Proper nutrition for weight loss

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Being healthy is not easy.Too many temptations in our path.And above all - food, fatty, sweet, in an excess amount.And eat, eat to the limit, oblivious to the fact that of the many risk factors (physical inactivity, high blood pressure, internal and external intoxication, stress, smoking, alcohol, etc.) Is incorrect, excess food the most detrimental effect on health is simply due to its regular, daily use.
Today the problem of power supply for the majority of the population is very painful.It is therefore particularly important to know what food, drink, in which compounds are useful and can save the health, and in which can lead to disease.
body of each of us is a unique individual, and it should certainly study and research, relying on their own intuition and accumulating knowledge, information.
If your body is healthy and feel great - eat all you like that brings a sense of vitality, improves mood, despite the recommendations of the authorities and experts.This postulate two aspects incorporated.Firstl

y, to have everything you want, you have to be healthy, ie,at least do not have chronic diseases.Secondly, you need to learn how to select foods so at any given moment, that after she had no discomfort, much less burping or heartburn.If you recall the pyramid structure of man, then, apparently, it will be a person with a harmonious development of all the structures, which is a distinct link between the desires ( "I want to eat it") and their consequences for the organism ( "and I will be just fine to feel").
If a person became ill, how to help themselves?From 60 to 80% of all ailments, painful manifestations, injuries do not require medical intervention.They either go away or are cured with home remedies and natural way of exposure.It is normal for people of the civilized, who consciously approach the issue of health.Therefore, practically healthy persons, iethose who have a number of chronic diseases, not limiting their performance, offer first conduct a self-diagnosis of their health status, and then start the power correction.
Overeating is harmful to health - this belief has existed since the time of Hippocrates to the present day.But what "a lot" and what is "enough"?Experts recommend a balanced diet theory to determine the right amount of food in calories (kilojoules), depending on the energy of the body.For example, 1 kcal / hr per 1 kg of body mass, i.e.70 kg person must 1700 kcal per day.Moreover, body weight should be taken ideal, not actual.
adequate nutrition experts recommend that theory does not count calories, and administered in the diet 60 - 70% of plant foods that can be eaten without restriction, with 40% of its consumed boiled, and the rest - in the cheese.
Today, science has made a number of discoveries concerning the proper nutrition for weight loss .
1. satiety and calorie product, this is not the same thing.Often, high-calorie product is not very, very satisfying.And vice versa - a very nourishing food can build up from not very high-calorie foods.The simplest example of a decent loaf of bread and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.Calorie is the same, and satiety in bread significantly higher.
And if so, it means that we can build a feeding program, which not only help to reduce weight, but also make the most of it carefully and physiological have a host of other advantages - revitalizes, rejuvenates, increase efficiency, quality and duration of life.
2. The notion zhirogennosti power.A circle nezhirogennyh products that people can use in any amount without risking better.These include lean meat, fish, low-fat milk and milk products, cheese, bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes, vegetables, almost all fruits and berries.And under certain conditions - and even sugar products.That is, all those products, which many of us are afraid of how the fire.Nevertheless, it is.Complex carbohydrates are basically nezhirogenny.
3. Defined diets place among other pohudatelnyh effort.In no event should not be reduced only to all activities to comply with the diet.Often half-starved power body responsible does not flow reserves and reduction of energy consumption.It is much preferable to somehow stimulate lipolysis.Then we'll load up small and thus lose weight.In terms of such stimulants are very effective restful sleep, positive attitude, good muscle tone and confidence in success.
4. Formed opinion that too strict diets and exhausting exercise not only do not contribute to weight loss, but, on the contrary, are exactly the opposite, that is, to weight gain.And so you should abandon them.
5. Began to appear humanistic concept of weight loss - programs take full account of human nature.Spending some time to their development in the future, you can lose weight without experiencing suffering and support the result as long as you want.
In fact, all traditional pohudatelnye tactics - throwing it from one extreme to another.That we the last effort to keep half-starved diet, the pluck and eat a lot, greedy and get fat.This tradition can successfully oppose the tactics of the golden mean.In its simplest form, this alternation of two modes - one everyday, does not involve any effort, but preventing weight gain, and the other, providing a smooth weight loss, but it is tolerable.This mode we observe from time to time, when we have the spirit and the desire to lose the next 5 - 6 kilos.
traditional tactics drove all pohudatelnye efforts to something one either to the seat on the semi-starvation diet or to a grueling workout, or the installation of psychotherapy.In recent years, increasing attention receives the so-called integrated approach - intelligently-structured diet, physical activity, stimulating the breakdown of fat, a positive psycho-emotional attitude and state involvement.Three pillars, three components influence - nutrition, movement, psychology.If all to choose the right (optimal), these components begin to reinforce each other, and the weight loss is transformed into a pleasant and exciting experience.

