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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

How to lose weight want to know everyone.There are simple partial diets that recommend the search engines on the request to the word "weight loss".For example, the apple diet. its principle as follows: in day need to drink 2 liters of apple juice, and you can have everything, and eliminate liquid, replace apple juice.The course last 10 days.It is advisable to drink fresh apple juice prepared at home, in the juicer and drink immediately, without refrigeration.
But there are also more complex diet, the principle of "work" which is described in detail and given "instructions for use".So, a diet of carbohydrate alternation rightfully occupies a leading position in the list of popular diets.Initially it spread among bodybuilders.This is due to the fact that due to the nutritious food system does not destroy the muscles, it gives a lot of strength and energy.Later nutritionists evaluated the results and adapted the alternation of carbohydrate diet for all dieters.
The basic idea of ​​the method consists

in the alternation of carbohydrate consumed.For example, you need to throw a certain number of kilos in two months.This part of you share in the four-day cycles.The first two days eat protein foods with a small amount of carbohydrates.Third day - high carbohydrate.The fourth - mixed, delivery of proteins and carbohydrates is approximately the same.
As your body behaves in those four days?The low-carb for two days, he is almost completely deplete glycogen stores.At the same time begins the expenditure of stored fat for energy coverage.By the end of the second day of low-carbohydrate glycogen is depleted, and the process of using fat as an energy source reaches the maximum.But continue this protein diet further - it is dangerous, because the body is due to carbohydrate depletion may fail and switch to emergency mode, saving the fat for a "rainy day", holding to cover energy costs less valuable from his point of view of substance, namely muscle cells.
order for the body to "calm", and need a high carbohydrate day.You dramatically increases the intake of carbohydrates, while keeping the old calorie.To achieve this effect, it is necessary to drastically reduce protein intake, and the amount of fat consumed minimized.Having a carbohydrate such therapy, the body is required to relax, thinking that "rainy day" it seemed to him, and will continue to use fat as energy reserves, while dumping the glycogen in the muscles and liver.It is impossible to replenish glycogen stores in one day, so the carbohydrates consumed in the 4 th day of the cycle, but more moderately.Then the cycle is repeated.
How does your body weight?For the first two days you can lose 0,5 - 1 kg, and even the third day, when you eat a lot of carbohydrates, weight loss continues.By the evening of the fourth - the fifth day morning, a large part of the lost weight back, but do not worry.The fact that those carbohydrates that you ate resulted in water retention in the body (1 g carbohydrate binds water 4 g), and again is not dialed grams fat, and water.By the sixth day morning (second day of the second microcycle) you will weigh as much as weighed prior to the carbohydrate saturation, because a sufficient amount of water is required for protein processing.

To lose weight, it is impossible for two days just to eat meat and cheese, and the third to overeat biscuits.In order to achieve the result you need to eat as much food as your body needs to maintain mental and physical tone.
• first and second (low-carb) days cycle protein 3 - 4 g per 1 kg body weight, carbohydrates: 1 - 1.5 g per kg body weight.
• third day (high carbohydrate), carbohydrate: 5 - 6 g per 1 kg of weight, to reduce the intake of protein to 1 - 1.5 g per kg body weight.
• fourth day (moderate), protein: 2 - 2.5 g per 1 kg body weight, carbohydrates: 2 - 3 g per kg body weight.
If your weight is 70 kg, during the protein days you should receive 210 grams of pure protein (70 kg multiplied by 3 grams) and 70 grams of net carbs.
In terms of reducing the amount of carbohydrates diet carbohydrate alternation softer other diets because protein diets restrict carbohydrate intake to just 40 grams (the Kremlin diet) or 20 g (the Atkins diet).In addition, carbohydrate intake will decline slowly and almost imperceptibly.After all, the less you weigh, the less carbohydrates you consume.For example, after two days of protein you lose 1 kg of weight, so the norm for high carbohydrate day with a 345 g net carbs (69 kg multiplied by 5 g).After a day
carbohydrate weight may slightly increase, so payment for moderate day will be as follows: 139 grams of protein (69.5 multiplied by 2), 139 g of carbohydrates (69.5 multiplied by 2).A further four-day cycle, you already start with the new numbers, because your weight will change.
To find out how many real and edible beef or pork contains 210 g net carbs, refer to the table below.
For example, how much you need to eat beef to get the necessary 210 g of protein: 100 grams of beef contains 18.9 grams of protein, we need to get 210 grams, so 210 multiplied by 100 and divided by 18.9, we obtain 1 kg 111 g beef.

- the diversity of the diet, there is no accustoming the body to one kind of "fuel";
- a sufficient amount of protein and carbohydrate foods, there is no hunger;
- due to the alternation of proteins and carbohydrates rather quickly "unwound" the metabolism;
- derived carbohydrates do not allow the body to use muscle as fuel.Metabolism is not "asleep" as is the case with low-calorie diet;
- ease of use, thanks to the short cycle it is easy to start and just as easy to get out of it.You can stick (given below) the main menu, and you can make your own;on any product packaging marked the approximate calculation of the basic substances per 100 g of the product.In addition, a diet of carbohydrate alternation easily be combined with a separate feed system.

