Diet for lactating mothers

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

food nursing mothers should be useful and balanced.Calories should now be much higher.Significantly - it means 600 - 700 calories a day more than usual.In lactating woman should not only provide your body with all the necessary nutrients, but also the child's body.
In no case do not practice strict restrictive diets!They hit on your baby's health!Wait until the end of feeding - and then we think about how to improve the way the figure.
As during pregnancy, try to avoid monotony in food.If you eat every day the same (though very useful!) Dish for breakfast, it will not benefit your baby.Food should be varied to ensure the intake of vitamins and other nutrients in the right amount.In fact, many children do not receive because of poor maternal nutrition required minerals and trace elements, "feel dirty trick" and refuse the breast.
How to make a variety of menu?The main thing to watch out for dishes containing proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Proteins must contain at least 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight,

fat - 120 - 130 g, carbohydrates - about 500 grams At least half of protein requirements should be obtained by the animal protein.Therefore, doctors recommend a daily consume 200 grams of meat or fish, a liter of milk (or sour milk products), not less than 100 g of cottage cheese and cheese.Dairy products are very important for the proper preparation of any individual menu and especially - a nursing mother.In the dairy and dairy products contain high amounts of protein and calcium.Calcium is necessary for the good functioning of the cardiovascular and other systems of the body.
addition to meat and dairy products of the menu should include foods rich in protein such as eggs, fish and dairy products.Fish
better to buy low-fat varieties: hake, perch, pollock, cod.The fish, in addition to proteins contain a very important vitamin - D. Eat better fish boiled.As for fruits and vegetables, they can be used every day for a whole kilogram.
nursing mother must comply with diet.Unacceptable long breaks between meals.It is better to eat little and often - this rhythm improves milk production.
Drink nursing mother should be the same for two: if the diet is not enough drinks - do not develop the necessary amount of milk.Every day you need to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid (or better - 2).A little secret: if for an hour before feeding to drink 1 cup of any liquid (eg, ordinary water without gas), the milk "comes" in the right amount to the child.
However, great importance is not only the quantity but also the quality of drinks drunk.Give up on the feeding of soda (it increases flatulence in children) and drinks with flavors, colors and sweeteners.Of course, the most useful drink - it juice.But again, they have to choose wisely.If the packaging says that the drink contains sugar, citric acid and other additives - it is better to abandon the purchase.Drink only natural juices.Best of all - self-cooking of green apples.A grape, citrus and tomato is better to enter into the diet gradually after 3 - 4 months.
It goes without saying that you need to give up alcohol: otherwise it will fall to the mother's milk in the body remains.Coffee and tea you can drink, but in small quantities and is not strong.And of course, do not drink water from the tap without boiling.It may contain harmful microorganisms.
With regard to the list of banned products, it is not so great.If there are no contraindications (such as allergies), there can be almost anything.But within reasonable limits.
In the first weeks is better to limit yourself to those products that enhance the fermentation of cabbage, grapes, peas, beans.Sugar should be consumed in moderate amounts, limit the baking.
main principle is simple: to introduce new products in small portions and watch the reaction of the child.If he or tummy bulges to show signs of an allergic reaction - for a time refuse meals.

Celery salad with carrot and apple

celery 1 carrot 1 green apple

2 tbsp.olive oil

parsley juice of 1 lemon
salt to taste
Grate the celery, carrot, apple (apple sprinkle with lemon juice), chop the parsley.add salt, season with olive oil.

Salad "Mediterranean»

100 g tomatoes
100 g cucumbers
50 g pepper
50 g lettuce
15 g parsley
15 g dill
50 ml
juice 1
salt lemon olive oil to taste
Vegetables and greensthoroughly washed, cut and salt.Fill with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.

millet porridge with milk

1 cup millet

2 cups water 2 cups milk 2 tbsp
.spoon butter
Millet go, wash 5 - 6 times in boiling water, until the water after washing is clean, then pour the hot water, put on the fire, add salt, remove the foam, quickly evaporate all the water until millet has not yet had time to seethe, andthen pour the hot milk and continue to cook the porridge at a moderate and then low heat until thickened.Cooked porridge to fill with oil, stir.

Green apples stuffed with cottage cheese

500 g apples 200 g cottage cheese 50 g raisins

2 eggs 2 tbsp.spoons of semolina
sugar to taste
Apples cut crosswise, remove the core and give them the shape of the cups.Cottage cheese through a meat grinder, mix with raisins, chopped pulp of apples, eggs (raw) sugar and semolina.The resulting meat to fill the apples and bake in the oven.

soup of the three cereals

30 g millet grains
20 g of oat groats
20 g pearl barley
10 g of vegetable oil
50 ml milk
1 yolk
salt to taste
Groat, sort, wash, soak (oatmeal and Pshenko- on the hour, barley can be at night).Pour cereal in a container and pour water from the bowls in which they were soaked.Strain the broth is ready, season with salt and heat (but do not boil).Add the oil, egg yolk and milk.

