Lose Weight correctly

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Diets attract us at the subconscious level.In modern society, actively implanted accepted standard of beauty, measured in kilograms and centimeters.Almost none of losing weight is not as he wants to look in detail at the end of a difficult mission to lose weight, but everyone knows how much extra kilos he wants to lose.Compilers diets know this and are willing to inform us about how much excess weight after a diet gone.
In addition, a diet - it's quite a specific diet to a small amount of time, and "healthy diet" for many - often an analogue of a horrific eating plan consisting of vegetables half green, half of the non-fat yogurt.To develop a truly right diet for weight loss, you need to study a lot of material.Not everyone will find at this time and effort.
diet relieves a person from the problem of choice - here everything is thought out for him.Brain slimming and his exhausted body perceive dieting as a temporary measure.Therefore, "dietchitsy" with the experience eventually recover.In the short-term

measures have a significant disadvantage.After their completion, at a subconscious level, there is a desire to regain its former state, to "reward yourself" for self-denial and suffering for the diet.
It is important to remember that our food is not only to meet the body's needs for nutrients and energy.It has a number of so-called overvalued properties.Food protection against anxiety, helps to calm down, "treat" depression, saves us from boredom and loneliness.For many common meal is an important factor of communication.As to how a woman cooks well, many judge how well it is the hostess.
But food intake in excess of energy needs immediately generates extra kilos problem, and attempts to restrict food and lose weight immediately actualize the problems which people with this food is protected.And the vicious circle develops.
Because life is now uneasy at all times of unrest there in everyone's life, it may happen that Slimming mode, which is very comfortably tolerated by us in a calm state, with everyday troubles becomes unbearable.Final known - painful struggle with himself, a sharp decline in the quality of life and disruption.
And what do you do?
Firstly, it is necessary to calm down.Increased appetite during or after the alarm conditions is quite normal.
Second, do not despair, thinking that now we will never get rid of the extra kilos.There are many tricks to improve the controllability of food or reduce its zhirogennost.

Receiving first "Dietary»
Rule: You can not lose weight all the time, even if you really want this.
Our body can be compared to sailing vessel that floats it with a fair wind, it is forced to fight a counter.And if we are calm, balanced, good mood and active, it will be easy to lose weight.But if we are in the excitement?If family or production troubles?And most importantly, all this enhances the appetite?And any attempt to somehow restrict food causes irritation and makes the condition unbearable?Then we drop the sails and drop the anchor.In our case it does not transfer to food zhirogennoe.We try to eat plenty of lean protein foods - meat, fish, cheese.Get plenty of starchy foods - cereals and their products, pasta, potatoes.Fat is less, especially animal.It would be nice and feasible to limit the sugar.Eat more often.The internet and such rules as a slow food and a small snack before meals.Lose weight this food can be and do not allow, but will give a comforting effect, and weight gain is not.Receiving a second
Food is certainly comforting.We have every reason to believe domestic food antidepressant.By the way, it is not the most harmful.For example, it is much more harmful alcohol and nicotine.And if you look, the use of chemical anti-depressant and sedative drugs too unsafe.But in addition to the ability to calm food have such household effects, like a walk in the fresh air, nice bath or shower.As well as reading, good music, interesting films, and so on. D.
Receiving third "Therapeutic gymnastic»
antidepressant is the physical exercise of medium intensity.Optimal walking at a pace of 10 percent - 15 faster than usual.Within half an hour.From sensations only pleasant - feeling of warmth, raising the overall tone and mood.No shortness of breath and palpitations.Pulse 110 beats no more, and no more breathing 20 breaths per minute.Such classes are garmoniziruyusche on our entire metabolism and the entire body as a whole.They start the process of splitting fat and thus reduce appetite.They are optimal for weight loss.Admission
fourth "somnological»
Very often the cause of anxiety, unstable moods, psychological breakdowns is insufficient sleep.In this case, the only thing that can help us, this normalization of sleep.And we need to attend to, how to do it.But even if our troubles
directly from lack of sleep are not connected, improvement of sleep still go to us and our mood good.Moreover, as has been established, lack of sleep is directly related to the weight of the build-up and a good restful sleep - to reduce it.
