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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Ksenia Borodina is known to us as the leading project Dom-2.Xenia is always on everyone's mind - constant shooting, photo sessions, social events, it is pushed Ksjushu strive for ideal beauty, not only externally but also internally.

And after Borodin became pregnant, she stopped to adhere strictly to the principles of proper nutrition.It's silly during pregnancy diet - it might just bring great harm to the child.Naturally, she gained a decent amount of weight loss, it is not nearly as upset, the main thing that her daughter "Maroussia", was born beautiful and healthy.After giving birth, Ksenia took strictly for himself.It certainly racked up the question of how to lose weight quickly?All are aware that all we are pursuing advertising on various preparations for weight loss and of course most of us have used them, and Borodin's no exception.She tried various pills, so they brought the result, but not for long.As soon all the weight, which she had lost back double.During the use of tablets at Susie began

the painful headaches, constantly sick, in general health plummeted down.And after all these negative and quite dangerous procedures Borodina decided that you need to bring yourself into shape by traditional methods (proper nutrition and physical activity).

Xenia, as well as every woman secretly or openly dreaming to lose weight in preparation for this event is faced with, alas, all of us, laziness, unwillingness something itself "deprive".By itself there are treacherous thought: "Do not, do not grow thin, and you're so beautiful!But what about our favorite steaks?You have so little joy in life, do you want to deprive us of the last?In the end, after two months of your birthday - you leave us without a sweet?Let's transfer the weight loss!Yes, you have time to prepare for beach season ... ".And so on and so forth.That only we ourselves do not say, just to get rid of the painful work on oneself.
World lazy people, there are various myths:

Myth number 1. I have no time to look after themselves
We currently invent "rules of young mothers like" you can not get a haircut or dye your hair, "when laziness prevents elementary freshen up.
Many have parents - grandparents, who may well sit with your child when you need a manicure.In the end, there are friends or neighbors.But it is impossible, totally impossible to go broody with peeled fingernails and without hair.
a last resort go to a beauty salon with a child.Young mom with a toddler served even better than usual.

Myth number 2. I feed her baby - I can not lose weight
in nursing mothers, as a rule, a strict diet.It does not eat anything harmful - red, sharp, sweet, Chinese cuisine, food from fast food.If all this is fair to exclude, cook their own vegetables and meat for a couple of cereals and milk, weight loss should occur naturally.But many can not.
Wanting to provide milk to her baby, the young mother welling plate for plate, although it is usually so much is not necessary.Excess calories are converted into fat that is deposited on the sides, and then lead the side in the former beautiful form is very difficult.
No need to go to extremes: not starve yourself and do not overeat.When losing weight will be fewer problems, and efforts will have to spend not too much.

Myth number 3. I can not lose weight - I suffered lately
should be noted that this kind of "encouraging food" allow not only those who really suffered - women who have had high risk pregnancies and difficult labor.Not pregnant and never giving birth person, prone to exaggerate their life challenges and problem-solving eating buns, very often resort to such logic.
you finished breastfeed.Now it's time to do them, get in shape, close to the ANC.But something stops.Furthermore.Once you have left the "official" reason to overeat "sake of the child", you start feeling sorry for myself, unfortunate: "I'm so limited themselves during pregnancy and lactation.And now the diet?Oh, no, come off at first, as it should, and then to lose weight and start. "
Exactly here is the point of no return in its former size.As soon as you pass it, yielding to the entreaties of their own, agreeing to "a little sorry for yourself, your favorite," you can say goodbye to your favorite dresses and donate them skinny girlfriends.
If it is difficult to gather strength, define for yourself weight loss motivation.Perhaps you will have their own - for example, to be the most beautiful mummy in the playground.
Many women during times of stress are closed from communication: lie on the couch watching TV and eating.Overlaid sandwiches and buns, a woman spends time watching favorite melodrama, zasmotrennoy up holes, seizes his misfortune, and she does not want to live.It's like increased appetite during PMS.
Life is constantly chewing, amorphous aunt - the worst thing that can happen: a woman loses herself, perhaps irretrievably.What do you do when in a stressful situation your hands and reach for the fridge?
not seize trouble - for sharing with family, friends.Rather than grieve alone, go to them.Just do not overdo it: you can complain only when really bad.It is not necessary to repeat every quarrel with her husband, scoring another man's head with their everyday problems.Knowing that friends provide the best therapy in times of stress, feel sorry for them and do not use vain.
psychologist - quite expensive, but you can sign up for at least two or three steps.Explain the situation to talk to, to get advice - and already it will be easier.
Another way to escape from stress - to change the image.Haircut for a new, change your hair color.
If the stress is not too deep, instead of extra dinner is better to go to the movies, to do relaxing mask, soak in the bath with salt.This will distract and help keep the shape.It is much more difficult for pregnant women.In contrast, non-pregnant, they can not go rollerblading or take a SPA-center, to soak in the Jacuzzi.Or even a cigarette in silence, enjoying a glass of wine or go to a rock concert.Features pregnant women is limited, so you have to come up with other methods of getting rid of stress.
Shopping - an excellent remedy for stress.Hiking in children's shops very calm pregnant women.