Protein days (1 - 2 day cycle)
Breakfast: salad of non-starchy vegetables with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, 2 eggs or low-fat cottage cheese.
Lunch: chicken, beef or baked beans, steamed vegetables.
Dinner: salad of non-starchy vegetables with a teaspoon of vegetable oil, fish.

high carbohydrate day (3-day cycle)
Breakfast: oat porridge with raisins, whole grain bread.
Dinner: a plate of brown or regular rice, 1/2 chicken breast, salad with non-starchy vegetables.
Dinner: a portion of pasta from flour solids with low-fat sauce varieties.

Moderate Day (4-day cycle)
Breakfast: oat porridge with raisins, low-fat cottage cheese.
Lunch: a portion of rice, chicken breast, vegetable salad.
Dinner: wholemeal bread, vegetable salad with fish.

starchy vegetables - potatoes, beets, carrots, horseradish, parsley roots, pumpkin, zucchini, squash, cauliflower.
Green non-starchy vegetables - "tops" of all edible plants: parsley, dill, celery, lettuce, beets, "roots" of radish, wild "table" of grass, as well as cabbage, green, onion, garlic, cucumber, eggplant,bell peppers, green peas.

Salads Salad "Red»
Ingredients: 150 g of red cabbage, 2 tablespoons.spoons of ground walnut kernels, 1 hr. teaspoon ground coriander, 2 tbsp.olive oil, salt to taste.
red cabbage finely chop, season with salt and squeeze the juice.Mix the chopped walnuts and ground coriander, pour the hot olive oil.Let the mixture cool down and pour the cabbage.

Salad "Sea mushrooms»
Ingredients: 150 grams mushrooms, 150 grams of soaked cheese, 10 grams of dried seaweed, 1 boiled egg, black pepper, salt to taste.
Mushrooms Boil in salted water, cool and cut into small strips.Cheese cut into cubes, mix with mushrooms, sprinkle with chopped dried seaweed on top finely grate the boiled egg, salt and pepper.

eggplant salad with sumac
Ingredients: 1 eggplant, 1 tbsp.tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tbsp.tablespoon walnut oil, 1 sprig of ivy, 1 sprig of cilantro, salt and pepper to taste.
Aubergine bake in the oven until the skin does not burst.Cool, peel, cut into slices along the long, sprinkle with lemon juice, salt and pepper.Finely chop the coriander and sumac, sprinkle the eggplant, add a little walnut oil.

radish salad margellanskoy
Ingredients: 1 margellanskaya radish, 1 teaspoon wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, salt to taste...
Margellanskuyu radish wash, peel, chop round transparent slices, drizzle with wine vinegar, leave for 15 minutes.Season salad with salt and olive oil.

bean salad with mint
Ingredients: 150 grams of green beans, a bunch of peppermint, 50 g of natural yoghurt, salt to taste.
green beans simmered in water and cool, add chopped fresh peppermint leaves, season with low-fat yogurt, salt.

Ham stuffed Ingredients: 1 stalk of celery, 50 grams of ham.
ham cut into thin slices, each of them wrapped a piece of celery, stab edge roll wooden pin and bake in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes at medium heat.

Beef Ingredients: 300 grams of beef, 1 carrot, 2 parsley root, 2 tbsp.spoon of mustard, black pepper, salt to taste.
parsley root and carrots to clean, each root cut into 4 pieces.A large piece of lean beef lard roots along the fiber, meat, salt and pepper, coat with mustard and bake in the oven until cooked.The finished meat is cut across the grain, together with vegetables.Served hot or cold.

meat Ingredients: 200 g beef tenderloin, 200 g lamb tenderloin, pork tenderloin 200 g, 1 tbsp.spoon vegetable oil, salt, rosemary, saffron, white pepper to taste.
Take three sirloin, lay them on a baking sheet, greased, in the form of braided pigtails.Season with salt coarse salt, sprinkle with rosemary, saffron and white pepper - to put in a very hot oven, so had time to "grab" korochka- dopekat then simmered for at least 40 minutes.Cut into portions - across the grain, so that each piece included all three types of fillets.

Rabbit ham with apple and ginger
Ingredients: 4 rabbit ham, 4 red apples, 2 onions, 1 tbsp.grated ginger, 0.5 liters of ginger beer, 1 tbsp.spoon of mustard, 6 strips of bacon with ham, black pepper, salt to taste.
apples washed, cored and cut into slices.Onion peel and cut into cubes.Put all the layers in a bowl for fire, sprinkling each layer of ginger.Rabbit ham put on the vegetables.Mix the ginger beer with mustard, salt and pepper.Pour this mixture of ham and put them on strips of bacon.Close form a lid and simmer until tender.

Chicken breast with vegetables
Ingredients: 1 chicken breast, 1 tomato, 1 sweet pepper, 1 clove of garlic, parsley, 1 teaspoon vegetable oil, ground black pepper, salt to taste..
chicken breasts repulse, salt and pepper.Share on foil, put a circle of tomato, pepper rings, herbs and chopped garlic, pour the vegetable oil.Close the foil and bake in the oven for 30 minutes.

