frigidity Treatment of folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Women's Diseases


There is a very small percentage of women who do not experience sexual arousal.The reason for this is the physiological or hormonal changes in their body!Learn more about the symptoms of this disease, see here.

Frigidnost- lack of sexual desire, arousal and interest in sex.Usually it does not cause any discomfort a woman in terms of physiology.A woman well do without men, and no sex at all.The problem becomes its social and psychological frustration.Ambient forcing a woman is absolutely indifferent to sex, to feel flawed.In the complete absence of sexual attraction to someone else, you need to undergo a full examination and determine the cause.Timely treatment can be carried out to bring good results.

One of the high-speed love drink is the following: a cup of hot milk with a teaspoon of ghee, saffron, vanilla, cinnamon and coconut (or corn) flakes.

Another drink: a cup of milk to add three filaments of saffron this, a spoonful of melted butter and sugar, three cloves.Boil 3 minutes and

drink at bedtime for 3-4 weeks.

beverage «exciting»: 1 teaspoon of currant (dried leaves) one tablespoon of chamomile, 1 teaspoon black grated radish, 1 apple, 1 teaspoon of dried leaves of dandelion, 1 tablespoon of sugar (or honey)3 liters of water.

All components are mixed, pour hot water, brought to a boil, insist 30 minutes.The broth is drained and drink hot during the day.

infusion of cinnamon with radish

Vegetable drink "erotic dream"


Salad Cleopatra. 2 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon grated radish, 1 tablespoon of pearl barley, 1 apple, two flowersrose hips, 1/2 cup of sour milk.

beetroot salad. Two tablespoons of grated beets, 1/2 teaspoon of ready horseradish, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise. mix everything.

carrot salad. One medium-sized carrots, 1 tablespoonchopped green onions, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise.

carrots rubbed on a grater, mixed with green onions and dressed with mayonnaise.

salad tomatoes. Three medium-sized tomatoes, 1 medium onion, 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise.

tomatoes are washed and slicedcircles, mixed with chopped onion and mayonnaise

Canon of Medicine Abu Ali Ibn Son

«meats for such a person serve dishes prepared with meat fat kid, lamb, chickpeas, onions:. meat is not fried, because fried prevent a strengthening effectmeat and reduces its nutritional value.Muggamayet even acidified Murray - a perfect food as well as fatty hens and chickens, especially those that are fattened ferrule.Good for those patients with soft-boiled eggs, especially the Chinese flavored with cinnamon, pepper, asafoetida and salt skink pharmacy, as well as fish eggs and hot fish.

If there is obvious coldness of nature, the dishes seasoned with ginger, pepper, cloves, cinnamon Chinese spices and the like, reinforcing that effect.

Useful soup of cabbage and carrots, especially carrot broth in which the meat is well digested, and dishes, which include sparrow and pigeon brains, melted butter and milk, and Haris, pea soup, kebab, rice, milk, meat and sheepmilk.Among the vegetables for these patients include asparagus, Indus, leeks, artichoke and mint is particularly useful to them;it strengthens the very seminal vessels, so that they better cover the seed and intensified lust.Clover and fenugreek also benefit as well from pea pohlebok good ones with saffron.It helps to such patients as white bread with milk and coconut juice.It is said that a man who is constantly eating sparrows and drink their milk instead of water, always has an erection and a lot of semen.It is also good to fry onions in butter until it turns red and razlezetsya, and beat him eggs.But for people with the hot kind is suitable, for example, yoghurt, milk, hot fried fish, melon, cucumber, kissa, pumpkins and all the fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, up to lettuce.Even the seeds of common purslane increase their number of seed.Egg protein is very useful to them and multiply the seed, as well as brain and spinal cord of animals and crayfish. "

Justification doctor that he learns how to cause sexual enjoyment, to narrow the vagina and warm his Abu Ali Ibn Son "Do not disgrace your doctor if he speaks about how to increase penis, vagina or narrow the cause pleasure a woman;this is one of the means to achieve offspring.Often, a small member of the magnitude of the reason is the lack of offspring, as a woman does not experience pleasure and does not emit seed, because such is not a member of what suits her;then there is no child, and often it creates a woman dislikes her husband, and she is looking for another.The same is true if a woman does not narrow the vagina: the husband is not suitable for it and it is not suitable for her husband, and both need to be replaced.