Reception fifth "Pharmaceutical»
Avoid unless absolutely need not resort to the help of sedatives, hypnotics and anti-depressant agents.It is not safe.However, the soft soothing herbal - motherwort, hawthorn, valerian root extract, lemon balm, oregano.Some of them can be applied as a bath for infusions.
to solve psychological problems can be successfully applied methods are not directly related to psychology.And we should not neglect it.A lot of life's troubles stem precisely from the fact that we can not kindly take care of themselves, favorite.Humor is something bad, something good.Whenever a psychologist are.And very often the backdrop for a bad mood serve bad food and inactivity.Conversely, adequate nutrition and an active driving mode able to translate the mood from dull to an active and upbeat.
Reception sixth «psychological»
To implement this technique need help psychologist specialist.But there are some psihokorrektiruyuschih formula:
1. We live in a human society and can not live outside society.All that we need for life, we will, one way or another, we get from other people.It is vital to be able to get along with others.Learn it.
2. Very many psychological problems generated by human rejection of some aspect of reality.Remember that surrounds you can not change the reality, as you would not want that.But you can change your attitude towards it.And there will be peace.
3. It is a lot of excitement and anxiety in humans arise from the misguided expectations.Remember, no one is born into this world with a sole purpose: to justify your expectations.
4. Each person has only one life.You can not demand from others some special victims, because you will not be able to give them another life, no matter how hard you try.
5. If you think that your children something you are required to remember none of them asked you to make it to the light.
6. The same, if someone pushes the right to your life.You did not ask him to make you the light, and he does not have to have a spare life.
7. You are tormented by the loss of a loved one.But if your loved one somehow could see you now, perhaps, it would be nice to see you happy!
8. It is very painful and devastating to human is the feeling of guilt.Much more promising sense of responsibility for the error.The error can be detected and analyzed.Even if you can not fix your mistake, you gain experience, which will allow you to avoid similar situations in the future.
9. Positive emotions are only two - the interest and excitement.Even if there is nothing so very glad interests.Be interested in people around you, their circumstances, nature, events.Study the life, study people, study yourself.It is extremely useful and exciting activity.By the way, it is guaranteed to satisfy the interests emotion of joy!
10. Very often, trying to luckily we acquire apartments, cars, cottages and the like.We believe that together with the following acquisition and we will be happy.But instead we get deceived expectations, new challenges and a sense of envy of the neighbors, who it turns out to be greater than or less got it to them.Much more promising path to happiness through peace with themselves and with the people around you.
Serious error - neglect of physical exercise.Once again to walk to work - laziness, not to mention the regular fitness classes.Women's nature is such that the ladies quite easy to give up food than to start training seriously.
So why women opt for a diet?And because the diet with fitness transferred them much more difficult.The reason is simple - most diets formulated for sedentary office serving life.The majority of classes at the fitness club are very active.If you imagine that your diet is calculated on 1200 kcal (standard diet contains as much), and a one-hour training session, you will spend about 400 kcal (gde-to 30 percent of the daily ration), of course, you will begin to feel a great desire to eat, barelycontrolled mind.
acquaintances and the media have accustomed us to the idea that after exercise can not eat at least two hours - not otherwise get thin.What do we have then?The body, like a starving wolf pounces on the food, and you just can not eat a portion of their dietary food.Therefore, sooner or later, all these athletes traps dietary breakdown.
Many visitors of fitness clubs abandoning training, as a rule, because of the feeling of hunger, which is almost impossible to control, engaged in emergency mode.This diet is by reducing the amount of food gives you a quick and visible results for all.Therefore, adherence to the diet easier psychologically than a constant struggle against hunger after intensive training.
In addition, the diet easier to comply with the point of view of their traditional way of life.It requires almost no extra time, saves you money and allows you to keep a familiar and well-established way of life.At the same time, "diet without sport" as a long-term strategy did not work.Slimming, which constantly cut calories in food, begin to lose muscle tissue and, as a result, spend less calories.Because of this diet sooner or later gets into a deadlock.
If you combine fitness with a balanced diet, then, of course, lose weight more slowly.Effort, time and knowledge you will make much more.But, as practice shows, sit on diets and suffer from hunger, you no longer have to.Statistics show that among the people lost weight more than those who lost weight with the help of exercise and proper nutrition.So do not feel sorry for eight months on a complete change of life, so you will never sit on a low calorie diet.