Please observe the correct diet, ie. E. The multiplicity and meal times during the day.
Diet - this is from what is usually dismiss as from something small.And for good reason.Because this is where lies one of the main ways to lose weight.
Traditionally, and even from a scientific point of view, it is considered appropriate to 3 - 4 meals per day.If you are doing more or less intense intellectual work, you should know that after a hearty breakfast insufficiently perfused brain tissue, resulting in a total lethargy, sleepiness, reduced productivity of mental work.Therefore, breakfast and lunch it is advisable to do 5 - 20% of the total volume of food, and lunch and dinner 30 - 35%.At three meals a day for dinner all fall 60%.It is only necessary to remember that the dinner is not desirable to do after seven o'clock in the evening.
If the intervals between meals taking up more than 7 hours, the appetite peaks that affect then the amount of food absorbed.By the way, is not identical concepts: the appetite and hunger.Hunger - is when the digestive organs are ready to receive food.Appetite - this artificial famine, which occurs irrespective of the amount of food in the digestive system, as a reaction in response to various stimuli: sight, smell, taste, and memories of the food, etc.There is a good rule of Oriental Medicine: only when there is a famine.If it is not in the morning, then breakfast is not needed.
If you want to eat a specific food, hunger and even not - try to take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds (up to 60 seconds).Repeat a few times - and your desire will disappear.The reason is very simple: holding your breath leads to the accumulation of energy in the body, and therefore eliminates the need to enter it with food.
human body - is not just a furnace in which no podbros how much fuel, so calories and burn.When there is insufficient or too rare admission of calories the body adapts to the external environment, and there is what is called a slowing metabolism.When the body can slow metabolism of the same amount of food received to get more energy.
As it happens, you can look at one example.
group of students of medical institute has decided to conduct an experiment.Students volunteer armed with scales for weighing products and tables to calculate the calorie content in various products.Part volunteers was fed twice a day, and the other - ate exactly the same foods, but in four stages.The experiment lasted for four months.
By the end of this period, the first group of students has added considerably to the weight (increased by 5 kg on average, their weight).While the weight of a group of students, feeds four times a day, remained unchanged.
Both groups of students ate 2 500 calories a day, but those who ate less often assimilated to 333 kcal more.The metabolism slowed by 13%.These students need to become 13% less food to get the required amount of nutrients.But they continued to consume a normal amount of calories, so 13% of the delivered food was delayed in fat.
spasmodic food leads to obesity!It is tested on a set of people;it is confirmed experiments on dogs gain weight during a rare food, doctors say about it.
To lose weight, you need to speed up the metabolism and move to split meals.Fractional
food - this food in small doses, but many times a day - usually 4 - 6.
Fractional power - it is the physiological form of power.It is peculiar to man since ancient times, when food is taken casually.Peers, if large enough, it is very rare and always accompanied by ritual dances, fights, games, other active operations.And today we transform every meal into a real feast.Pier three times a day!That is why the digestive system first fails.
For thousands of years of evolution the human body has adapted to split meals.It is powered recommend doctors in almost all diseases of the stomach, intestines and other internal organs.
If you eat three meals a day, as it is now, and accepted, thus already put yourself at risk for obesity.If you eat one or two meals a day and think that you will bring benefits to the body (because few eat), very seriously wrong.This will provoke overeating.
Fractional power speeds up metabolism and removes the shock admission in blood glucose, and thus - rescues from obesity.
question arises: how to break the diet during the day?
most physiologic be approximately equal meals.If we talk about weight loss (and weight loss is inevitable due to the reduction in calorie diet up to 1000 kcal per day), then a normal diet may be five meals of 200 calories each.
Any statements that it is necessary to "eat breakfast myself, dinner to share with a friend, dinner give the enemy", "in a hot climate hearty meal before going to bed the most rational," "Lunch should eat half of the daily diet", it is recognized to be erroneous.They interfere with human physiology simply because it is always the same liver functions and excessive intake of glucose (90 g per meal) will inevitably lead to its deposition in the form of fat.
scientific approach to weight loss is to reduce daily caloric intake to 1 OOO kcal per day subject to a five- or six-time power, to limit the consumption of animal fat and decreasing glucose admission to 90 grams per meal.
better tolerated power modes permitted dinner than the modes in which a rule is implemented the notorious "Do not eat after 6 pm."