Vegetable soup with egg and milk

1 carrot 1 beetroot

1 potato
400 ml vegetable broth
10 g of vegetable oil
1 yolk of an egg 50 ml milk

salt - to taste.
Vegetables Wash, peel and cut into cubes.Extinguish a mixture of vegetable oil with the addition of water and salt (first put in a pot beet, 15 minutes - potatoes and carrots).Add to the resulting mass of pre-cooked vegetable broth.Season soup egg yolk and milk.

Vegetable soup with sour cream

One portion:
350 ml broth
200 g potato
15 g carrot
5 g root parsley
5 g onions
5 g dill
5 g of vegetable oil
10 g sour cream
salt to taste.
Carrots and parsley root cut into large slices and put out.In boiling salted broth put the diced potatoes and cook for about 30 minutes.For 10 minutes until the potatoes are ready to put in the soup stewed carrots, onions, add sour cream and dill.

Green soup on a meat broth

350 ml broth
100g sorrel
100g spinach
15 g carrot
30 g green onions
5 g parsley
5 g dill
5 g of vegetable oil
5 g of flour
10 gsour cream 1 egg

salt to taste.
sorrel and spinach, rinse in cold running water, cut off the stalks, then cook in a little water.After that, boiled leaves recline on a sieve, cool and rub into fine puree.Cut and put out carrots, green onions.Rubbed a lot of sorrel and spinach, pour meat broth and cook for about 10 minutes;then put in boiling broth stewed carrots and onion and cook for about 20 minutes.At the end of cooking fill the soup fried flour.Before serving, put in the soup parsley and dill, half a hard-boiled egg, sour cream.

«Peasant Omelette»

500 g potatoes 80 g cheese 2 eggs

50 g of boiled meat (chicken or beef)
1 onion medium size
1 tbsp.finely chopped greens
salt to taste
Clear raw potatoes, cut into large slices.In a frying pan brown the meat with the onion and add the potatoes.Season with salt, add the water, cover with a lid and simmer until tender.Then sprinkle with grated cheese and parsley, pour all the dish with whipped eggs, the eggs to bake.


200 grams of lean meat (such as beef)
30 g carrot 20 g onion

20 g olive oil 1 cup

broth salt to taste
Meat wash, soak in cold water.No cutting, browned on all sides.Put in a pan, add the chopped carrots and onions, add salt, pour pre-prepared hot broth, cover tightly and simmer over low heat for about 2 hours, occasionally adding water.When you are ready to cut the meat into pieces.As a side dish you can use steamed vegetables.

Chicken, baked with cheese

600 g boiled chicken
2 tbsp.tablespoons butter 1 large onion

1 pod of pepper 3 carrots

salt to taste
For the cheese sauce:
100 grams of cheese
2 tbsp.sour cream 1 egg yolk

Slice the onions, peppers and carrots rings and braise them in 1 tbsp.spoonful of butter, adding water if necessary.Then shift vegetables on greased baking sheet, cover with pieces of meat on top and bake in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes.Grate the cheese and mix with cream and egg yolk.Cover the dish in the oven with cheese sauce.Bake in the oven at 225 ° C until golden brown.

Vegetables with meat

2 tbsp.tablespoons low-fat ground beef

1 potato 1 carrot 1 beetroot

1 onion 1 tbsp.
sour cream salt to taste
Minced meat with salt and dilute with boiled water to the consistency of sour cream.At the bottom of the pan put peeled and finely diced vegetables, season with salt.They lay out the stuffing divorced.Products pour boiling water so that it only covered them, bring to a boil and cook for 7 - 10 minutes, without stirring.Turn off the heat, but do not remove the dish from the stove, let it brew under the lid for 15 minutes.Serve with sour cream.

radish juice with honey

200 g radishes 100 g of water

1 tbsp.teaspoon of honey 1 pinch of salt

Radish clean, grate and squeeze the juice.Dilute the juice of salted water in a ratio of 1: 1 and add 1 tbsp.honey.
Attention!This drink is considered to be an effective means to improve lactation.It is advised to take 2 - 3 times a day.But it is contraindicated in the propensity to allergies.

Tea for lactation

1 tbsp.spoon of fennel seeds, fennel and cumin
300 ml of water
mixture of fennel seeds, fennel and cumin pour boiling water.The dish was covered with a saucer and let the tea brew, until it becomes a little warm.Drink with 70 ml portions throughout the day.Every three days, take a break for a day or two.

