The complex of exercises for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

set of exercises for weight loss will help you purchase a treasured body shape and help you feel confident in yourself.What could be better than a beautiful and healthy body and strong spirit?Then get to work!

1. Each program lasts 25 - 30 minutes.
2. Clothing suitable for training either, as long as it was convenient.Consider the fact that during training you will sweat.Emphasis should be placed on a handy sports top - it should support the breast well.
3. Before each training required thorough workout.To warm up, you can a few minutes to march in place, jog or do light exercise from aerobics.If you start to sweat, then already well warmed up.
4. Before the exercise, carefully read the description and try to make him mentally.
5. gymnastics mat, towel and water bottle have to be with you: 30 minutes of exercise, you should drink at least half a liter of water!
6. The ideal amount of training - 3 - 4 per week.If you want to exercise more often, do not repeat two consecutive days the same program, altern

ate them with one another or with endurance training.
7. At least one day a week you need to release from training and take a hot bath, sauna or massage parlor.
8. You can combine the two exercise programs, but keep in mind that each unit is a single unit.That is not to mix the exercises for the pelvic floor muscles with tai chi.Each program is executed from the beginning to the end.
9. Do not go the distance.Exercises will bring visible results if you do them at least two to three months without a break.

1. Treat your training as an operating activities.Plan for them and fits into the calendar.
2. Not bad conduct classes on fixed days.If you know what to do on certain days at a particular time, training will become a habit faster.
3. If you have a very busy schedule, you can divide your workout.Perform two or three mini-program within a week, and more complete, leave on weekends or days off.

Achieve greater freedom, take as much space as it is to you have to!With the help of stretching exercises you better know your own body and learn to feel.Learn your limits and see how they are pushed further and further.
starts the program with stretching exercises.So you win extra space, which have the freedom of movement.Expansion space will affect not only your body, but with time and your emotion.More
freedom for themselves, their needs and desires!

instructions to the exercises

1. Give yourself a break during training.If you can not afford to perform all the exercises - make some of them, but calmly and without stress.
2. During the exercise, follow the intense, deep breathing.
3. With dynamic exercises: straining muscles - exhale, returning to the starting position - inhale.
4. Working on the muscles of the pelvic floor, make sure that your buttocks and abdomen relaxed.
5. Stretching, drive as slowly as possible, controlling himself.Take a pose to stretch carefully, checking the description, everything is done correctly.If you feel a pleasant sipping in the corresponding muscle - all good.If the pain - it means you have overdone.
6. If you are unable to repeat the exercise for the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor many times as necessary - do not worry.Perform each exercise until you feel that the muscles are tense and tired.

Follow the training program slowly.Exercising in a hurry, you most likely will exercise casually, and therefore do not get the result.If you exercise regularly and with full concentration, changes become visible quickly enough: the stomach becomes more flat, breathing - deeper and freer posture while walking - right.You will feel the harmony with the surrounding world.

1. Stand with your feet apart at the maximum width.Bend your knees, keeping your back straight.Now, bend your left knee, while slowly to overflowing straightening right leg.
2. Body weight is shifted to the left.The angle between the femur and tibia must be at least 90 degrees.
3. Lean your left hand on the bent knee, right hand rest against the floor as possible.Keep your back straight, lower your buttocks as low as possible.Hold this pose for about 30 seconds, then slowly change position and do the exercise in the opposite direction.
Repeat 1 times on each side, holding for 30 seconds.

1. Sit on the floor, legs bent at the knees.Make sure that sit on both the ischial bones, the back is straight.You have to sit perfectly straight.The bottom of the pelvis, abdomen and back are slightly stretched.Hands are freely lowered along the body, the shoulders are completely relaxed.
2. Slowly pull the left leg, straightening it aside.Pull your right leg and place your soles into the inside of the left thigh, the knee should get down on the floor to the side of his left foot.
3. Keeping your upper body flat, lean forward as much as possible and grasp with both hands the eggs, ankle or foot - depending on how far you can reach.Then gently drop the upper body forward and down and stay in this position for about 30 seconds.
4. Now release the right hand, the left remains in place.Move the right hand in a large circle to the right over the head, rotate her upper body.Then pull the right arm over his head in the direction of the left foot, the right look and hold this position.
5. After three - four intense breaths - exhale slowly return to starting position and do a little break.
then repeat in the opposite direction.
Repeat: 1 times in each direction.
Important: you need to accept poses slowly and smoothly, without springs.

