Diets 3 days

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

A lot of people want to lose weight very quickly and that had a great effect.Such a diet, of course there are, but you should know that the kilos go away due to water loss, not fat loss.Losing weight with the help of the three-day diet, although effective, but cause great damage to our body.For this reason, they are designed for three days, and keep them for a longer period, you should not.

If you do decide to go on a three-day diet, you can resort to almost any mono-diet based on a significant reduction of calories produced per day.Ideally, you need to give the body 800 - 900 calories per day.

The basis of any diet is exclusion of certain products from the daily diet.These products include:

1. The most common protein in the diets of mono are three days.They gained their popularity deservedly so, as to give only one protein that the stomach is difficult to digest, your body expends much more energy for processing.And if no carbohydrates, which are a kind of "fuel" for the body, it has to take ene

rgy from the accumulated fat "stocks".Therefore, body fat is lost rather quickly.As well as protein diet is much softer transferred to the person, as there is not need to starve cruel.And the menu is diverse enough of such diets.




When protein diet for dinner is not recommended to eat hard to digest write and eat large portions.

For three days with this diet, you can lose 3 - 4 kilos and clean 2 - 3 centimeters in the waist.

2. Also in demand is another protein diet, which is a more stringent option discussed above.

Menu when this diet is very meager, and here's why.

only chicken boiled or baked as you can eat on the first day.You need to prepare a whole chicken small size, first removing it from the skin and fat.Then you need to divide it into 4 pieces and eat during the day.

On the second day you need to boil 400 grams of beef, also divided into 4 pieces and eat during the day.

The third day is the toughest, because you can not eat anything.It is only necessary to drink.If you absolutely do not have the patience it once a day, you can eat salad vegetables dressed with lemon juice or olive oil.

3. A very common diet, lose weight on a model.This diet refers to hard, as it has serious limitations in the products, but it gives excellent results.

menu for three days monotonous and consists of:

breakfast: one boiled boiled egg;

lunch (after 2.5 -3 hours): 100 -150 grams of cottage cheese with low percentage of fat and a cup of tea without sugar;

lunch (after 2.5 - 3 hours): 100 -150 grams of cottage cheese with low percentage of fat and a cup of tea without sugar.

4. Very good women speak about buckwheat diet.Such a diet also is designed for three days and is more protracted discharge day.When losing weight with the help of buckwheat diet you can eat only buckwheat in any amount you need for that would satisfy your hunger.Buckwheat for such a diet is necessary to prepare for a particular recipe.At night, pour one cup of buckwheat washed two cups of boiling water, carefully roll up the pot with a towel.Adding salt or sugar is strictly prohibited.All three of the day you need to drink plenty of fluids, about 2 - 3 liters.

For three days, you can lose 1 to 3 kilograms.Buckwheat is not only a very good assistant in losing weight, it is also perfectly cleanses the body of harmful substances.
5. For a change, you can resort to a delicious diet for three days.For example, milk - banana diet.This diet is not only tasty but also very useful, because bananas contain a variety of vitamins and elements, glucose, fructose, and so on. N. Within three days you can eat only bananas and milk with low fat content.

need to eat three times a day.Breakfast, lunch and dinner consist of 1 cup milk, 1 banana t. E. The day you can eat 3 bananas and 3 glasses of milk.You can eat individually (to eat a banana and drink milk) or a cocktail prepared in a blender.For three days, which is calculated on this diet, you can remove the 2-4 kilograms.

resort to a three-day diet is necessary only if you feel well enough.If you have a disease of the stomach (ulcer, gastritis), diabetes or have problems with cardio - vascular system, it is possible to sit on a diet only with the approval of a physician.We can not resort to such a diet very often, it is advisable not to repeat the course for 6 months.In order to fix the result, you just need to eat less fatty, sugary and salty foods and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and foods that contain protein.