Pilates for Weight Loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Pilates - a kind of gymnastics, fitness, which is performed slowly and smoothly, with concentration and special breathing.This type of exercise is designed not only for the overall improvement of the human body, but also for weight loss.Pilates movements designed to strengthen all the muscles of the body.Slimming need only 10 - 15 minute sessions per day.If you decide to lose weight with Pilates, then patience.This is a fairly lengthy process, as per the training body burns about 300 calories, it is much smaller than, for example, aerobic exercise.The best result can be obtained by connecting any diet.The first Pilates exercises are recommended to carry out all the same with a coach that would eliminate errors and injuries.

Inhale and exhale occurs during a certain phase of the movement.This is in order not to hold your breath, particularly when you want to make every effort to exercise.Holding your breath leads to muscle tension and blood pressure.When you exhale activated the deep layers of the abdom

inal muscles.

1. Active breathing
internal intercostal muscles work on the breath, and exhale - external.Active breathing affects the dynamics exercises and includes targeted muscles to work.

2. The rib breathing
The rib breathing performed by extending the sides of the chest and back while maintaining the voltage of deep abdominal muscles during inspiration and expiration.Purpose of the costal respiration to maintain the abdominal muscles active during exercise.

3. Diaphragmatic breathing
This type of breathing occurs diaphragm decline during inhalation, the abdominal muscles relax.

1. Preparation
Take the supine position, knees bent, feet flat on the floor shoulder-width apart, relax your hands and put on the sides.
If you feel tension in the neck, put his head under a small roller.

2. Concentration on breathing
Breathe calmly, determine where the breath begins.This may be the chest or abdomen, or the area at the same time.
Concentrate on your breathing and if there is voltage at inhalation and exhalation, try to relax these areas.

3. Breathe in the lower part of the chest
Proper Pilates breathing involves breathing system the lower part of the chest.With each breath the bottom of the chest expands slightly.
breath training put his hands on the sides of your fingers touching the lower ribs, the thumbs should be on the back.The fingers touch the body gently, without too much pressure.
Perform breath nose, directing the air flow downward and into the back of the chest, slowly inflating it like a ball.Then exhale through the mouth to release air.Repeat this exercise several times to develop the technology.

4. Breathing for abdominal muscles
Exhale can make maximum use of the abdominal muscles.
to inhale, exhale tighten every muscle, slightly plunging stomach, and take the next breath.Gradually the need to keep the stomach sucked not only on exhalation, but also on inspiration.

5. Breathing in a sitting position
Take sitting position, back straight, inhale and exhale, bend down, starting from the center of the sternum.Touch the body and legs completely relax your neck.Breathe in while in this position and feel the bottom of the rib cage expands.Then exhale, relax your body and pull your stomach.Repeat - 2 times.On the exhale, return to the vertical position.

Prior to the start of classes need to warm up the body, for example like 10 - 15 minutes, correctly and safely breathe.

Exercise 1

Starting position (SP): Feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips, shoulders relaxed.

Performing exercises (VU): Tilting forward, bending his knees and spreading them slightly to the side.The heels touch the floor, back bends forward, hands moving to the shin.If done correctly, the chest is between your knees exercises.Returns to its original position by performing the deflection back back, and bringing the shoulders in front of him.

Exercise 2

IP: Feet together, hands down.

BY: Tilting forward, touch the floor hands without bending the knees.Without changing the position of the body, take 2 - 3 steps arms forward (head lower down, the buttocks are at the top).Hold this position for 10 - 20 seconds.Lower your buttocks on the floor, lift your head up (do back bending).Hold this position for 10 - 20 seconds.Then do everything in reverse order.Lifts the buttocks up, you drop your head and fix the situation.Repeat 25 times and handed back to the feet.Slowly return to starting position.

Exercise 3

IP: went on all fours, his head parallel to the floor.

BY: Raise your right hand and hold it in front of him, straighten the left leg.We fix the situation and return to the starting position.Then change the hand and leg.

Exercise 4

SP: Lying on your left side, left hand pull up, his head lying on his hand.Lift your legs up on a 15 cm above the floor.

BY: Move the leg forward to a perpendicular position with the body, spreading them slightly.Return to the starting position.Repeat 25 times.The same is done on the right side.

Exercise 5

IP: From 4 exercises

BY: Bend your knees, put forward.Unbend your knees, straighten your legs to form a right angle with the body.Bend your legs and return to starting position.Repeat 25 times and switch to the right side.

Exercise 6

IP: Lie on your left side.Left leg bent at the knee and start back.

BY: Based on the elbow of his left hand and right foot, lift the body.The right hand while reaching upwards.Running 15 times and change the position of the body to the other side.

Exercise 7

IP: Sit on a fitball, legs shoulder width apart, tilted back at an angle of 150 degrees with straight arms in front of him.

VP: Raising back to perpendicular position without support.Fiksirueie position and tilt back.Repeat 25 times.

Exercise 8

IP: Lie on your side and lift your leg.

BY: Raised leg draw a circle in the air for about 1 minute.Knee straight.Change the side and leg.

Exercise 9

SP: Get on all fours.Head straight.

BY: Raise your right hand, then his right leg.We fix the situation and return to the starting position.The same carry to the left side.