1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart.Stomach in, hold your head straight.The back is straight, shoulders slightly back and lowered.
2. Body weight should be evenly distributed on both feet.Make sure to wear heels and had the same load.Now move the weight on his left leg and right foot, start slowly detach from the floor.Place the joint of the right foot just above the left knee and secure the rack.The hips should be at the same height, the right knee is directed outward.Relaxed hands on your hips.
3. Then, much stronger bend left knee, buttocks, pull back.Continue to keep your back straight, neck and head should be in line with your back.Squat, bending the left knee, as low as possible, ideally in the left thigh should be almost parallel to the floor.
4. Hold the rack for about 30 seconds, then slowly straighten and lower your right foot on the floor next to the left.
5. After a short break, repeat on the other leg.
Repeat 1 times for each leg, holding for 30 seconds.
Important: during exercise stomach should be slightly tense.Always make sure that the back is straight.Shoulders and neck should be relaxed.

1. Stand with your feet together.Shoulders slightly back and lowered.The weight is evenly distributed on both feet.
2. Slowly tilt your torso from the hips down and forward, possibly even holding back.Bend as low as possible (if you can, reach for your hands to the floor, if not - just drop your hands as low as possible).Head lowered, neck posture.
3. Hold the thigh in the same position, bend your left knee and the left foot is completely on the floor.Hold this pose three - four breaths - exhale, then slowly return to starting position.
4. After a brief respite, repeat for the other leg.
Repeat 1 times for each leg.

1. Stand straight, feet together, keep your head straight.The bottom of the pelvis, abdomen and back are slightly stretched.Lowered shoulders back.The weight is evenly distributed on both feet.
2. Lift your right foot to your buttocks and hold the hand on the joint or the rise.The body as straight as possible, hips immobile, knees pressed together.
3. Stay in this position for the duration of two - three breaths - exhale, then slowly tilt your body forward.At the same time, pressing the right foot on the arm, very gently pull your right leg bent as far back and up.
4. Hold this position for three to four breaths.Slowly return to position A and straightened.Again, get up to the starting position after a short break and repeat for the other leg.
Repeat 1 times for each leg.
After stretching exercises need to develop a muscle on the floor of the pelvis and abdomen.

The following exercises will help you learn to feel the bottom of the pelvis.Every time hold the voltage on the total time of three to five breaths.

1. Sit on the floor.Bend your legs at an angle, the soles flat on the floor.With both hands, grasp the popliteal fossa, lower the chin to the chest, bend your back and totally relax your stomach.Three times a deep breath and exhale.
2. On the next inhalation start slowly straightened, first sit down on the sitting bones, then slowly, vertebra by vertebra, straighten the spine.Hands are on the popliteal fossa.At the end of the movement, lift your head, as if crowning it the cervical vertebrae.
3. Then gently tighten the bottom of the pelvis, shifting the sitting bones to each other.After a few calm breaths - exhale relax.

1. Stand with your feet slightly apart, knees loose.
2. Lightly cave in without straining the bottom of the pelvis.Then strain it, pushing the coccygeal bone towards the floor.Imagine that you pull the pubic bone in the direction of the navel, and the pubic bone and the thigh should remain stationary.Pull the sitting bones to each other.
3. After a few calm breaths, relax.

following exercises are aimed at the development of pelvic floor.Strong pelvic floor contributes to the well-being, even posture and femininity.

For this exercise, as with all exercises that are performed in the position of "sitting" or "lying", you need a gym or a mattress pad.It must not be too soft or too hard and, above all, in any case, not cold.You have to lie on it completely relaxed.

1. Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor.Note that the back should lie on the floor, slightly bent up only its lower part.Completely relax your shoulders and neck.Hands on the floor at your sides, palms facing the floor.
2. Lift your legs, bending at the knees - while you engage the bottom of the pelvis.Try much strain it together with the lateral abdominal muscles, making the hips move backward.
3. To do this, first lift the left thigh and a "rollback" of his back.When the femur would be at the highest point, lift the right hip.The left thigh, lower on the mattress, then pull back the right thigh.Changing the leg, do 20 to 30 movements, then lower your feet to the floor, put his hands on his stomach.
4. Stay in this position for a few breaths - exhale to experience the difference between tension and relaxation of the pelvic bottom.
Repeat: 20 - 30 movements for each thigh.
Important: during exercise does not strain your legs.The head and neck should be free to lie on the mattress.Shoulders should be completely relaxed and be sure to lie on the mat.