Delight also encourages the rapid eruption seed: for women in most cases, the eruption of the seed is delayed and they stay with unsatisfied desire, and there are no offspring.In addition, these women continue to experience lust, and those who do not protect their honor, admit to yourself, find someone.From that, a woman and resort to rubbing against each other to find each other the satisfaction of passion. "

means causing pleasure in both men and women

«One of the means of pleasure to both, is saliva, if a person in the mouth asafoetida or cubeb and mirobalanovy honey or honey mixed with a resin Scammon, or gingeror pepper and honey.It is also good to use it all in the form of pellets in the back half of the member, because of the use of such funds to only one head is not much use. "

... weakens the ability to copulate and hinder him the circumstances connected with shame or imagination, for example, when the mate does not like to meet with a woman, or shy or afraid to advance, that would be weak or incapable of mating with, especially if it when-something has already taken place, and every time we have to repeat copulation, it appears to him in the imagination.Often the cause of the weakness of abstinence from copulation, so that the soul forgets about them, authorities shy away from them and nature cares little about the creation of a seed, it does not care about the creation of the milk in a woman shall separate the baby from the breast.

... If you have indigestion in the stomach, strengthens the stomach.(...) To employ Chinese cinnamon, broad beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, and onions with salt ...

If the reason is the weakness of the body, the body strengthens reinforcing dishes ... meat, fried in a pan in the ovenand on a spit, Haris, soft-boiled eggs, turnips, milk, melted butter, white bread and all kinds of cores, for example, kernels of walnut, almonds, coconut, pistachio, ... arched onions, mint, leek, fenugreek, clover and Indus.Strengthens the body and proper bathing and massaging and strengthening, for example, iris butter ... If you want a great warm, the butter put musk, castoreum and other drugs ...

Avoid copulation with a woman who is menstruating, withold woman with a sick, a woman who has not reached maturity or female long time copulating.(...) Shall read aloud the stories about impotent copulating and books devoted to the methods and forms of copulation;he should think about it and totally stop intercourse as long until it is strong enough.Close to such patients as people who have become incapable of intercourse due to prolonged failure by them to curb their souls.They should be gradually accustomed to it ... and let them tell us when the related items and stories related to copulation.These patients should also watch how the animals mate, it's good for them ...

When a patient feed exciting the lust of food, give him to drink a little bit of sweet wine, and then placed it in the bed, washed his feet with hot water and apply ointment and rubbingfacilitating erection.

As regards seeds, this is, for example, the seeds of turnips, cabbage, nettle, lupine seed Indus ... carrots, asparagus seeds, radish seeds, clover seeds, melon seeds, celery seeds, wild thyme, sesame ..., flaxseed, watercress, wild cassia seeds ... ... and fenugreek seeds, especially cooked in honey and dried.A grain - it is, for example, ... fava beans, beans ... From crusts and dried herbs consumed Kirf, Chinese cinnamon, mace, Tribulus and bark muskatnika;from the seed kernels and useful kernel nuts pine, ash, ... wild cassia seeds, pistachios and hazelnuts.(...) ... Useful roots - the root of arum, orchids ... - he was very effective for erection, - asparagus, root artichoke, onion, especially fried, roasted squill, wild carrot and ginger, especially in the form ofjam, Galang, slyunogon, Tribulus root, wild roots of fennel, wild ginger, crocus ... ... useful feature and nutsedge in the form of a drink or rubbing.

Animals inciting lust, it uromastiks lizard, lizard, skink pharmacy, especially the base of his tail, his stomach, kidney ... Varan caught during the spring, killed, cleaned from the innards, stuffed carcass with salt and hang it in the shade toit dried.When you're going to do it, salt it, and throw the carcass.You quite small amount of this salt, less than skink pharmaceutical salts.

From "Water daughters" excite lust and moray eel, shark ... This includes camel milk, which is drunk for twenty days, every day as much as you can digest without burdening the stomach, as well as the fish ...eggs and chicken eggs, but the eggs are particularly useful partridge, pigeon and sparrow eggs.Assist and brains of all animals, particularly chicken, passerines, ducks and sheep's brains, which are eaten with salt.As a medicine with special properties the following applies: take a member of the bull, he sprinkled a small amount of soft-boiled egg and eat.Another remarkable cure of animals: take dried camel rennet and take it as a drink for twelve hours before the right time ... If this means will cause pain, it is necessary to bathe in cold water.Or useful honey: from it is prepared without spices honey water and drink it continuously;if it will be a bit of saffron, it is permissible ...

As for fruit, the sweet grapes - a good tool to excite lust, especially fresh, it replenishes the blood moisture and winds, as well as the warmth and good food.From vegetables and similar tools help Tribulus and particularly their juice in the form of a medicament for the licking of honey, which is boiled until thick ...

Here's another one of our drugs are very strong: take asafoetida, carrot seed, cardamom seed sowing Indus, seeds and fruits of ash wolf Laka - each one part, buzaydana and pepper - every three pieces of musk - a sixth of the share;all nuts moistened with oil and knead a small pine honey ...

