Persimmon slimming

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Could you imagine what a persimmon can be not only a storehouse of vitamins, which are needed for the body, as well as still is a great tool for losing weight?And all because of that one a fruit persimmons contain a small amount of calories, roughly about 65, and fiber and pectin, which are contained in the persimmon quench the hunger for a long time.In order to lose weight by this remarkable fruit, it is sufficient to use one fruit food per day.
Persimmon is in the top three low-calorie foods.According to its beneficial substances persimmon lags behind only from citrus.For fans of the persimmon has a diet, using which about five days, you can lose about five kilograms.
Eating persimmon fruit to lose weight, you strengthen your health.The persimmon wide variety of vitamins.Most of vitamins belonging to Group B, as well as a lot of C and PP.And as it contains a lot of minerals, which help to solve the problems of the body.People suffering from thyroid disease, cardiovascular system, kidney, varicose vei

ns, diseases of the mucous membranes is very useful to use the fruits of persimmon, not only as a tool for weight loss.
Currently hurmovaya diet is gaining a lot of popularity, a lot of the ladies choose this diet because of its effectiveness, low cost and availability.Just a lot of dieticians recommend feast persimmon daily, at least one fruit a day.
Sticking to this diet on a persimmon best in the month of November, since at this time a sufficient number of mature fruits will be available.Before starting this diet is best to consult with your doctor and it is advisable to find out whether you have an allergic reaction to the fruit of persimmon.
It is best to use diet ripe persimmon fruit, then the diet will bring the body more good.We are tempted to private and select persimmon fruit appearance, so for example we take a more beautiful-looking fruit.In order that there was no error in the selection of the persimmon, you can use a few tips: ripe fruit differs dark and intense color, often a color close to dark red;if possible, it is best to take a persimmon round or rounded shape;In no case do not take fruit with dark or damaged skin, the result of the fact that it is a long time lying on the shelves and begins to deteriorate;when choosing a persimmon pay attention to the leaves and the stalk - they should be dark green and dry;if the sides of the fruit will be slightly soft, it very well.
There are several types of diet on the persimmon, you can choose the one that will suit you the most and thanks to a diet to lose weight.Strict diet must be followed about five days, then it will bring a great and necessary for the body result.This diet should be used only once during the month.
This diet is a sister, for five days you will eat only fruits of persimmon.At the beginning of the diet would need to eat fruits per kilogram, the next day of 1.5 kg, then 2 kg, also the penultimate day of 2 kg and the last day to eat about 1.5 kg.During this diet is necessary to enrich the body with purified or carbonated water, teas and herbal or fruit at a moderate volume.If you still want to eat, it can be a snack slices of rye bread or dietary loaves.
addition to a rigid diet, there are softer.The soft diet can be taken as food not only persimmon fruits, but also some dietary products.
For example, here is a version of the diet:

You can also use other diet option:

can even consider such a diet option, it is divided into two days.
First day:

Second day:

You can also do the fasting day, you can not only lose a little weight, but also help the body to be cleansed of accumulated therein harmful substances in such a day.

In such fasting days can eat about two kilograms of fruits and drinking a lot of tea drinks, preferably green or herbal.
If you decide to use hurmovoy diet, then your best bet is to abstain from coffee and coffee drinks.