Myth number 4. I do not have time to move, and in general, I recently had a
Regardless of your social status mentally prepare: to lose weight, you have to force yourself to physical activities.To get started just try to move more.More to walk with their children, go on foot.
Even when you have the opportunity to rest, is still loaded himself with the affairs.The feeling when you can not spend a single day without doing anything - it is necessary to educate yourself.It is important to understand: to lie in bed all day ashamed.We must fight with them.Divide all of your business to the useful and the useless.Life and work, cultural activities, self-care and communication with the family - is the first of an important group.And the chatter with a neighbor, repeated views serials, endless solitaire on the computer - from the second.At the end of the day were counted, well, he went or pointless.

Lose Weight safely
So, you have collected will in a fist, evaluated all the pros and cons firmly decided to get acquainted with slender body, long hidden under a layer of fat.Before you choose an exercise program and diet, be sure to pay attention to their health.It will not be superfluous to deliver the most basic tests, talk with the local physician.
health data to help you better understand the peculiarities of his body and pick the best plan of action that will be successful.If you do not attend to their health at the start of a long journey, you can make a lot of mistakes.
Please do not rob yourself stepping through an important stage of gathering information on the state of the body.Note: The result depends on your determination to reveal their inner beauty!
First you need to define the goals of your marathon beauty: how much you want to reset, and for how long.Many girls give in general pohudatelnye hysteria and begin to drive kilos, which do not need to touch it.As a result of poor health, depression, low immunity, digestive problems, and even at all eating disorders - bulimia or anorexia.
only good health in the process of losing weight and stable, rather than quick results will lead you to your dream figure.Do not be lazy to get ready for an exciting journey to harmony!

Principle 1. Any number of revolutions
should not seek quick results.As practice shows, useful and resistant they are.Initially normal reset a kilogram a week later - a pound.
Under the categorical prohibition of starvation.The fact that it is a great stress to the organism.After a person stops to starve, the body is required to get and enumerates all, which was not previously received.You can not drastically change your diet, categorically ruled out, for example, fats or carbohydrates.
Such diets can greatly harm the body and cause an imbalance.It is robbing itself, because the body needs in proteins, and animal and vegetable fats, and carbohydrates, and fat, and vitamins.Eat a varied, consuming about 1500 calories a day, a maximum of 2000. If you stay within these limits, you can eat anything you like with 200 ml several times a day, ensuring good consistent results.
Fasting days (rice, buckwheat, kefir) also is used wisely by avoiding acute hunger.Here works generally the same glass - at once take no more than 200 ml of liquid or food.

principle number 2. Movement - life
order to feel healthy and strong person, you need to move.Walk in the fitness club or dancing.Habitual physical activity the body is not necessary to restrict the diet.All doctors agree that average load does not just need - they even show.
If you have a crazy schedule and find time to exercise is not possible, look for a load of everyday life.Every day we ride on the elevators where you can run up the stairs and stretch your legs;going by bus or car when you can walk.
Analyze your daily routine and select two or three trips, which can be replaced.Suppose that every day, but you can turn the planet with their feet, getting an extra load.In one of the weekend definitely plan to walk: it can be used also to distract yourself from thinking about food - home refrigerator beckons stronger.
Select the appropriate method of obtaining your exercise: fitness, dancing, pool, or walking.

