Treatment of gynecologic diseases folk remedies and methods

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Women's Diseases

Among gynecological diseases the most common is a group of inflammatory diseases.Among gynecological patients attending antenatal clinics and clinics, 60-65% suffer from inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

What are these diseases?

Under inflammation should understand the response of living tissue of an organism to a certain irritation that violates normal functioning of the tissue.Inflammation of the tissues caused by the introduction into it of microbes, mechanical stimuli (injury), chemical (burn any liquid -.. Acid, alkali, etc.)., Thermal, etc. When an inflammatory process is usually marked rush of blood to the inflamed organ tissue, pain, fever, edema and organ dysfunction.To place a rush of blood rushing white blood corpuscles.Sometimes they are mixed to secretions of the body.If a healthy woman lining of the uterus and the cervix produces mucus in small amounts, then the inflammation of these organs caused by infection, isolation is much worse, often take the form of pus, in which you c

an use the microscope to detect the infectious agent (microbe) and white blood corpuscles.Inflammation may be limited only to the place where the infection entered, and then it is considerably easier than in cases when the infection enters the bloodstream and causes a general blood poisoning.

Inflammation of female genitals is usually caused by different kinds of microbes.Pierce them in the genitals in various ways:.. Are entered from the outside in some cases the environment, most often during sexual intercourse, in the other - penetrate from the surrounding organs and tissues, such as the rectum, bladder, appendix, etc. Finally, sometimesthey are brought from other affected organs through the blood and lymphatic vessels.

inflammatory process may occur in any part of the genital organs - in the vagina and cervix, uterus in itself, in tubes and ovaries.

Features of the process depends on several factors -.. From the affected places, the virulence of the infection, the general condition of the body, etc. In some cases, the main complaints of the patient are reduced to profuse vaginal discharge (belyam) to pain in the abdomen, in the groin, lower back;in other cases, patients report a violation of menstruation, or complain about the bleeding.In acute inflammation, these phenomena are very intense and are accompanied by a feverish state of the patient.

great danger for women is inflammation of the fallopian tubes and ovaries.Sometimes a result of this process produces adhesions leading to the displacement of the uterus, tubes and ovaries in the closure tube channel (due to the adhesion of its walls) and the like. D. These effects cause a number of inflammatory disorders are often long and require treatment.

One dangerous in its consequences inflammatory diseases is gonorrhea.