To exercises for pelvic floor gave effect just needed slow, short movements.The main thing that muscle on the floor of the pelvis and abdomen were constantly engaged.

1. Stay in a prone position, back straight, neck relaxed.Pull your knees to your chest, then slowly, one by one, straighten your legs up.Feet do not strain, but arch your knees, while the load rests on the hips.Gently pull your navel, the bottom of the pelvis and abdomen slightly tense.Legs and torso should form an angle of about 90 degrees.
2. Slowly legs apart as far as possible in the side.Keep tension in the hips, the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor.Put one hand to the other hand and pull forward.
3. Strain the bottom of the pelvis and abdomen, while the head and shoulders slightly rise above the floor.Tighten even further by making the minimum
move forward, and then relax.
4. In the same way let your body from 30 to 40 pulses directed forward, then relax.When moving forward should exhale, back - inhale.After slowly lower your torso to the floor.
5. Spread the hands and feet somknite (you can use the hands).Bend your knees, then one by one down to the floor.Relax completely, checking his feelings for a few breaths.
Repeat: from 30 to 40 times.
Note: all movements come from the abdomen, lower back should not come off the floor.You will feel the job of the pelvic floor, when the surface of the abdomen while raising the upper body almost does not protrude roundly rolls and pelvic tension is felt as a hardening of the lower abdomen.

During this exercise, make sure the bottom of the pelvis.Feel the sensations change when tilted forward.

1. Sit on the heels.If needed, place in the popliteal fossa rolled towel.Feet together, knees about hip-width apart.
2. Stretch your arms forward and fold lock.Expand hands palms themselves, stretch your arms up and relax your shoulders.Make sure that your back remains straight.Gently pull your shoulders back and down.Slightly tighten the bottom of the pelvis, abdomen and back.
3. Stronger tighten the pelvic floor until the buttocks are not pripodnimut over heels.Stay in this position two - three breaths - exhale, then tilt the body, keeping it absolutely straight, as much as possible ahead without relaxing the pelvic floor.Hold this position two - three breaths - exhale, then return to starting position and relax.
4. Lower the arms, sit on your heels again, the body is rectified, but relaxed.For several breaths -
exhalations check their perceptions of exercise.
Exercises Option: If you find it difficult to rely on lifts a foot, you can rely on your toes.

During the exercise, focus on pleasant thoughts such as: "I feel the strength and courage."

1. Sit on your heels, keeping the torso upright.Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen and buttocks rise until kneel.The back remains straight.The spine, neck and head are aligned.
2. Stronger tighten the bottom of the pelvis, raise your hands, fold their forearms on each other and keep in front of you at shoulder height.
3. Transfer the body weight on the left foot, right foot put so would be between the femur and tibia was 90 degree angle.
4. Stronger tighten the pelvic floor and holding the power, turn the torso to the right as much as possible.By relaxing the pelvic floor, back to its original position.
5. Repeat torso rotation with stress and relaxing the pelvic floor 15 - 20 times.Straining - exhale, relaxing - inhale.Then return to the stand on his knees, sit on your heels a little and relax.Repeat to the other side.
Repeat 15 - 20 times in each direction.
Important: if you firmly stand on my knees, you can put a rolled towel under them.Reliance should not be too soft, otherwise it will be difficult to keep a proper footing.

next set of exercises will help you develop the muscles of the abdomen, make you stronger and more flexible.Your stomach will be smooth and strong, which will improve your posture and the influx of the internal energy.

Fold - a common exercise for the development of all the abdominal muscles.Do the exercises slowly and carefully, the power should go out of the stomach.

1. Lie on your back and relax.Bend your legs, put your feet on the floor.Between the femur and tibia must be an angle of about 90 degrees.
2. Tighten your stomach and pelvic floor, podozhmite toes.Look up at the ceiling, relaxed hands put the head, elbows should look to the side.
3. Stronger tighten the abdomen, lower back pressed into the floor until your head and shoulders off the floor do not pripodnimut.Lifts the slightly and lower your upper body, while it should not touch the floor.
4. After 25 - 30 fold lower your upper body to the floor and relax your stomach.
Repeat 25 - 30 times.
Option exercise: beginners can put your feet up on a chair, then the exercise will be easier.

1. Lying on your back, bend your legs as well as in the classical fold.
2. Stretch your arms back behind his head, and put hands on one another.Lightly tighten your stomach and lift your head and put her in his arms.Be patient.