Diet -60 - menu

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

diet developed Ekaterina Mirimanova.With it, she lost weight from 120 kg to 60 kg for a year and a half.Diet designed for a long period of time, it should be regarded as the power supply system.The basic principle of the system is -60 diets separate food and avoiding late dinners (no later than 18.00).

Meals divided into 3 times (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

The later the meal, the more restrictions.


should have breakfast as soon as you wake up and follow the hygiene procedures.There can be almost without exception:


is allowed only in the case if you for some reason can not fully pozvtrakat.But then it should be one light snack and a full breakfast

What can you eat (options):

Lunch Dinner should be no later than 13.00 -14 .00.For lunch, it is recommended to eat a full first and second course, dessert or drink.Meals can be boiled, steamed, baked, but not fry.If you like fried, then you can cook on the grill without oil.For the filling of dishes for lunch, you can us

e sauces, vegetable oil, mayonnaise or sour cream, but no more than one tablespoon.Soups for lunch is better to cook in the vegetable broth without meat or meat broth, but without potatoes.Garnish should choose cereals or vegetables.Potatoes and pasta excluded from the diet.For dessert, fruit resolved citrus fruits, apples, kiwis, plums, prunes, watermelon, pineapple.Allowed beverages such as coffee, any tea, red wine, fruit juice, milk and milk drinks.

dining options:

Dinner Dinner should be no later than 18.00.Only if you go to bed late, dinner can be transferred, but not later than 20.00.In terms of calories and dinner should be the lightest.For dinner, all meals are prepared on the water quenching method.Allowed moderate use of spices, soy sauce, salt, but sugar is strictly forbidden.Good supper low-fat dairy products.Drink during dinner, freshly squeezed citrus juice, sour milk or milk drinks, but the tea and coffee that do not contain sugar and milk, red wine and water to drink, not only during the evening meal, but after 18.00.

dinner options:

Also we should not forget about regular physical activity (30-40 minutes a day 3 - 4 times a week) and skin care (anti-cellulite body wraps, firming mask, scrubs).