Chocolate diet

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

In one

cacao bean contains 50% fat, 20 - 25% carbohydrates, 5% water, 1.5% theobromine and tyramine, and 3.5% minerals and vitamins.The latter composition includes potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, vitamins A, B1, B2 and PP.
Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a potent chemical substance secreted by the human brain.PEA is a natural amphetamine, which is activated when we feel love.It is this substance and gives a wonderful feeling of euphoria that makes us feel in the seventh heaven.
When cooking chocolate in addition to cocoa mixture necessarily added sugar - about 2/5 of the weight of the cocoa.In milk chocolate generally contains more sugar and milk powder.
When sugar enters the bloodstream, your mood improves, as is the case with mild narcotic intoxication.Increase in blood sugar causes the pancreas to secrete large amounts of insulin.However, after ten minutes the blood sugar level drops, you feel a lack of energy and spirit, and you want more chocolate.
Chocolate also contains a small amount of caffeine.Of course, it is far less than a cup of tea or coffee, but tasted a piece of chocolate, you will feel the effects of caffeine cheeks redden, heartbeat quickens.
Chocolate is often associated with sensuality and exoticism.Once upon a time only the wealthy people allowed themselves to feast on chocolate.But even they could not eat it as much as they wanted.But today, chocolate is available to everyone, and its price is much lower than the cost of most of the delicacies.
first lovers of chocolate are considered to be the Aztecs.As early as 600 AD, they grew cacao trees on the banks of the Amazon.The Aztecs were ground cocoa beans and mixed them with chili powder.From the resulting mixture, they prepared a frothy drink that is called shokolatl.In 1519, the famous Aztec emperor made a feast for the Italian explorer Hernando Cortez.In his honor, filed fifty pitchers shokolatlya.Drink poured into the golden bowls and drinking.When Cortes returned to Spain (after Montezuma killed and conquered Mexico), he brought with him a few cocoa beans.
first Spaniards too liked the taste of chocolate, cooked in the Aztec.From him there were abdominal pain (later known as "Montezuma's revenge").In addition, the Spaniards found the beverage too bitter and unpleasant taste.But when the New World brought the sugar and vanilla, they are added to chocolate, and the taste was considered acceptable.For 100 years the Spaniards owned a monopoly on trade chocolate.In Central America
cocoa beans used as money, indicating that not all people can afford to drink chocolate.For ten cocoa beans could buy a rabbit or spend one night with a woman, and a hundred could get a nice healthy slave.Therefore, it was unwise to just "lose" chocolate "money".
At the beginning of the XV century chocolate was brought to Italy and France, where he almost immediately became fashionable.Spanish Princess Maria Theresa loved chocolate.She persuaded her husband, the French king Louis XIV, to try her favorite drink.The king was delighted.Subsequently, the crowned couple even appeared a special servant whose duty is only to prepare chocolate, but it had to do it often.
At that time it was believed that chocolate restores lost strength.But even then noticed that it contains a lot of fat, because it is very rich, to enjoy a drink without getting tired, started to gain weight.The hot drink fat rises to the surface.Part of it was removed with a spoon, but it was only a small part.
In 1657 in London, opened the first "Chocolate", where chocolate is added to the flour, oats and powder of shoots and roots of arrowroot, to remove excess fat in the drink.In 1828 the Dutchman Conrad van Houten invented the hydraulic press, which separated cocoa butter from cocoa powder.
This invention enabled the British John Cadbury and Joseph Fry begin production of chocolate tiles.They mixed ground cacao beans with sugar and separately added to cocoa butter.Since the 1860s there has been a very popular chocolate, there was a wide variety of its brands.Chocolate was sold in beautiful boxes, hand-painted or in elegant velvet box.The French and the Swiss have become professionals, producing excellent chocolate gifts.Soon after, the British started to produce chocolate gift sets, and soon they were followed by the Americans.
interesting fact is that many chocolate makers considered philanthropists.Joseph Fry, Henry John Rowntree and Cadbury were Quakers.Being against the use of alcohol, they called for the chocolate.In France, the chocolate manufacturer Jean Meunier provided their workers home in the "chocolate" village, and in 1879 George and Richard Cadbury, sons John, followed suit and built not far from the famous Birmingham Bornvil village.Today, modern technology allows wrap 15 OOO chocolate bars a day.In the United States, Milton Hershey built a city Hershivil where during the Second World War has been developed a high-calorie chocolate bar for American soldiers.
And when there were chocolate Easter eggs - that made the production of chocolate one of the most profitable industries in the world.Egg has always been a symbol of Easter, as well as fertility and the arrival of spring.Before the advent of chocolate eggs for Easter egg painted ordinary eggs or made from many different materials, from cardboard to simple jewels.
In France and Germany chocolate makers produced the first chocolate eggs that have been carefully painted chocolate paste.The first chocolate egg in the UK was made in 1875, when the company "Cadbury" has found a way to give the chocolate a different shape.Today, the classic chocolate Easter egg, as a rule, consists of two halves of chocolate.They are very thin, and the inside of the egg can contain anything from toys to chocolate bars.

