trichomoniasis Treatment of folk remedies

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Women's Diseases

Women often go to the doctor about the discharge from the genitals.Discharge from the genitals called belyami.Beli are mucous, pus, or have a milky color to be friability.

causes of discharge (leukorrhea) are different and decide, what they called, the doctor can only.

Called disease specific germ called Trichomonas vaginalis .Learn more about the symptoms of trichomoniasis can see here.

first causative agent of trichomoniasis was found in the vaginal contents French scientist Alfred Donna in 1836 Subsequently, the causative agent was named Trichomonas vaginalis.

Trichomonas vaginalis - the smallest microorganism, visible only under a microscope.Trichomonas are animals, single-celled organisms and are the simplest, a class of flagellates, and not to the plant world.

In 1916, it was found that Trichomonas cause of inflammatory diseases of the urogenital organs.Trichomonas is small in size, 10-20, and they are always oval or pear-shaped.

The body Trichomonas vaginalis passes elastic rod, the so-call

ed aksostil.Aksostil - an important element of the support system is simple, it passes along the body and how to Trichomonas divides into two unequal parts.From the front edge of Trichomonas depart 4 flagellum.With these flagella and undulating membrane (corrugated partitions) Trichomonas can move.The cell nucleus from Trichomonas vaginalis oval.

multiply Trichomonas longitudinally dividing in two.

Trichomonas vaginalis is very unstable outside the human body, they quickly die at temperatures above 39-40 °, when dried.In water they can live for a few minutes.Soap and soap solutions are detrimental to Trichomonas.

There are several types of Trichomonas: oral, intestinal and vaginal.

established that inflammatory diseases of the urinary organs are only called Trichomonas vaginalis.

used to be that you can become infected with Trichomonas bathing, but has now been found that women infected with trichomoniasis is mostly used during sexual intercourse if the man is sick and Trichomonas vaginalis are in his genitals, which are usually found in the urethra.The male urethra has a lot of small pockets which are "home" Trichomonas.It must be remembered that in most cases trichomoniasis urogenital organs in men occurs in a latent form and is detected only by careful examination of the doctor.

In more rare cases, can be infected with trichomoniasis and vnepolovoe by using objects which were discharge from the genitals of the patient trichomoniasis.These items can be bath bench, stool in the bathroom, towels, sponges and other cleaning the. If you get trichomonas in the vagina, the mucous membrane is red, itchy and appear abundant frothy.These secretions are purulent and liquid is left on the linen yellow, sometimes yellow-green spots with an unpleasant odor.Flowing out of the vagina, causing redness of the whites of the external genitalia.

When Trichomonas defeat of the urethra, patients may complain of burning and stinging during urination.

Diagram of Trichomonas vaginalis.

1 - flagella;1 - core;3 - undulating membrane (membrane).

Abundant discharge may cause skin irritation inner thighs and sometimes swelling of the external genitalia.Over time, when there is insufficient treatment of the disease becomes protracted, the inflammation subsides and the whites become insignificant, milky color.However, we must remember that trichomoniasis can exist for many years, sometimes causing exacerbation.

Symptoms usually appear between 4 days to 3 weeks after infection.As a result of inflammation of the mucous membrane is injured, on the surface appear erosions and ulcers, it thickens and loses its elasticity and bleeds easily.Women complain of foamy discharge with an unpleasant pungent odor and color from white to yellow-green, itching and irritation in the genital area;sometimes it has pain during urination and sexual intercourse.

If untreated, the inflammation gradually subsides, terminate or discharge are observed only in the morning, and after heavy alcohol consumption or sexual intercourse.Many women and men in the majority of the symptoms a little or none at all.

uncommon complication of chronic trichomoniasis becomes uncured infertility.

For the treatment of trichomoniasis doctor usually prescribes antibiotics and chemicals that kill protozoa (one of the most effective drugs is metronidazole).Regular taking them usually cures the disease.Should be treated simultaneously for both partners, and in this period should exclude alcohol intake.

often acutely flowing process with trichomoniasis may not be, as women are concerned only whites.Gradually, the disease takes a chronic course, and the woman becomes accustomed to the presence of secretions.However, chronic disease exacerbation can be replaced.In these cases, Trichomonas can be detected by microscopic examination.

Sometimes women both suffer from trichomoniasis and gonorrhea.As we pointed out above, trichomoniasis occurs in men more often hidden and revealed only by careful examination of the doctor.Trichomonas vaginalis breed of men in the urethra and cause a disease called Trichomonas urethritis.

Sometimes trichomoniasis in men can also have acute course.In these cases, 1-2 weeks after infection in men appear whitish milk or purulent discharge from the external opening of the urethra, a slight itching, and urine becomes cloudy.Determine the cause of the disease can only be a doctor since inflammation of the urethra can also be caused by other diseases.

If Trichomonas are found in a husband or wife should get tested and then treated both.Dermatologic owe all who are found Trichomonas vaginalis, even in cases where trichomoniasis are asymptomatic and people feel completely healthy.

Screening for Trichomonas produce and the husband and the wife.Even in cases where Trichomonas detect only one of the spouses, the treatment must pass two.Treat one of the spouses is useless, because the sexual intercourse will again be infected, and later manifestation of symptoms of the disease.