Some doctors recommend breastfeeding women excluded from the diet all potential allergens, without having to wait until the baby is covered with red spots and begin to itch.Other doctors believe that there is no urgent need, just use these products you need to measure, gradually increasing their number.Strictly limit yourself to such foods should be only those mothers whose children have a tendency to allergies.
In any case, you need to "know the potential opponent in the face."Learn allergens simple: if they themselves want to be seen.Bright red apples, oranges (and other citrus fruits), carrots - all of which can trigger allergies in crumbs.
often provoke illness berries eaten by mother (in the first place - the strawberry).
Few people know that the cause of the allergy can become excessive use of fermented drinks.So, harmless and very useful can give undesirable reaction in reasonable quantities yogurt.Therefore, striving to provide the baby with calcium, do not forget the principle of prudence, "all things in moderation."Several well-known allergens
continue chocolate, honey and chemical food additives: dyes, preservatives and fragrances.From the past should be abandoned as soon as possible (during pregnancy, if not in its planning stage).
If the allergy still showed itself, consult a doctor.It will help to identify the product, cause unwanted reactions.This product will have to be excluded from the menu a couple of months.
When inclination of the child to an allergy rate in the diet of his mother should be on low-allergenic foods: lean meat, offal, butter and olive oil, zucchini, squash, turnips, rutabaga, oatmeal, barley, rice.From fruit give preference to green apples and pears, white cherry and white currants.Permission is granted to use dried fruits: dried pears, apples and prunes.
And another useful tip: if the father of the child is allergic to a certain product, a nursing woman should not be included in the diet.Chances are that a pipsqueak can not take the same dish as his father.

Potato balls

350 g potato
2 eggs
100 g of vegetable oil
1 cup flour
salt to taste
Boiled "in uniform» potato peel, mince, salt, mixed with raw eggs and flour.Sformovat balls the size of an egg in a frying pan and brown in oil.

Souffle of buckwheat with cheese

80 g buckwheat

150 ml milk 120 g cottage cheese 1 egg

pinch of sugar 5 g butter 20 g sour cream
Buckwheat to sort, wash and cook porridge with milk, viscous, slightly cool, mix with grated cheese, shot down with sugar egg, put in a greased form and cook in a water bath.When serving pour the boiled cream.

Semolina with banana

110 g semolina
2 cups milk 1 banana

2 hours.
tablespoons butter 1 tbsp.
spoon sugar Bring the milk to a boil and add the sugar, pour a thin stream of semolina and cook until tender, stirring constantly.Cut the banana into small cubes.Connect porridge with banana and season with melted butter.

Boiled rice with dried fruits

1 h. Spoon of starch
100 grams of rice
1 h. Spoon of sugar 150 g dried fruit

pinch of salt
Dried fruits washed and soaked in clean cool water for 30 minutes.Then drain the water, pour dried with clean water and boil until tender.Wash rice in cold water and boil until cooked in the broth of dried fruit with the addition of salt and sugar.Prepare the sauce: the cooled dried fruit rub through a sieve.A decoction of dried fruit combine with starch, add the fruit puree and bring to a boil.Turn a couple of minutes.Rice porridge to pass on to a plate, put a piece of butter and pour over the sauce.

Rice porridge with green apples

1 cup rice 1 l milk

100 g, 300 g cream of green apples
salt and sugar to taste
Apples are washed, cut into slices, removing the core.Boil until tender in the milk rice.Put in an enamel bowl, cool.Whip cream and mix with the rice.Put half of the cereals into the prepared dish, pre-moistened walls (to avoid sticking).On porridge put a layer of apple slices, apples - a layer of rice porridge again.Put in the fridge.To serve, put rice with apples from the mold onto a plate, as a child Kulichik, turning the bowl.

Oatmeal with prunes

150 ml skimmed milk 2 tbsp.spoons of oatmeal
50 g pitted prunes
salt and sugar to taste
Prunes cover with cold water and leave for 30 minutes.The water is drained.Dried fruit to press and cut into pieces.Put oatmeal in a pot, pour the milk, put on a small fire and cook for 10 minutes.Then add the pieces of prunes.All mix, cover the pan with a lid and cook for another 5 minutes.

Cereal burgers

100 g groats (buckwheat better)
1 egg

pinch of sugar 10 g butter
10 g breadcrumbs 20 g sour cream

salt to taste.
Cook the buckwheat porridge (can be a bit to digest).Beat the egg with the sugar and salt and add it to gruel.The mass is well mixed and formed into patties.Roll the cutlets in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides, place in oven and bake for about 10 minutes.On the table served with sour cream.

Stewed zucchini

900g courgettes 2 tbsp
olive oil 15 g butter 1 tbsp
.tablespoon of flour, 300 g of milk

2 tbsp.tablespoons chopped parsley
salt to taste.
Courgettes cut into cubes.