Bran for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Bran for pohudeniya- is the easiest and most effective product for weight loss, they are very rich in a huge amount of fiber.Our ancestors just baked bread from wheat flour, as this bread was very useful, than white.While white bread was much more tasty, but there were exceptions: the white bread served at the table only on holidays.Certain flavor bran are not, but the effect that they are on the human body is simply priceless.It consists of bran shell zerna- this fiber in concentrated form - dietary fiber.Once in the intestine, fiber begins to perform cleaning work, because the fibers of fiber is not absorbed and digested.The fibers begin to cleanse the body of toxins, toxins and heavy metals, normalize metabolism, suppress appetite, lower cholesterol in the blood and lead to a reduction of excess weight.
bran are very useful for constipation, with stagnation of bile in the human liver.
bran are different, both in character and by type of raw material used.If you are just starting to use the bran, it

is recommended to start with the wheat, and those who have been consumed bran, they can be eaten oat or rye.its structure Rye and oat coarser and contain much more fiber, unlike wheat.Many
bran have not recommended because bran simply absorb water and swell in the stomach, thus there is a feeling of satiety.The daily proportion of bran for human 30-50 grams, but best of all, you should start one teaspoon three times a day.After 14 days of bran can be increased dose to one tablespoon three times daily.Eat bran may be even a lifetime, but it is recommended every two months to do a two-week break and during the rest of the bran, is to give preference to large vegetables, fruits.

Oat bran diet

Oat bran can be purchased at any pharmacy or shop.Oat bran have a rough structure, which is very good for the process of losing weight.But it is worth remembering that if the bran contain sugar, weight loss is not possible.Oat bran contains many beneficial vitamins that are beneficial not only to restore the normal operation of the digestive system, but also on the external skin.

How to use oat bran

1. On the day you need to drink 2-3 liters of water.Water helps bran swell and digested.
2. Do not exceed the recommended daily measure receiving bran (2-3 tbsp. Spoons).If any of the measures may be heaviness in the stomach.
3. The body should be taught gradually, because the bran do not provide absorbed not only the sugar and fat, but also beneficial substances that are essential to the body.Preparation
very prostoe- oat bran to pour boiling water and let it swell.

Wheat bran diet

Wheat bran is not less useful than oat.
Wheat bran unlike oat, contain much more insoluble fiber, which is also not unimportant effect on the intestine.Wheat bran in its structure is very soft, unlike the rest of the bran.

How to use wheat bran

1. Apply bran is necessary before each meal for 1 h. Spoon and drink one glass of water.
2. Slowly begin to add wheat bran to foods.
3. Gradually, the need to increase the daily dose of bran 1 h. Spoon to 1. Art.spoon.

Rice bran diet

Rice bran are beneficial to the body, they cleanse the body of all dirty and unnecessary, improve digestion.Rice bran is recommended by nutritionists as a diet food.As they speed up metabolism and fat metabolism.Thus, fat is deposited in many areas of the body, as it often happens.

How to use rice bran

1. The daily dose of 30 g., But it is necessary to start with a small amount of 1-2 h. Tablespoons per day for a week, then the dose can be increased to 1 tbsp.spoon a day.
2. Take rice bran, simultaneously with water, 1 h. Spoon rice bran put into the mouth and then drink one glass of water.

In general, all the bran can be added to almost any meal.It is worth mentioning that go on a diet in order to use the bran is not necessary.It is necessary to include them in the diet and the effect you simply amaze your diet, but do not forget about physical activity, they will help you to exceed your expectations.