Conspiracy to weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Conspiracy pohudenie- on a magical, ancient magic.Conspiracies were used in all spheres of life, and now many people use many magic spells, including losing weight.Most people believe that access the plots is a huge sin, witchcraft.But in fact, it's just a ritual to help achieve this goal.These plots do not give no trouble, contrary to conspiracy slimming very positive.

But remember that the plot should not contain words such as (disappear, to fall) and the like.The plots are different, and not only to have left extra weight, but also from the constant feeling of hunger.Conspiracy to weight loss must be carried out in the waning moon.

Here, of course, need only one thing - faith.If you believe that this method will really help, you automatically start it into action.After all, once you believe in the power of conspiracy, you begin to lose weight.

If you had breakfast in the morning, but hunger does not leave you and want more and more, you can read the plot and leave you feeling hungry.

What I will take away stroke, what to look that will be added.

Species conspiracy.

1. from the craving for sweet, starchy foods;

2. from taking food at night;

3. the habit that always want to chew.

Description strong plot to get rid of excess weight.

first stage of the plot should be done several days before the full moon.

For the plot we need this beeswax (it is possible to melt the candle, but an entirely new).Next Kata wax twig, with the index finger thick.And once we produced a stick, take a knife and start to cut the pieces, while saying loudly (one kilogram, the second kilogram) and so on.After all, these pieces of wax symbolizes your weight.

Then put all the pieces in a small bowl (iron), melt the wax in it and then give it the shape of a ball, this ball will symbolize your weight.Then put the ball under the pillow on which you sleep.

second stage is held on the night of the full moon.On this night, remove the bowl, cover it with your hands.Close your eyes and imagine that you in the palms is the worst enemy (fat), then you are slim, beautiful paced the green alley Air gait.Surrounding so impressed by your beauty, they can not take his eyes.Then, after all presented, select on the window sill a well-lit place and draw a moonlight white chalk circle, and put your ball.

Rite with a bathtub.

Dial bathroom with warm water and drop to his cross.When typed bathroom, remove the cross and pour two cups of holy water (holy water in the church need to score on Sunday morning), fresh cow's milk, to add to the three petals of different roses.

Lying in the bath should be 15 minutes, with the saying "matushka- thicker than water.I have drunk your milk, petals decorated.So you wash away the fat from my body, and carried him away, that he to me did not come back."Repeat it 3 times.Once you do it, you need to drain the bath and at a time when the water will go, you need to thank for the water."Thanks matushka- thicker than water!".This rite should be carried out within 7 days since the seventh water washes all.

But remember, in any case, no one should know that you spend such rites.If someone starts to take an interest in what way thinner, tell that diligently engaged in sports or properly complied with the diet.