The Mediterranean diet

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

The term "Mediterranean diet" was coined specialist in nutrition A. Casey.In the 50s of the last century, together with M. Case, he wrote the book "About Tasty and Healthy Food: Mediterranean solution."
examined the diets of the Mediterranean people, A. Case concluded that the so-called "diseases of civilization" or "disease of abundance", such as hypertension, diabetes, arterial sclerosis, obesity is associated with features of power.The more different the diet of inhabitants of a country from the Mediterranean-type diet, - and A. Case studied types of people in the US diet, Japan, Finland, Germany, - the more the people of the country are suffering from diseases of civilization.
Scientists have also been noticed that the Italians and the French, who inhabit the Mediterranean, live longer and look better.Furthermore, among the population of France, Italy and Spain not only lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, but much less obese people than in other parts of the planet.Such a large number of fat

people with shortness of breath, as in Russia or in America, among energetic Southerners there.
Numerous recent studies confirm a direct link between the type of food and the incidence of cardiovascular disease, as well as a number of other diseases.In addition, the World Health Organization reports (WHO) indicate that Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain and France, are in the top seven countries with a healthy lifestyle.To one of the decisive factors favorable prognosis in relation to the healthy life expectancy experts attribute the Mediterranean diet.
She is considered the ideal model of a healthy diet.The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and cereal dishes, fish and seafood, meat and moderate consumption of olive oil as the main source of fat makes the Mediterranean diet balanced and effective.Dieting, based on the traditional model of the centuries-old power of the Mediterranean population, significantly increases the chances of a healthy, long life.But
tradition food - this is not all.Residents of these blessed sun edges used to enjoy a meal with friends and family, making meals in a ritual.Enjoying the gifts of the rich nature involves slowly, leisurely.
Another distinctive feature of the Mediterranean style - a holiday afternoon.Europeans should learn from this tradition in an afternoon siesta able to enjoy life in all its manifestations cheerful southerners!
and without which it is impossible to imagine a Mediterranean style, or a way of life, so it is not a positive attitude to life itself!Learn to see the positive things in life, and she turns to you their most iridescent parties!
Motor activity - another important point Mediterranean-style!Only the combination of all these distinctive features of the Mediterranean way of life and give you health and longevity!
Scientific studies prove the undeniable advantages of a Mediterranean-type food in comparison with the western model familiar to us.So, for several years, British scientists studied the characteristics of the diet and the diet of inhabitants 62 countries in Europe, America and Asia.In this large-scale study involved more than 50 thousand people!
results so grand experiment clearly showed that the western type of food - the most harmful and heavy for the body, provoking errors of metabolism and development of diseases of various organs and systems.
large amounts of animal fats, excessive consumption of white bread, meat and eggs, not to mention such a widespread food from the networks' fast food »- junk food (junk food) - all this is harmful to the body and contributes to the development of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other "diseases of affluence".
Mediterranean diet or a Mediterranean type of diet with unlimited consumption of fruit, vegetables, herbs, plenty of cereals, fish, seafood, moderate consumption of meat, and the world famous olive oil was a factor that clearly contributes to prolong a healthy, active life and savesman from the diseases of civilization.Thus, the study of modern scientists have only confirmed longstanding observations and investigations of the Case.
Mediterranean diet not only promotes healing of the body, it greatly reduces the risk of many serious diseases.For more than 10 years, scientists of various countries carried out extensive studies on the origin and development of this serious disease, like Alzheimer's.
It has been proven that adherence to the diet with plenty of leafy vegetables, fish, seafood and moderate consumption of red wine contribute to the preservation and good memory, and clear mind until very old age.The risk of developing the disease Attsgeymera subject to a Mediterranean diet reduced by more than 40%!
Mediterranean diet - is primarily a special composition of food.If more specifically, it is - pyramid divided into groups of products.The essence of this unusual pyramid is as follows.The share of consumption of products depends on the location of it.The higher is the product, the proportion of it in the diet should be less.The following product is in the pyramid, so, consequently, it is necessary to consume more often.
The base of the pyramid - bread, rice, buckwheat, corn and potatoes.
second group (which is located above) include fruits, vegetables, herbs and legumes - lentils, beans and peas.
third level of the pyramid - is olive oil and wine (in moderation).
fourth stage - dairy products.