Among the superior medicines ... belongs to the following: take fenugreek and dates and cook it and another, until the composition does not arrive in time, and then take dates, they are removed from the bone, dried them, pounded and kneaded with honey (...) is one of the excellent drugs - porridge of nucleoli on this recipe: take peeled almonds and walnuts, peeled and grated pistachios and coconuts, pine nuts, wild cassia seed, pomegranate ... and ginger.

... Take onion juice and the same amount of honey and cook until there is one honey;drink it with a spoon or two before going to bed with hot water.Or take the flour and mix it with fresh water like a thick jelly.Then squeeze the jelly once and cook otzhatok with lots of milk and coconut juice in half the amount of anti-milk.Brew add butter duck fat.Or take the egg yolks, knock them together to produce them boiled, sprinkled with asafoetida ... and rub it with the patient's iris and jasmine oil.Again, taking egg yolks, knock them together with proteins if it is acceptable, then added powdered squeezed onion juice in an amount of about one quarter of the eggs are boiled and boiled slurp all with any spices or salts of the above.Or take the carrots and onions and pounded it, and turnips, which also pounded and boiled it all with horse beans, chickpeas and honey with a good mild meats, seasoned with hot spices.

Another take horse beans, chickpeas and beans and soak them in hot water.Then, cut the mutton ... and put layers alternating with layers of soaked beans with onions.On each layer pour a little ... hing and Chinese cinnamon and a lot of clove.Then it all poured or carrot juice, or water ...

A wine for them it is raisin sweet drinks and drinks made from really sweet raisins.All soft drinks in which there is a certain thickness, suitable for such patients.Description useful for their wines: boiled carrots and figs in a large amount of water, filtered and boiled in broth raisins from which the removed bone.The broth is filtered again, put it Faniz and left to ferment ...

texts of Avicenna as seeds from which grew the modern medicine, they systematized knowledge accumulated by generations who lived before him, and this knowledge, passed through the centuries, continue to datethen help the suffering person.

Vegetable, biologically active substances contained in plant material on the ancient prescriptions of doctors (Galen, Hippocrates, and Avicenna), supporting sexual activity

In the book, RD Seyfulla and NMPopov "doping sex".


10 ml of oil creeping thyme, 40 g of honey, 250 ml of water.


oil mix thoroughly with the honey and pour the warm boiled water.

Infusion of currants


3 tbsp.tablespoons of fresh or dried leaves of black currant, 500 ml of water.


leaves carefully chop and pour boiling water.Insist within 2-2.5 hours. Strain through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Collection 1


1 tbsp.spoon primrose spring, Oregano, a sheet of sea buckthorn, herb clary sage, grass Hypericum perforatum, herb Leonurus ordinary, grass knotweed, leaf strawberry forest, blackberry leaf, herb Melissa officinalis, flowers of red clover, green oat straw seed, herb mugwort,marigold flowers, 200 ml of water.


Components collection carefully grind, mix 2 tbsp.spoon mixture pour boiling water in a thermos.Infuse for 15-20 minutes.Infusion of strain through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Collection 2


1 tbsp.spoon chamomile flowers, herbs, nettle, herb St. John's wort, wild rose cinnamon fruits, 250 ml of water.


Components collection carefully grind, mix, 4 tablespoons.spoon mixture pour boiling water in a thermos.Infuse for 2 hours. Strain through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Collection 3


10 apricot seeds, 10 geranium leaves, 250 g of honey, 2 lemons, 1 teaspoon cinnamon.


grind apricot kernel, squeeze the juice from the lemons, geranium leaves thoroughly and chop all the ingredients to mix.Add cinnamon and honey.

Collection 4


1 tbsp.spoon roots of Ononis spinosa, Eryngium Campestre leaves, flowers yellow water lily, flowers Helichrysum sand, grass celery, galeopsis, 1 liter of water.


Components collection carefully grind, mix 2 tbsp.spoon mixture pour boiling water and infuse in a warm place for 12-14 hours. Infusion of strain through 2-3 layers of cheesecloth.

Aromatherapy Essential oils can be used for massage and for taking a warm bath.


Hydrotherapy - a great way to cope not only with sexual disorders, but also to get rid of various chronic "sores".

good cold toning wrap with a cloth soaked in aromatic oils.These wraps not only heals the body, but also help to improve mood and relieve stress.


When frigidity is very good foot massage.The fact that the foot lot of biologically active points, which normalizes the effect on the functions of the internal organs.At disturbances in the sexual sphere can massage the points that are located on the median line of the foot.