Diet during pregnancy

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

The gestation period for every woman is a wonderful time.In anticipation of the birth of his child future moms experiencing a huge amount of positive emotions and anxiety.All women want to have their baby is born is healthy, and in addition to the most after birth look as good as possible.And that was exactly the way you need to move more, breathe fresh air and the most important to eat a balanced and quality.A balanced diet during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage fact, affect the growth and development of all organs and systems of a child.And the effect on your health and beauty.After all, when you wear a heart baby can gain too much extra kilos, which can then be difficult to remove.And your stomach will be fat folds and cellulite.

During pregnancy should not eat eat fried, spicy, pickled, fat, acid, seasonings and spices, mayonnaise, condensed milk and ice cream, sodas and herbal teas as well as it is necessary to be careful about citrus, chocolate, exotic fruits, nuts, strawberry, as they are of

ten allergenic.It is also necessary to monitor the quality and quantity of water consumed.The water must be purified.In the first half of gestation drink per day up to two liters of water, the second - to reduce the dosage of up to 1.5 liters.If the drink an unlimited amount of water swelling that may occur.

for proper development of the baby in my mother's tummy is necessary to him to do all the necessary for the growth and development of micro and macro elements.In order for pregnancy proceeded well and the baby was is healthy and strong mom need to include in your diet milk and milk products (milk, cheese, yogurt), fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat, poultry without skin, fish, red meat, beans, nuts, bread flour coarse, fresh juice.

Eating during pregnancy should be 4-6 times a day, but in small portions.

before breakfast to drink a glass of water to the intestines began to work.

Breakfast: muesli with cereals, yogurt, nuts or dried fruit

eggs cooked any way

toast with vegetables

weak tea or fruit juice.

Lunch: any fruit, filled with yogurt with nuts or dried fruit.

Lunch: vegetable salads

soups with bread coarse

boiled, stewed or baked meat.

second lunch: You can repeat the same thing as it was at lunch.

Dinner: Soup

eggs cooked any sosobom,

meat with steamed vegetables.

second Dinner: milk, kefir or yogurt with biscuit.

Eat high-quality and balanced and then you will be the happiest mom in the world.You will have the most Zdorovenki most krasivenky and most intelligent baby who will delight you with their successes and achievements.