All of these products make up the four steps of the pyramid, it is recommended to use daily.
fifth stage of the pyramid - a fish, poultry, eggs and sweets.They should have no more than a few times a week.
sixth stage - red wine.It is recommended for those who do not eat it for lunch or dinner every day, drink at least a few times a month, but only in very moderate doses.
The diet of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean has long been present olive oil, rich in monounsaturated fats.With regular use of olive oil reduces the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, reducing the risk of heart and vascular diseases.Due to high levels of monounsaturated fat Mediterranean diet helps to regulate blood sugar in diabetes of the second type.
The Mediterranean diet a lot of dishes from oily fish, which contains acid "omega-3".They also help reduce cholesterol levels.Work helps keep heart in red vegetables, beta-carotene.In addition, the distinctive feature of the Mediterranean diet is a moderate consumption of red wine, which also reduces the risk of heart disease.
Complex carbohydrates that are contained in the dishes of pasta and cereals, contribute to the prevention of colon cancer.
Finally, compliance with a Mediterranean diet saves the inhabitants of the Mediterranean sunshine from obesity.Not to mention the fact that his cheerfulness and lightweight nature of the inhabitants of the southern sun must not only wonderful climate, this wonderful gift of nature, but also his equally great cuisine, traditions that evolved over the centuries and passed down from generation to generation!
Mediterranean cuisine - is the source of longevity, health, cheerfulness inhabitants of these blessed edges.Not only the sun, not only the sea - though as without them!But also a healthy, simple food, what gives the earth and the sea!Greek cuisine, for example, is different and simplicity and usefulness.
peppers of different varieties and types, zucchini, eggplant, beans, beans are included in the recipes of many traditional dishes.Vegetable dishes can not do without tomatoes - fresh or dried - and olives.A lot of greens in the preparation of virtually any dish - a distinctive feature of Greek cuisine.Scents of rosemary, basil, mint, parsley and coriander give an exquisite taste and aroma to any dish.Widely used as oregano.
present in many recipes lemon juice or lemon peel.And, of course, olive oil!It is an indispensable ingredient in any dish!Often used oil, various additives infused.Not less frequently than the oil used and cheese - both in the preparation of salads and other dishes.
Lots of fish dishes - another feature of the Greek cuisine.The fish, which will prepare, by all means should be freshly caught!It is most often prepared, bake barbecue.a wide variety of seafood is also widely used.
Meat dishes are often prepared with lamb.
From dairy products, in addition to a variety of cheeses, yogurt is very popular.Yogurt is added in desserts and various sauces and soups.And, as in any kitchen, very popular desserts - cakes, creams and cocktails.
predilection for simple and unpretentious food and distinguishes Spaniards - onions, garlic, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants are the basis for many popular dishes native Spanish cuisine.Pepper, leeks, beans, beets, various herbs are included in prescriptions of traditional vegetable dishes.Vegetable salads, boiled vegetables, steamed vegetables, all kinds of sauces, stews are extremely popular.
also popular seafood - especially in the north.A variety of cheeses - from goat and cow's finishing, as well as dairy products, too, are always present in the diet of the Spaniards.
As for meat, the circle bias Spaniards are much wider than those of the Greeks, where the basis of meat dishes is lamb.Veal, beef, pork and poultry are very popular.Interesting technology hot dishes - Spaniards prefer a thick cream soup.The soups are traditionally added a lot of seasoning.And we all know that the famous mayonnaise, without which no cost, is now no kitchen, was invented here, during the siege of the enemy city of Mahon on Menorca.
Variety - a distinctive feature of Italian cuisine.It fully represented and vegetable dishes, which are served as a separate dish or as a garnish for meat and fish dishes and meat dishes, fish and seafood.
From vegetables tomatoes extremely popular - a rare dish without them!In addition, widely used eggplant, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, artichokes, lettuce, a variety of aromatic herbs and spices.Many dishes made from beans, legumes and rice.From Italians prefer meat beef, pork - low-fat, and poultry.And, of course, all sorts of fish and seafood can be seen on the table at any time!
Everyone knows the famous Italian spaghetti - meals are called in one word - "paste".In combination with a variety of sauces, cheese, herbs, additives in the form of beans, peas, cabbage - all delicious incredibly popular around the world.Pasta in Italian cuisine is considered the first dish with soup.In soups, as pastes, cheese ingredient is conventional - as a rule, is cheese.