All six plans described below are developed on a common base: you will have to eat regularly, eat nourishing food that will sustain high levels of sugar in the blood, so you do not feel hunger.
During the study found that regular meals is the first credible step towards the release of a chocolate addiction.If you continue to ignore the needs of the body, eating irregularly and sporadically, or be hungry, trying to lose weight, you will never cease to be dependent on the chocolate.Emotional and behavior patterns can be changed without causing stomach ache from hunger.
Try to follow the chosen diet as gently as possible and try not to miss a single meal.If you hate to have breakfast early in the morning, then in advance, cook your own breakfast and pack it to take with you to work.Do not be tempted to skip it, because it was he who fills you with energy that you need for the day.

Please, try not to eat chocolate for the first week of the diet.This is very important because you learn to control their desires.In the following weeks, you can use a bit of pure chocolate or dishes prepared according to recipes.
Get rid of all chocolate caches.Give all the chocolate neighbors, gave it to her mother in law or discard.Make sure that you never left the chocolate stash.Check in the car, refrigerator, closet and under the bed.If your family loves chocolate, ask them not to show it to you while you are on a diet.

For all six diet plans have a common list of low-calorie vegetables that you can eat in unlimited quantities.You can have as many as you like, but observe one condition: in no case do not add vegetable butter, margarine or prepared sauces for salad.You can fill these salad vegetables with lemon juice, vinegar and add a variety of herbs.Also, try to chew each bite as long as possible, because that way you get more vitamins and minerals from the vegetables that will help temper the cravings for chocolate.
bean sprouts
leeks, scallions, chives, shallots
brussels sprouts
savoy cabbage
mustard leavescelery
bell peppers (red and green)
squash, zucchini
tomatoes (fresh or canned)

man sittingon this diet you need to add to your daily diet of about 300 calories.To do this, you can eat two extra pieces of bread from wheat flour, lubricated with something low-calorie or two small buns plus a drink a quarter of a liter of beer.If you do not drink, then eat a small potato.If at the same time on the job you are doing heavy physical work, add to your diet of 100 grams of meat or fish, which can be replaced by 50 grams of cheese with a reduced fat content.

Drinks (daily rate): 275 ml of milk of average fat content, water, mineral water.Drink as much water as possible - 6 - 8 glasses a day.Try not to drink tea and coffee, but if you really want it, two cups a day is very weak tea.Instead, it is better to drink herbal teas.Every day, take a multivitamin.
Vegetables: Eat as many vegetables as you want from the list.You can cook them and make salads.Do not fill vegetables with butter or margarine.Use lemon juice, vinegar or herbs.
Chocolate: no chocolate in the first week.You are trying to start a new life.Once you have begun to control blood sugar levels, the mentally tune out, to cease to depend on the chocolate "support."Then you gradually re-discover chocolate.During the second and all subsequent weeks, you can eat chocolate, but the amount of calories in it should not exceed 150 per day.
If you smoke, try to smoke half.
reduce or completely stop drinking.
Do not add salt to food.Instead, you can use herbs, lemon juice and garlic.

Every day
Try once for breakfast, once for dinner, a little bite twice, in addition, you can eat one so-called delicacy.Mealtime can choose themselves, the main thing - to avoid long pauses between them.Before each meal drink a glass of water.In between meals you can drink water in unlimited quantities.

breakfast (250 calories) to choose from:
- 50 grams of unsweetened cereal or cereal, milk, within the daily allowance, a banana, a small glass of fruit juice
- sandwich of two slices of wholemeal bread flour with two tablespoons of cottage cheese or soft cheese,chopped tomato, a little grape, tangerine
- Toast bread wholemeal flour with roasted tomato, boiled egg, a small glass of fruit juice
- a large piece of melon, slightly sprinkled with cheese or soft cheese (2 tablespoons), 12 grams of nuts (any orblend), a small glass of orange juice without sugar, diet yogurt.

