Hoops for slimming

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Since ancient times, women concerned about maintaining their figure in perfect shape in order to feel the lightness throughout the body and to like themselves and others.To be attractive and slim, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets and regular workouts in gyms and fitness centers.Not all women can afford to spend 1.5 or 2 hours a day for exercise, if the house has better things to do.And it is for such cases is perfect for the acquisition and use of the hoop.Regular exercise with a hoop will help your figure to acquire its former harmony.Remove "ears" at the waist and hips, strengthen the abdominal muscles, reduce waist and even get rid of the annoying cellulite and give the skin its firmness and elasticity - it's all on the hoop forces.For more effective results with weight loss hoop must also eat right, that is. E.isklyuchit very fatty foods, sweets and flour products.And then the result will exceed all your expectations.For 25 - 30 days of regular exercise for 25 - 30 minutes and nutritio

n you can get rid of 2-5 kg ​​and 3-6 centimeters in the waist, as well as sessions with excellent hoop effect on heart function, coordination, improve blood circulation and normalizeintestine.
The use of any of the hoop is strictly forbidden to women with liver and kidney diseases, gynecological diseases, diseases of the spine and joints, and can not use the hoop during pregnancy and immediately after birth.
In order to select the correct hoop need to "try" it for yourself, and to estimate the size of t.e.pokrutit.Hoops are varied: conventional plastics, they may be heavier using grains or sand, and then in the lesson, you'll expend more energy;massage - on the inside there are massage beads (silicone, plastic or magnetic), which during exercise massage the desired part of the body, and even magnetic and improve circulation;flexible (soft) they can be used not only to lose weight in the waist, but also to train and arm and a leg if you use it as an expander.
15-minute sessions with a hoop - a complete training session, during which consumed about 300 calories.If you are new to this business, then for training approach is usually slightly weighted hoop.Over time, when it will not be felt hoop action on the stomach, you will need to replace the usual hoop, on a massage or weighted.As a result of the impact of massage hoop possible bruising and subsequent training will be painful, but it must be endured or wear the belt for weight loss, then the feeling will be less painful.Bruises on the body will be less, if the twist wrap alternately in different directions.For even better effect, you can wrap the waist with cling film.In these classes you will sweat more, and thus will come out unwanted toxins and wastes from the body.
From the very beginning of training with hoop will be enough 5 minutes, 2 times a day.Gradually increase the time to 30 minutes (maximum).Spin the hoop should be with your back straight and feet shoulder width apart, and you need to strain your abdominal muscles throughout the workout.Tense your abdominal muscles to protect the internal organs from shock hoop, especially if the hoop is very heavy.When you are constantly busy with a hoop, you can also enter what some exercises affecting other muscles, such as the muscles of the arms, chest and leg muscles.For the impact on arm muscles and chest need to throw in your fingers into the lock and raise or lower them without stopping to turn the hoop;to warm the belly oblique muscles can make the slopes to the side or trunk rotations without losing the hoop;for engaging the leg muscles can do lunges or kick their feet to the side.
Plus training hoop is removed "orange peel" or cellulite, while in compliance with any diet it is not something that disappears and becomes more noticeable.Of course, playing with the hoop will not give immediately visible results in weight loss, such as carbohydrate-free or protein diet, but dropped kilograms and centimeters gone will not come back immediately as soon as you have finished your workout.Nevertheless, to maintain the result should be several times a week to engage in training with hoop and not stop correctly and balanced feed.And then the hard-won result will please you and delight you and your family.