Principle number 3. Learn to feel your body
Pay attention to the signals sent by the body, especially listen to his reactions.Several times a day, at least in the morning and evening, while lying in bed, look inward.Feel every cell of your body, pay attention to pain or stress on the heaviness in the stomach.This is valuable information that will help you to act properly in the future.
We force the body to work in full and do not always pay heed to its demands: pay no attention to the pain, dizziness, etc., telling myself that it was not before - we have to work, do business.
If you feel weakness and constant hunger, be sure to adjust your diet.On diet primarily reacts gastrointestinal tract, so can appear constipation or diarrhea.If this happens, correction need special diet, primarily adding a meal containing fat.

Principle number 4. Drink water
The human body consists of water by 60%, a baby of her nearly three-quarters.Millions of years ago, life began in the water, and now any living organism, whether plant or animal, is out of the water at least half.Compliance with the water balance allows us to maintain health and look radiantly.
During weight loss is very important to drink plenty of water, because it was she who helps rid the body of fat digestion products.If in real life you should drink about half a liter of water per day, with a diet no less than two.If lipolysis products will remain in the body, they can assimilate and after some time cause problems in the work of the internal organs.
sure to help the body get rid of unnecessary toxic substances, it is desirable to be like lymphatic drainage, manual or hardware.
help even the self-massage: fingers of two hands conducting legs with slight pressure to the popliteal fossa and podyagodichnuyu area.10 - 15 minutes of massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage is good.

Principle number 5. Tune in to positive
sure to believe that everything will turn out.If you are trying to confuse the slander about the diet so-called friends, politely suppress these conversations.The phrase "I'm not ready to discuss with you on this subject," gently put into place human, pries into other people's business.
Many girls helps positive thinking: they dream of outfits that will wear when postroyneyut, draw yourself a carved figure, surrounded by fans, make collages from magazine photos on relevant topics.Such programming your mind can greatly help, especially those who doubt the result.Be sure to tune in to positive!
But do not overdo it!Some girls give light weight refrigerator notes, "Do not Eat, you're fat!", "Do not even come near me," and the like.Such phrases do not show deep love for yourself.And with her harmonious life is simply impossible.If you so desire once again to remind yourself and household members of the diet, it is better to write on the refrigerator something like "Storage delicious and healthy food" or "too thin for the next portion of here!»

In order to lose weight sensibly, you need at leastapproximately represent the digestive tract.First, the food enters the mouth.There is moistened with saliva and the teeth are ground.It is important to chew everything you eat, swallow large chunks undesirable.The better the food is crushed, the faster it goes further processes the processing of her gastric juice.Accordingly, on the agenda there is a question of dental health - if it hurts to chew, if some teeth are missing, it will be harder to lose weight.
Another important nuance proper nutrition is associated with enjoyment of food.Remember the nursery proverb "When I eat, I am deaf and dumb"?Now the folk wisdom is confirmed by scientific research.The less you are distracted during a meal, the more focus on its taste, on a thorough chewing, and therefore, the greater the load.Let us act effectively, because the modern woman and the force needed for the family, for work and for leisure.
After chewing food quickly finds himself in the stomach - is a matter of a few minutes.After some time after the stomach is full, the cerebral center of saturation corresponding signal arrives.Given this small delay in time to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.The stomach is filled and its receptors send a signal into the saturation area.
If you're at the wrong time feel acute hunger, which can not satisfy the right food, it is best to drink a glass of water.
bowel length about 25 meters, so the food there traveling about six to eight hours.In the duodenum open ducts of the pancreas, which releases enzymes that break down fats and carbohydrates.
good peristalsis, ie a reduction of the digestive tract wall, is largely dependent on the food we eat.If the body is not fed enough fiber in the intestine folds are pieces of food that are degraded and highly injurious to health.So if you do not want to fill the body with toxins, eat vegetables and grains, and at the same time thoroughly chew.In the intestine the food enters the semi-liquid state and at a sufficient grinding in the mouth will be well digested.
have fiber also has the property to absorb toxins it collects little and removing them from the body.So our body tissue strongly needed!Its sources are whole grain bread, fresh vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, but in starchy vegetables it smaller.Plus fiber in the fact that it practically does not bear the body of calories.By the way, whatever is written on the packaging manufacturers of Loaves, this product, in addition to fiber, contains a significant amount of carbohydrate.Day 2.3 day.5 day.