How to lose weight after giving birth

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

If the pregnancy was without complications, and you have not spent the first nine months of time in bed, and moderately worked, doing household chores and perform gymnastics.The muscles and skin of the abdomen should be maintained in good shape, as in the development of the fetus to increase and tyazheleyuschaya every day uterus adds spine load, and in addition, overstretched muscles reduce the ability to contract and violation of revenues in their normal amount of nutrients and energy lead totheir dystrophy.
Very few women that immediately after authorization from childbirth remain as slim as they were before pregnancy.And even if there are any, it will be more a sign of ill health.Normally a woman should gain up to 10 kg of extra weight.After birth, it loses about 3.6 kg (weight of the child) and about 0.5 kg (weight of the placenta).But many recover and 15, and 20 kg.
During breastfeeding move to a low-calorie diet or fasting is not necessary - the baby should be useful, nutritious breast milk, use

a small body receives all the necessary for growth and development.But there is enough for three, that child has got all the best, too, it is not recommended.The nutritional importance rationality and moderation.During pregnancy, your hormones change, slowed metabolism, and normalization of the most important processes in your body could take several months.So if you are eating "for two", do not be surprised that your weight is also doubled.
In most cases, the cause of obesity is a banal overeating, i.e. food intake more (and therefore calories) than can spend.Aggravates the situation sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity that often occurs during pregnancy.But if during gestation and lactation overweight can be attributed to the care of offspring, then after you have taken away the child from the breast, there is nothing stopping you take your weight.
Obesity is the basis for the development of many diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, lipid (fat) metabolism.The complex changes that occur in the human body, suffering from obesity, leads to the development of hypertension, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
However, obesity can be a symptom of disease (eg, endocrine and central nervous system diseases), so if you do not eat more than the norm, not fond of carbohydrate foods, and the weight of all of you are typing, you need to consult a doctor-endocrinologist.

special role in the motivation to lose weight assigned to man.No matter how a woman would be focused on taking care of the baby, she still wants to be a desirable and attractive to him.Otherwise, self-esteem drops, bad mood, and the problem starts in the family.
to dramatically lose weight, there are radical surgical methods.But they can cause the body, still did not come back up after the stress of childbirth, significant harm.To harmoniously and smoothly attain harmony and get rid of other problems postpartum period (hair loss, stretch marks, digestive disorders, mood swings, etc.), it is better to use natural natural remedies.Recipes of traditional medicine will help you to improve health and to preserve the beauty, harmony and will return confidence.
main way to lose weight - this is the correct setting to reduce weight.The brain causes the body to do what he is sure, so before you choose a diet or exercise to sweat, do some simple but necessary actions.You need to mentally or on paper:
• articulate its primary purpose - why you lose weight;
• choose the role model that supports you in achieving goals;
• determine how you will control your new habits so long until they become your new lifestyle.
Man takes only those actions is the only way of life that consciously considers necessary.There is no perceived need - there is no conscious action.Without setting the main goal of trying to "throw a kilogram or two" can take forever.If there is no purpose, then why give up that brings a fleeting pleasure, even then settles on the sides of overweight?That's your subconscious mind says when you eat in the morning oat porridge, and lunch in hand she reaches for a piece of cake.A thought expressed with certainty and utmost seriousness, thoughts you have expressed their clear desire lurking and becomes will.
The purpose may not necessarily be taken for weight loss, although it is not ruled out.But losing weight for the sake of more important goals is a powerful motivating factor.It may be possible to wear clothes size 42, go to the beach in a bikini, jeans wear, where you showed off 5 years ago, to get a compliment from my husband, see the "cherished" number on the scales ... It does not matter that someonethen your goal may seem foolish, no one about it and did not know.It is important that it remains constantly desirable for you.
When you understand, for what you restrict your diet, you do not have to break yourself and take supernatural forces to abandon the excess piece of the pie.Almost unconsciously from the entire flow of cases and the possible pleasures will select useful figures and abandon harmful.Over time, as these actions will be included in the daily habit, you will not notice their efforts to improve and preserve the shape.
to slimming process more efficient, it is very useful to have before his eyes the example to which you aspire.Oddly enough, but pasted on the refrigerator photos of models are really very effective means to close it.If you have a friend who has lost weight after giving birth, you can hang her picture - that is closer, it may be more effective.There is a way "by contradiction": hang on the wall the image of the American "human-hamburger".Contemplation of 150 kg fat and cellulite has a very sobering.
transition to a new style of eating and physical activity is very useful to record in writing.Thus you discipline yourself, because you will need every day to record their achievements and changes occurring with your body.Constant repetition of certain volitional action: counting and reduce calories, eat on the regime, walks and doing gymnastics - all these habits need to replace a lot of habits and uncontrolled eat, lie at the TV after a meal, to give up walking and gymnastics for the sake of rest, constantly somethingsomething to chew and bite.Visible on the paper weight reduction process will be to maintain the enthusiasm in you.The only thing you can hope in this difficult period of formation of new habits - it is self-control, that's why a blog.
greatest danger in the diet are "failures": you adhere to the principles of a reasonable diet, the exercises, and suddenly under the influence of a bad mood, boredom or stress one grocery breakdown dashed their achievements.So you not only undermines their self-confidence, but also violate the metabolism, already fragile after pregnancy.All these stories of her friends: "thin, and then returned kilograms and brought with them another five" - ​​are without explanation.Located in the state of stress the body (a restriction in food stressful for him), suddenly received an extra dose of calories, it starts to store them in the event of an unexpected death.And the worst part is that you will be ashamed of themselves and feel guilty.Therefore agree with you that you reduce your weight conscious, you know, what does it do, and is aware that a sharp change in their eating behavior will only harm your body.When he wants to eat poltortika dozen sandwiches with sausage or anything else such as "excellent", get a list of things that you switch (dancing, walking, mopping, compiling alphabetical catalog of books or music albums, and so on. D.), AndTake care of some business.Wait for a while, and a burning desire to "eat" will soon depart, and you save weight, metabolism and self-esteem.

