Fitness for Weight Loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Fitness will not only help get rid of the extra kilos and buy a beautiful, toned body, but still raise the self-esteem and self-confidence will return.
There are many varieties of it: running, walking, cycling, swimming, gymnastic exercises, strength exercises.Fitness can be practiced both individually and with the coach, either individually or in a group.To determine and understand that what kind you need, you can take advantage of interesting tips fitness instructors.They advise you to undress in front of a mirror and povoobrazhat what would you like arms, legs, chest, waist, abdomen, try to cover your favorite part of the arms of the body.This will help determine what needs you.Just this advice will give a great incentive and motivation to achieve the desired results.
When aerobic exercise a large number of calories consumed during exercise, but this kind do not affect the muscles properly as it does when the power loads.The best way to lose weight combine these types of loads, then you get a slim a

nd toned body.The most optimal view for weight loss is considered to be the so-called circuit training - alternating in one workout of cardio (aerobic) and power loads in a mobile pace almost without stopping.This method is suitable only for experienced, physically hardy people.For beginners is better to train at a slow pace to make stops on short rest if necessary.It is also necessary to monitor the correctness of the exercises follow the well-being, do not overwork.As you become accustomed to the stresses the body workout pace should gradually increase, reduce the rest time between exercises.During exercise should not drink carbonated mineral or filtered water, as it was with water from the body are derived salts and toxins that are formed as a result of the active combustion of fat.One active workout should not exceed two hours.Daily intensive power loads are not desirable, because you need to give your muscles to recover and relax.It is best to deal with in a day or an hour 2-3 times a week for 2 hours.The training period
fitness special attention should be paid and nutrition.In no event it is impossible to reduce the calorie content of your daily diet.Otherwise, it may slow down the metabolism and thus even a small amount of food will be deposited in the form of extra kilos.Also in the selection of the diet should take into account what your metabolic rate: slow, normal and accelerated.Try to maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for your metabolic type.To slow level in the diet is dominated by carbohydrates 60%, but it must be complex carbohydrates dolgoperevarivaemye.The source of these carbohydrates can be vegetables with a small or medium starch content, a variety of low-calorie fruit, wholegrain cereals.Proteins occupy 25% of the diet is best suited proteins with medium or low purine content.It can be lean meat, low fat dairy products, fish, egg white.
Fats occupy only 15% of the daily diet.Try to cut back or give up at all from animal fat, replacing it with a vegetable.Diet during normal metabolism includes 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat.
Regardless of the level of metabolism should avoid foods with a high glycemic index, since these products are entering the body sharply raise blood sugar, thereby stimulating the production of insulin, which in turn prevents the splitting of the existing fat and contributes to the accumulation of new.It should also reduce the consumption of high-starch foods, pastries, sweets, containing a lot of fat and sugar, high-calorie fruits and berries.
most important in losing weight in order to process a pleasure.