milieu intérieur depends on the acid-alkaline balance.Food changes this balance, depending on composition.For example, vegetables, fruits (with few exceptions) give an alkaline reaction.Meat, cheese, eggs, increase the acidity of the body.More useful is an alkaline reaction to him.It is therefore starchy products (cereals, potato, bread, and so on.), Which require an alkaline environment for processing, it is necessary to chew long that they were processed in the mouth under the influence of a saliva enzyme, which is alkaline.Protein foods for their processing requires an acidic environment, which is formed with the help of gastric juice.Therefore, it is not necessary so long kept in the mouth.Yet she must be sufficiently rubbed his teeth, to avoid excessive formation of gas, nausea, regurgitation, heartburn.

turns out that we eat is absolutely wrong, has caused great harm to the gastrointestinal tract and contribute to its disease.
first.Do not eat if you do not want.The body has to "earn" a meal.In the old days none of the people had no tradition of eating in the morning.It's not the plants "is - is not", and in the body's needs.I would like to have - the feeling of hunger dictates the need for the adoption of food.There is no such feeling - breakfast is not necessary, especially if there is intellectual work that awaits you.
second.Food should not be taken when a bad mood, after cooling or overheating, but especially during the acute illness.First, you need to calm down, relax, and then sit down at the table.Do not talk while eating, to solve the case, read, watch TV.In the old days was a good custom: before eating people read the prayer with gratitude to God, thus tuning the importance of taking food.
Bulgarian healer and philosopher A. Ayvanhanov drew attention to another aspect of eating.If the food is done in silence - is "food" the etheric body.The only way to "feed" the astral body - to cook and eat in an atmosphere of joy and love, and then these feelings remain with the people for a long time.If the table was dominated by feelings of others - irritation, anger, displeasure, etc.- In the afternoon they will not soon go away from you.
huge drawback is the rush of our lives.You can not hurry up and swallow food without chewing, in this case excluded the first stage of digestion - food processing enzymes saliva.There are recommendations yogis - chew the food up to 30 - 60 times or more, and then we can get enough 8 spoonfuls of rice.Swallowing food, people have to eat a much greater volume of food until it is satiety.
Another important argument in favor of a long mastication: through teeth held many acupuncture channels, including gallbladder channel and prolonged chewing is intensification of the work of the gallbladder, for processing heavy, fatty foods.
not spare time for the table, do not forget about the musical accompaniment - and let your meal becomes a ritual - a source of positive emotions, and not the place to clarify the relationship.

healers of antiquity understood well that "the disease come to man through the mouth" and to get rid of them, it is necessary to use food "as a remedy."Doctor reformer medicine P. Bragg notes that 99% of the disease occur because of malnutrition.Instead of getting rid of the disease by removing from the diet of junk food, a person swallows handfuls of drugs, poisoning themselves. "
Hippocrates believed that disease are caused by incorrect mixing of "juice", which is one of the reasons is improper diet.He argued that an unhealthy diet, giving rise to physical ailments, also leads to the following neuropsychiatric disorders:
a) reduction in the productivity of mental work;
b) increase irritability and fatigue;
c) insomnia or conversely, pathological sleepiness.
Thus, nerve disorders are often one of the first signs of malnutrition.
Hippocrates usually began treatment as follows: first exposes the patient fasting, enemas and herbal then cleared his intestines.After that the patient had to eat only whole grain, fresh vegetables and fruits.Food of animal origin or banned entirely, or they are used in very small quantities.
Along with medical nutritional importance was attached to physical activity.Those patients who were encouraged to move a lot, received a large amount of food.Those who are restricted in food, respectively, less moving and more relaxed.And no more.It does not happen.And further.Why is that?l.l.