principles of a balanced diet - there should be diverse, fully, on a regular basis, in the diet should be enough fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and not a lot of carbohydrates.But for women returning your weight after pregnancy, it should be clarified that the need to eat moderately.To do this, enter the portion of the limit for each meal (200 g at a time) and excluded from the diet products, artificially stimulating the appetite.Ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, spicy seasonings, marinades, meats - all of this makes you eat more than you need.
basic rule of the young mother, slimming, it is very simple: do not eat up the child!Unnoticed by itself podedennaya (well, do not throw out?) Porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and pasta for dinner will not contribute to the harmony of your figure.Remember, your body is not trash, you eat as much as your body enough, and no more.simple restriction portions most often and the elimination of "snacking" to help reduce the weight of the day.
most acceptable is considered a one-time four-mode power supply, with more or less uniform, small meals.
Power must be complete, that is, your diet should contain the necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and salts.Bioavailability power depends mainly on the content of dietary vitamins, enzymes, trace elements, and the balance of the essential components of all nutrients, particularly proteins and fats.
Food should act on the digestive system tonic and stimulating way.The products should be possible to keep the biologically active substances (vitamins, volatile, trace elements and so on.), For which it is recommended to give up frying and stewing.
Motor digestive function is stimulated in fiber and pectin from fruit and vegetables as well as milk products (yogurt, buttermilk, yogurt).Increased biological activity contributes to the power consumption of bread from wheat flour coarse varieties.It provides a full range of B vitamins
best sugar substitute - honey.If there is no honey, you can use dried fruit, but the dried fruit sold in stores (industrially processed), contains sulfur, have harmful effects on the body.Therefore, dried before use should be steamed in a colander for a couple.Furthermore, there is sugar in the fruit - it is called fructose.Fresh fruits are an excellent substitute for sugar.
With a balanced diet weight goes slowly, but as your eating habits are gradually changing, again the weight you are typing.Fasting on water or juices are not suitable for the female organism, not so long ago survived the stress of childbirth.Furthermore, starvation promotes reduction of muscle mass (and not fat) and weakening of the organism.Diets require restrictive products, which deprives the body of nutrients, much needed after birth.To be feared and avoided whenever possible diets, offering to compensate for the lack of nutrients in food substitutes, liquid protein and energy bars or recommended to introduce in your diet supplements, pills and other drugs that promise to burn fat.
consequences of ill-considered desire to lose weight will be dehydration, which weakens the body, accelerate the aging process of cells;Digestive Disorders: a constant low pressure, hormonal disorders;avitaminosis;disorders of the liver, intoxication, in extreme cases - cirrhosis, threatening to starve lovers.