Two more not less popular and as well-known around the world dishes - this lasagna and ravioli.Lasagna - casserole of pasta, in which the dough layers alternating with meat or vegetable stuffing, seasoned with sauce and cheese.Ravioli - a kind of analogue of our Russian dumplings.Ravioli, like lasagna, too, are prepared from the pasta dough, the filling of these small dumplings can be very different, and serves them with a tomato or cream sauce and grated cheese.
In addition, one of the most popular dishes in Italy remains risotto - a dish of rice, which is prepared in a special process.Risotto cooked with meat and ham, and mushrooms, and vegetables, and seafood - a great variety of options here, fancy chefs nothing limits!How many options and the famous Italian pizza - Italian invention bednya-
Cove, which has found acceptance and the poor of his fans, and the rich!
Another indispensable attribute of a feast in Italy - a jug of wine, along with a bottle - or pitcher - olive oil.
Portuguese cuisine - kitchen descendants of the conquistadors and explorers - basically a fish and seafood.Sardines, tuna, cod, crab and other seafood - the most popular original products for a variety of dishes, both first and second.Thus, only one Portuguese cod can cook more than 150 different ways!
widely used in the kitchen of the Portuguese olive oil, a variety of spices and herbs.A feature of Portuguese cuisine can also be called a great variety of sauces - they are used and fish dishes, and desserts.Rice is popular as a garnish for fish dishes, and for dessert, when it added vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, and eggs.Wine - another indispensable component of a good meal.The Portuguese prefer sweet wine, other wines.
And in the preparation of meals, and the preparation of first and second dishes in French cuisine using abundant variety of vegetables.Cabbage different varieties, green beans, onions, spinach, potatoes, eggplant, herbs - all this in a variety of combinations on the table.
dishes from different kinds of meat are also quite popular - the French do not give preference to any one kind of meat, for the first and second courses used and veal, and beef and mutton, and poultry, and game.Of course, the fish dishes are no less popular than the meat dishes.
Fish and marine use, and freshwater.Especially popular are cod, turbot, carp, pike.Dishes from seafood and enjoyed the same success - oysters, shrimp, lobster, scallops are part of the menu is not only the many marine restaurants, but also often prepared at home.
Among the most popular dishes of French cuisine should be called the famous onion soup.A feature of French cuisine considered omelettes with various fillings and spices - mushrooms, greens, ham, and cheese soufflés.
A variety of cheeses is beyond description!As well as a variety of sauces that French chefs have become famous all over the world!And just as famous all over the world French wines, thanks to which the French are characterized by regular use of such a zest for life, loving and long life!
main components of which went down in the Mediterranean world fashion.So, it is first and foremost:
1. Products made from wheat, barley and hemp provide carbohydrate intake.
2. Garlic, onions, herbs, which are usually seasoned dishes with a high content of carbohydrates, slowing down the process of cell aging.
3. All products are mainly prepared in olive oil, and it, in turn, stimulates digestion and activates the liver.
4. Day to day use fruits and vegetables are the body the necessary minerals, fiber, and contribute to the coordinated work of the body.
5. Because dairy products are preferred low-fat cheese and yogurt, in quality and usefulness for adult surpassing the original product - milk.All
Mediterranean foods are rich in vitamin F, which is deservedly called the vitamin of youth.Especially a lot of vitamin F in pasta, germinated wheat sprouts in cereals and bread from wheat flour, fruits and vegetables, chestnuts, in hemp, sunflower and nuts.The image of power, adopted on the southern shores, brings the body polysaccharides, the lack of which, as the researchers found, it is extremely dangerous to health.After all, if the body receives too little of polysaccharides, it can cause serious diseases of the digestive system
Italian scientists have found that a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables and fish, can be life saving for people suffering from frequent heart attacks.The results showed: comfort of patients who eat a Mediterranean diet pattern classic three times more likely to survive than people, absorbing food high in cholesterol.
researcher effects of the Mediterranean diet on the body of Dr. Roberto Marchioli stressed that people suffering from frequent heart attacks can at least reduce their frequency, if you exclude from your diet foods that contain saturated fats, such as butter.