Chicken under
kefir sauce Ingredients: 1 chicken breast, 1/2 cup yogurt, 1 clove of garlic, parsley, salt to taste.
chicken breasts cook in salted water, remove the skin, cut into large slices.Garlic and parsley chop the blender, mix with yogurt.Pour this mixture warm pieces of chicken, cool and serve cold.

brains on toast
Ingredients: 50 g beef brains, 100 g of rye bread, 30 g of cheese.
Brains soak, remove them from the film, a little boil.Cut into thin slices and place on toasted rye bread from the dried.Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven until golden browned cheese crust.

veal chops in Provencal
Ingredients: 4 veal chops without fat, 2 onions, 3 cloves of garlic, a bunch of basil, a bunch of parsley, 3 tablespoons.tablespoons of tomato paste, 1/2 cup white wine, 1 tbsp.tablespoon goose fat, 1 tbsp.spoon of olive oil, a mixture of Provencal herbs, black pepper, salt to taste.
onion finely chop, fry in olive oil, at the end of cooking add the crushed garlic.Stir in tomato paste, slightly diluted white wine (the sauce should be thick).Season with salt and pepper and add fresh chopped basil.
Melt in a pan goose fat and fry it on medium heat sprinkled with Provencal herbs, salted and peppered chops.Put the chops in the dish.Pour into the pan after frying the remaining juice white wine and tomato sauce.All is well warmed up.Pour over chops sauce and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

Meat Rolls
with mushrooms Ingredients: 500 g fillet of beef tenderloin, cooked 70 g white mushrooms, 30 g of browned onions, 2 tbsp.spoon mustard, salt to taste.
sirloin clear from the film, cut across the grain into 3 pieces.Recapture pieces of meat as it should across the fibers on the one hand, salt.
Cook minced cooked mushrooms and sauté onions.Put the stuffing on the edge of each chop and firmly tighten.Coat each roll with mustard and bake in the oven for 30 - 40 minutes.

Pork in foil
Ingredients: pork cutlet 4 pieces 1 cm thick, 8 small potatoes, 2 tbsp.grated cheese, 2 cloves of garlic, black pepper and salt to taste.
Pork lard with garlic, pepper, salt.Peel the potatoes and cut into slices 1 cm thick. Each piece of meat put on a separate sheet of foil, to impose around the potato and wrap in foil.Bake in oven of pork 40 - 50 minutes at a temperature of 250 ° C.Then, lift the foil, sprinkle with grated cheese and bake for another 8 - 10 minutes, to the meat and potatoes covered with browned crust.

chopped pork with vegetables
Ingredients: 500g boneless pork, 2 onions, 1/4 head of cabbage, 1 bell pepper, 2 tomatoes, salt to taste.
Meat knife chop as finely as possible.Chop onion rings and pepper - julienne.Shred cabbage, tomatoes cut into slices.Prepared vegetables to add to the meat, pour hot salted water.Simmer, covered on low heat for 30 minutes.Then wrap the pot and infuse for half an hour.

Pork stew with vegetables
Ingredients: 500 g pork fillet, 6 potatoes, 200 g onions, 1 head of onions, 50 g cheese, 1 tbsp.spoon vegetable oil, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, salt to taste.
pork cut into pieces, for goulash.Potato and zucchini cut into cubes, onion - rings.The shape oiled potato laid layer, then a layer of zucchini, a layer of meat, it onion rings.Pour mayonnaise and sprinkle with grated cheese.Put the form in the preheated oven and cook stew 30 - 35 minutes at 200 ° C until golden brown.

Duck raft
Ingredients: 1 duck 200 g of stalks of celery, 200 g leeks 800 g apples.
At the bottom of the pan put a thick-walled stalks of celery and leeks.Pour the water so that it barely covered the vegetables.
treated gutted bird put in a pot of vegetables.Tightly cover the pan with a lid and put on a slow fire.Duck stew for 40 minutes.Duck get, drain the water, remove the vegetables.Vegetables lay on a baking sheet, put the duck.Around the duck expanded apples cored.Put the pan in the broiler.Bake until golden crispy skin.
Serve, garnishing baked apples and lingonberry jam (lingonberry or cranberry jam garnishes for meat is cooked with a reduced sugar content).

Chicken steamed
Ingredients: 1 chicken, 300 grams of apple cider, saffron, ground white pepper, salt to taste.
chicken carcass wash, dry with paper towel, rub with salt and white pepper and saffron.Chicken put in a pan, one-third filled with apple cider.Bake at a maximum temperature in an oven until complete evaporation of the cider.

in wine sauce Ingredients: 1 kg of beef tongue, 1 parsley root, 1 celery root, 1 onion, 2 tbsp.tablespoons sugar, 1 cup flour, 2 tbsp.tablespoons butter, 1 cup of white wine, 1 lemon, 3 tbsp.tablespoons of raisins, 15 almonds, salt to taste.
language put in a saucepan, cover with salted water and covered with a lid and cook over medium heat for 35 - 40 minutes.Language removed, save the broth.With a ready tongue to remove the skin and cut it into thin slices.Sugar dissolved in wine, add the butter, flour, and mix thoroughly to shift in shape.