is the treadmill.
When training on the treadmill running a large number of muscles, breathing quickens, and you need to breathe very deeply, so our body spends a lot of calories.Besides training on the track to help get rid of the "orange peel" on the thighs and buttocks.As well as running or walking helps strengthen bones.And the process of getting rid of fat fast enough.In addition, having a treadmill at home, you can alternate between running and walking, so that lessons will not be monotonous and boring.However
to training on a treadmill should be approached with care for people who have problems with very heavy weight, diseases of the spine, knee and ankle.
There are several rules for training on a treadmill:
1. Frequency, you need to train every day and about the same time.
2. You should begin with a few minutes ut and gradually increase the exercise time (optimal time 30-45 minutes).
3. Coaching should start with warm-up (to prepare the heart for the next load).
4. It is important to give training for 10-20 minutes in the morning, because in the morning the most calories consumed quickly.
5. It is necessary to drink ordinary water before exercise, during exercise and after exercise.
6. It is necessary to walk or run correctly.First, you must step on the heel and then rolls onto his fingers and toes.It is necessary to force a start for the next step.Do
steps need often.
7. Check the training necessary to gradually slow the pace to the usual walk.

more effective to include simulators Elliptical Trainer.
In this lesson on the simulator, each of your feet standing on its own separate floating platform and the hands holding the levers.When you start moving growled, then your legs, too, begin to move alternately simulating running.
Benefits of Elliptical Trainer:
1. During training work is not only a group of leg muscles, but the muscles in his arms.And thanks to the fat cells disappear faster.
2. Classes in this simulator mimic the natural movements like walking or running.
3. The elliptical trainer is safer for those people who have problems with the spine and knees, which is a plus compared to the treadmill.
However, this simulator has a minus: calories much slower than on a treadmill.
for the most effective training on this simulator have to perform a few small but important tips:
1. Work should be at least 4 times a week for 30 - 45 minutes.
2. Periodically change the load level.
3. During the training you need to strain the muscles in the abdomen and other parts of the body that do not work during training.
4. begins and ends with the training necessary to slow the pace.At the beginning of training is necessary as a warm-up (the muscles are warmed up and enter into a working rhythm).

next performance is Stepper.
Sport stepper very similar to walking up the stairs.
Stepper is a very effective trainer for the lower body.This is because when doing work on it all the leg muscles (the muscles of the thigh and lower leg, buttock muscles).As a result of such exercise our legs and buttocks will become toned and beautiful (because the cellulite will disappear, too).
Sport stepper also bring good results if engaged in 45 minutes a day, at least 5 times a week.If classes will be held in the active rhythm, you can lose 450 - 500 calories.
For best results, most studies on the stepper you need to follow some rules:
1. Regularly exercise.
2. need to do a little warm-up for 5 Before training - 7 minutes.
3. Pressure on the floating platform is necessary to the whole foot, not just your fingers.
4. The back during exercise should be kept straight.
Stepper is not recommended lyudam disease of the hip joints.
next performance is rowing machine.
This simulator is considered to be a very good assistant in losing weight and maintaining a gorgeous figure, as many muscle groups are working on taking on the rowing machine.During training, our hands and feet mimic the rowing.First of all, when engaging in this simulator developed by the muscles of the upper body (direct and rhomboid muscles of the back, shoulders, pecs and biceps), leg muscles and glutes are also involved, but the load on them is much lower.Through training on a rowing machine 4 -5 times a week for 25 - 35 minutes can improve muscle tone and flexibility of the spine.Doing this on a simulator can not only young and active people, but middle-aged people.Rowing machine can not be used by people with aching joints, sciatica and cardio - vascular system.
And another trainer who is very popular among women - Bike.
Training on a stationary bike aimed at muscles of the lower body (buttocks, thighs and calves).Regular exercise on a stationary bike leads to very nice results: your legs will become slim and toned and cellulite disappear.Exercise on a stationary bike is not recommended for people with weak or who have suffered spinal injuries in the lumbar region.
to workout on a stationary bike gave a very good result you need to perform some tips:
1. To begin the training only after a short warm-up.
2. Conduct training necessary to regularly, at least 4-5 times a week.
3. n th training duration should be less than 30 minutes.The most optimal duration of 45 - 60 minutes.Since the first 30 minutes, our muscles are warmed up and enter the working pace.
4. It is necessary to drink water during your workout, before and after.Since then goes to not only oil, but also from the body fluid.
5. If you are a beginner, the first few days, you have to train not at full strength.This is to ensure that our body is accustomed to such pressures.Otherwise, if you're on the first day to lay out at full speed, the next morning, can not get out of bed with pain in the muscles.And this will lead to the fact that you bought the simulator will always gather dust in the far corner of the room.
6. To exercise yielded a positive result, you do not need much, and often to pedal, here is more important than the duration.
Regular exercise on a stationary bike will ensure a regular flow of oxygen, normalize the work of the respiratory and circulatory system and help in the fight against excess weight.

From recent times there is another simulator, but has already won enormous popularity - this rider.
This machine looks like a pair of scissors, is located on one of the seat and footrest, and on the other hand is fixed and the building of the handle.Training on the simulator simulate this horse ride hence the name (rider - translates to the rider).In the process of training our body goes up and down, through their own efforts.A person is engaged in the rider need to simultaneously press the feet on the base and pull the handle on itself, at the expense of our body rises on Seats.Catching up on
rider we are working leg muscles, arms, shoulders, stomach and back.That is why such a simulator as Ryder is an excellent tool not only in losing weight but also in improving the entire organism, as it enhances endurance.Rider is ideal for the whole family, as the load it depends on the body weight of dealing.For over notions on this simulator are no specific contraindications, that is, you can train all without restriction.
To the result was a positive exercise duration should not exceed 40 minutes.The most ideal time is considered to be 20 - 30 minutes, during which time you can pump all the muscle groups.

Work on any of the above simulators need no earlier than 1.5 - 2 hours after sleep, and not later than two hours before bedtime, and before exercise can not eat 2 hours before and after a workout for 2 hours.

If you purchased a simulator, it does not mean that you do not need to make an effort in order to become slim.In addition to regular exercise, you will still need to be sure to monitor their diet, since wasting calories our body much more quickly want to "eat" and that is why it is necessary to restrain any impulse to grab a muffin to satisfy his hunger.If you really want to lose weight and acquire graceful forms, then in addition to training on simulators need to stick to diet, or at least reduce the calories coming in with food.This can be done by replacing the low fat foods to low fat and more useful.We need to eat more vegetables, fruit and foods containing protein.
And then you and do not notice how your figure will be slim and trim.