STARTERS (350 calories each)
Make a large portion of vegetable salad (from the above list of authorized vegetable), add 200 grams of potatoes "in uniform" and one of the following products (and then eat an apple or an orange):
- 2 tablespoonsspoon cooked (or baked)
beans - Natural yogurt (1/2 standard package)
- 100 grams of chopped cabbage (you can with carrots and a small amount of mayonnaise).

Make a large portion of salad permitted vegetables, add a medium banana and that any of the below listed:
- 200 grams of chicken legs (without skin), fried or grilled, apple or orange
- 100 grams of fish a couplewithout sauce, 2 small boiled potatoes
- small pack of cottage cheese or soft cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons sweet corn, 2 chopped apricots, a piece of bread from wheat flour.

2 slices of bread from wheat flour and vegetable salad permitted, an apple or a pear.Add to the salad that one of the following is:
- 50 grams of tuna in its own juice (can be canned) with lemon juice
- 2 tablespoons of cottage cheese or soft cheese
- 50 grams of peeled shrimp
- 25 grams of lean ham or chicken.

Lunch (400 calories each)
- A large piece of melon, 2 toast with canned sardines (75 grams), dried or grilled tomatoes, watercress, orange
- 100 grams of liver and grilled (pour it in twotablespoons of orange juice), 2 boiled potatoes, 2 tablespoons sweet corn and banana
- lamb chops (125 grams) with a low-calorie sauce, 75 grams of mashed potato (add milk, but no more than the permitted amount), pears or 2 apricot,piece
bread - Anyone ready meal from the store (350 calories or less) and a small bun or roll, a slice of any fruit
- 125 grams of herring, grilled or canned sardines, 2 small boiled potatoes, low-calorie mousse
- bunwith well-fried beef cutlet, 2 tablespoons sweet corn, 200 grams of potatoes "in uniform", 100 grams of strawberries or
raspberries - 75 grams of any lean meat with low-fat gravy, fried potatoes (2 pieces), small bun wholemeal
- an apple or an orange, 75 grams (the weight of the finished dish), pasta, wholemeal or brown rice as a side dish to the following dishes:
- 100 grams of shrimp with tomatoes, garlic and herbs
- 50 grams of steak, ham and canned low-calorie soup- mushroom
- 100 grams of chicken breast and low-calorie canned soup - chicken.
Do not forget that at every meal you can have any number of allowed vegetables and salads from them.

dessert (100 calories)
Select any definite for every day, but only one.
- dry wine glass
- 2 small alcoholic drink (as in bar) with soda or tonic
- quarter liter
beer - Crispy bread (2 pieces) with cream cheese or soft cheese (2 tbsp) and chopped gherkins or pickles(tablespoon)

now, you can eat chocolate, but there should be no more than 150 calories.You can choose a dessert (200 calories), they are listed below.

Drinks (daily rate): 275 ml of milk of average fat content of tea or coffee, unlimited mineral or plain water.Please, instead of the usual tea, try drinking herbal teas or water.
Vegetables: Eat as many vegetables as you like, from the proposed list.They can be boiled, steamed, or turn them into salads.Do not fill vegetables with butter or something bold.Use lemon juice, vinegar, pepper, herbs and garlic.Try will not add salt.
Chocolate: in the second week, you can eat chocolate - 200 calories during the third week you will have to reduce the number of calories to 150. Every day, do not buy more than the allowed amount, do not buy chocolate in reserve and did not arrange warehouses chocolate.Eat chocolate, only when you have a good, but not in moments of grief.When buying chocolate verify its caloric content.When you cook a chocolate dessert, follow the recipe.

Every day you can
once for breakfast, once for lunch, once a meal and eat two goodies.

breakfast (100 calories) - a choice:
- Toast (bread from wheat flour), spread with mashed banana and drizzled with a teaspoon of honey, a small glass of fruit juice
- 25 grams of porridge or cereal without sugar (you can add milkin an amount not exceeding the daily value), crisp bread (2 pieces), covered with something lean
- Hard-boiled egg or scrambled, toast (bread from wheat flour), a small glass of fruit juice
- 100 grams of canned apricots or figs,add to muesli (tablespoon) and pour natural yogurt (tablespoon)
- 2 tablespoons sweet corn;Stir.Stir.Serve immediately!