Treatment of trichomoniasis held a variety of ways in a combination of several drugs.Choose one or the other method of treatment should be a doctor, not the patient, as by assigning a remedy, the physician takes into account the condition of the body.Engage in self should not be.This can only lead to a temporary improvement.

disappearance of symptoms of the disease trichomoniasis (no discharge, itching) does not mean cure.

Trichomoniasis girls get sick much less often than adults;Girls usually become infected by vnepolovoe from sick mother at non-observance of hygienic rules.

Upon infection trichomoniasis girls also appear swollen genitals, genital discharge, and sometimes pain during urination and itching.It must be remembered that the reason for discharge in girls may be gonococci, yeast fungus, sometimes discharge can be caused by worms crawl into the vagina from the anus.

When one or another of the above signs of disease it is necessary to show a girl a doctor immediately.Trichomoniasis can be cured.Parents should be aware that the treatment of trichomoniasis in girls hymen is not broken.

Fees (g):

1. shepherd's purse, knotweed grass 10,0
bird, grass 30,0
mistletoe, 10,0
grass clover medicinal grass 5,0
mountain arnica, flowers 10.0

1 teaspoon of plant mixture pour 1 cup boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes, then strain and drink half a cup of morning and evening for 2-3 weeks.

2. Gathering for douching and washing (g):

English oak bark 20,0
malva sylvestris, flowers 10,0
chamomile, flowers 25,0
Salvia officinalis, 15,0
leaves of walnut,25,0

leaves 2 tablespoons plant mixture to insist in 1 cup boiling water for 4 hours.

for douching and fitoapplikatsy used in the form of heat every day, and so for 10-14 days.

3. In Korean medicine for treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis garlic juice is mixed with glycerol 1:20 make candles and introduce them into the vagina This doctor Thesop Choi (1987), good results were obtained.After 4 hours after the suppositories are killed Trichomonas, and after 3 5 sessions of clinical symptoms in many patients disappeared.Relapse of the disease were observed.

4. effective treatments of chronic trichomoniasis.
Collection (g):

yarrow, grass 10,0
ball eucalyptus leaves 20,0
Sophora japonica fruit 15,0
White birch kidneys 15,0
tansy, flowers 20,0

1tablespoon of plant mixture pour 1 cup boiling water to insist 30 minutes, then strain and drink 70 ml three times daily before meals and so 2-3 weeks.

5. Tincture of calamus
Air is known for its cleansing properties, it cleans the water from algae and bacteria.The root of this plant has been successfully used for the treatment of trichomoniasis.For this necessary to prepare a special vodka tincture, which is used three times a day.Or you can use for the treatment of trichomoniasis powder from the bark of aspen and willow-herb.Dosage poroshka- 0.5 grams twice a day.Treatment with sweet flag root is particularly suitable for those who have the disease in the gastrointestinal tract tincture does not irritate the stomach.

6. As a cleaning agent for diseases is recommended to use a tincture of flowers cherry, celandine leaves, marigold or lilac.To prepare the infusion, we need a glass of boiling water and a tablespoon of the mixture of dried plants.All the ingredients are boiled (but better then in the oven) for five minutes.Use the infusion of small doses (for 4 tbsp. Spoons) in the form of micro-enemas.Or you can enter the infusion catheter into the urethra.This will greatly help to improve the condition of the sick.

7. Garlic.Another simple but very effective tool for the treatment of trichomoniasis is garlic.For this we need the juice squeezed from a head of garlic.Juice can take either neat half a teaspoon three times a day, or in the form of infusion beverage, and three times a day for 10-20 drops.

In order to defeat the disease using the most common medicinal plants.Onions and garlic help when applied externally.To do this, prepare a paste of onions (or garlic), and taking a small piece of sterile gauze inserted into the vagina at 4:00 (if compress is very uncomfortable time can be reduced to three hours).The course of treatment is up to ten days.If you have any irritation, treatment should be discontinued.

8. Calendula.If the itching becomes unbearable, use calendula tincture.Also from this disease remarkably it helps aloe.Drink its juice one hour before meals three times a day, and can be used for compresses frayed leaves the genitals.

9. Honey.In men, along with trichomoniasis often occurs Trichomonas coleitis.Treatment of this disease should be performed in patients receiving antibiotics.Do not interfere as imunomodeliruyuschie drugs.As the folk remedies can especially highlight the honey.It must be taken daily to 150 grams, dissolving under the tongue.Such treatment is carried out for seven days.

10. The root of horseradish.For the treatment of Trichomonas vaginitis in women, commonly used horseradish root of which is the infusion.You will need a pound of roots that need to grate.Next, they need to fill a liter of boiled water and infuse the resulting mixture during the day in a dark place.After that, drain the infusion and get medical tincture, which is used for washing the patient's body.

11. Sea Buckthorn Oil.Another effective means for the treatment of vaginitis is sea buckthorn oil.It is used as washing the genitals.Oil relieve irritation, reduce itching and removes the inflammation caused by Trichomonas.Use oil should be up to full recovery.