In today's world of diet for weight loss - it is either strictly painted on the amount of food and the time of its use of diets or some subordinate common system principles.Although there are diets that can be called rather a hunger strike.In any case, the diet prescribed to abandon certain products or restrict their consumption.
Power, alas, holds our brains, sometimes we just think about what to eat.And imagine how many resources are available, if you stop to think about food.After all, in fact it is only a source of energy for life.In most cases, the cause of excess weight is in our mind and in my heart, but not in the absence of any there a secret ingredient for another trendy diet.
Perhaps, almost every one of us is living with the idea that beauty, health, success - is primarily a slim figure.This, by the way, enterprising people make huge money - the annual turnover of the food and diets only in our country is more than a trillion US dollars.It was beneficial to the food was addiction like alcohol or cigarettes.Advertising is not the most useful products promises heavenly pleasure from a piece of chocolate or a bag of chips.
All the girls who read glossy magazines and at least once in a lifetime experience watching a romantic comedy, believe that the best cure for depression - chocolate.And even better - a bucket of vanilla ice cream.Female "pischegolizm", as, indeed, and shopogolizm quite encouraged analogue male alcoholism.We are accustomed to "seize" stress at work, family quarrels, failure in love.Well, that would be one of the tiny chocolates?But if you calculate how much stress, how much will the chocolates?
Advertising forms have stable associative model: chocolate is associated with happiness and pleasure, chips and beer - with a cheerful company of youth, and a pack of dumplings and instant soup - with a strong family settled way of life.For that you first how to "sail" at the waist, and then began to urgently sweep to the supermarket shelves of diet products.
But here we often expect a trick.Buying on the word "diet", "calorie", "low fat", we do not give trouble to read on the label is not that part of the product, but even the amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates."Easy" can compare the number of calories in a regular cake and the so-called.The difference will be a maximum of 70 - 100 calories.A fat and carbohydrates will be different for 2 - 3 points.Eating 100 grams of an ordinary piece of cake, you get 28 to 32 grams of fat, and the "diet" - 24 - '26 It's almost daily rate of fat intake for a person seeking to lose weight."Do not get fooled" on the approval of the manufacturer of the "ease" products, read the composition, and the war on pounds will go much more successfully.
According to statistics, a woman sits on a diet 33 times in his entire life.Someone loses weight and just forget about it, because the weight is kept.And the majority is in the dietary captivity, often ineffective.
If you really want to lose weight if you do it for myself, not for the sake of the society and other conventions, it is enough to observe a few rules.

Rule one.
In no case do not need to eat when not hungry.No matter what has come lunch time, and they all sat down at the table.Also during the meal feeling of satiety, you should immediately stop and cease to absorb food.
second rule.
Our stomach is a muscular organ, and its dimensions in a normal state do not exceed the size of a man's fist, so scale it is highly undesirable.In addition, so-called "rule of the fist" perfectly corresponds with the calorie diet, but you need to try to use the normal food and do not stop at just one apple or yogurt.For example, for breakfast you can eat oats with raisins.In this case, the required portion should be about 150 - 200 grams If you adhere to this "fist rule" that the feeling of hunger can be forgotten easily, but it must be observed small condition - all consumed products should not necessarily be low-calorie.But the high-calorie, too, should be in moderation.
If we stick to this diet, the number of meals should be about 4 - 5 times a day.If you are supporter of three meals a day, you can eat 1.5 "fist".Most importantly, do not overeat.Time between meals should be an average of four hours, and before going to bed (3 hours) it is best to opt out of any food or drink.If you deal with an attack of hunger you can not, you can eat a small piece of fish and a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese, but in any case not seize hunger fruit or other carbohydrate foods.
Rule Three.
Sweets are a treat, not a meal, for that matter, and fatty meats or fish.All it is best to eat in the morning, and then limit yourself.Although, to be very precise, all the sweets that you eat in the morning, in fact, are a wild appetite stimulant.Blood sugar rises and the person begins to chase the feeling of hunger in a couple of hours after this lunch.If you have used buterbrodik fatty sausage or eat salted fish, then you will want to drink, drink at the same time you will be quite a lot, and as a result - swelling and other troubles.That's all.And that's why.Why?