Carbohydrates come in two forms - simple and complex.More than half the carbohydrates absorbed by the human body comes in in the form of simple sugars, that is simple refined carbohydrates (sugar, pasta, pastries).It is they who are responsible for a significant increase in weight.Eating a serving of foods rich in simple carbohydrates, you will feel a burst of energy, mood enhancement in the near future, however, this effect will last long, and you will again feel tired.This is because in the processing of carbohydrates in blood enters a lot of sugar, which gives a temporary stimulative effect.These sugary substances like honey, refined white sugar and fruit, are digested very quickly, not allowing the body to long-term energy supply.But when
sugar resulting from the decomposition of simple carbohydrates, starts output of the circulatory system, blood insulin content increases dramatically - substances counteracting increase in the amount of sugar and providing more rapid relief from it.The result is a reduction of sugar content, the amount of which falls even below normal.
there is a feeling of discomfort the body tries to compensate for a new portion of carbohydrates, relieving acute hunger.And so a vicious circle of carbohydrate addiction, escape from which is difficult.The consequence of carbohydrate food become overweight, metabolic disorders, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Complex carbohydrates contained in whole grains and vegetables are easier to digest, give more energy and after their decay is less waste.Digesting complex carbohydrates are degraded to glucose by the body for further processing into energy, carbon dioxide, leaving breathing, and water.Thus, after mastering complex carbohydrates leave no combustion products or toxins.
Therefore, if you want to get rid of excessive weight, make the appropriate changes to your diet.
Carbohydrates give the body energy and protein to help build new and update old cells of the muscles and tissues.Only when fed carbohydrates is not enough (for example, in the case of fasting), the body starts to break down proteins for energy.
Proteins - the natural high molecular weight organic compounds made of amino acids and form the structure of almost all living organisms.In order to maintain vital body requires 22 amino acids, known as essential amino acids, 8 of which can only be obtained from food.The rest of the amino acids the body develops independently of the various substances.Essential amino - acids which are not synthesized by human cells in the body and act as part of food proteins.The absence or deficiency of essential amino acids leads to growth stop, reduce body weight, metabolic disorders and can result in death of the organism.
The life processes of all organisms proteins have structural, regulatory, catalytic, safety, transport, energy and other functions.They are necessary to maintain the body's growth and repair processes.
During digestion the body breaks down proteins, to give him the necessary amino acids.They gather in the liver with those body synthesizes inside to create a protein needed by the body to restore old and new cells and tissues to maintain its growth and metabolic processes.
Most of the protein should come from whole grains, beans, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fish and fruit.Such protein sources such as red meat, poultry, milk, contain substances that contribute to the development of heart disease and disruption of other functions of the body, so their diet should be not more than a quarter of the total protein.
Fats - it is also an integral part of our body.From the chemical point of view - are organic compounds which are esters of glycerol and higher fatty acids, mainly palmitic, stearic (saturated acid) and oleic (an unsaturated acid).They are lighter than water and practically insoluble in it.Fats are included in the composition of cells involved in the maintenance of their normal life, are the major chemical compounds of adipose tissue.They contribute to the assimilation of protein and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E. Stimulate the separation of bile, the pancreas.They protect the internal organs from hypothermia and shock.Distinguish fat substitute that is deposited in special fat cells and used by the body as an energy material protoplasmic fat and structurally related proteins to carbohydrates and cell membranes.
Skinny people get fat more slowly than the total becomes quite's not scary.honey.Take 2 tbsp.