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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Diet "Minus 60" is already 3 years old, and every year the number of women lost weight on this system is growing.Author Catherine Mirimanova diet lost weight by 60 kg, while applying no unnatural ways.
This diet is different from the others.It offers to eat and rebuild your life in a new way, discard all doubt and consistently achieve goals.
The first thing to do - set a goal to lose weight.Without any excuses you have to go strictly to the target.The main thing - to believe in themselves and their capabilities, to eliminate the prefix "non" from his speech (it does not, can not) and to allow the new thread to enter into your life.You need to align your inner beauty on the outside.Slimming need to first of all to you - it's your body and health.
Each person has his biorhythm.Someone enough 6:00 sleep to feel fine, but someone a little and 12. One may eat a plate of vegetables, while others will not feel the saturation, while not eat a huge piece of meat, that is all relative.In addition, people are mov

ing in different ways, and even if you are a professional athlete, the more likely you burn different number of calories, depending on how extensively and in what mood do, how many hours of sleep, and so on.What can we say about ordinary people over the physical activity that do not have strict control.Therefore, to claim that someone should eat 2000 calories, and someone - 3000 - not quite right.The system "Minus 60," there is virtually no recommendations on the size of the portions and do not need to engage in endless counting tables.
in the world, there are many diets on anything not based only!And they imply limitations.Even if you did have cosmetic surgery, you will be offered to eat less, the weight did not return back.And here lies the root of all evil.It is very difficult, after graduating from the diet (and the stricter the diet, the more difficult), not dial back dumped kgs.Forbidden fruit is sweet, and after much "samougovorov" especially want is that all this time was not.This diet maximum extent possible, simplified.
But that would be to lose weight on this diet, you need to make it a way of life, you have to more or less stick to it for life.
system "Minus 60" focuses on your personality.It has long been observed that our appetite and our gastronomic desires are natural and interconnected with a variety of factors.In particular, with the menstrual cycle.If there is a great desire in your body something to eat - why would he deny this.When you long to limit yourself to a certain product, it is fraught with the fact that, firstly, you are depriving yourself of certain vitamins and trace elements, and secondly, to stifle the desire to eat forbidden foods, you begin to have something else insteadin much larger quantities than they should, and even than you want it.
The first rule - you need to learn to listen to your body.Try to remember or write down what time of the month you no longer want to vegetables, meat, sweet.Celebrate the days of the most severe recessions, when the appetite became almost uncontrollable.Listen carefully to your body and inner voice.All we really know is much better than the doctors they need and what is not for our health and pleasure, learn to monitor their own needs sufficiently.
second rule - gradually rebuilds its food habits and step by step towards a new way of life.
Our body - a very complex machine, and at certain times it may not be enough, for example, calcium or iron, or something else.When you learn to normal, balanced eating, like eating only sweet day and night by itself disappears.
However, only listening to the needs of your body, you are unlikely to lose weight.Most likely, at the initial stage, you'll realize that do not want to have milk chocolate, but nothing you can not help it.Why is this happening and how can that be?
course, inherited a metabolism faster or slower, so the food is digested or better or worse, it is not so important.The main thing we are adopting dietary habits of their parents.If our relatives tended to have irregular food (fat, a lot of starchy foods and sweets), then you most likely will form the same habit.But this is no excuse for being fat.If any ingrained habit, make it "out" is very difficult.Especially when it goes into the origins of childhood.
Then how can that be?Listen to yourself, try step by step to introduce something positive, healthy in your diet.For example, on Monday not to eat a box of chocolates with tea and three candy.If you decide to allow yourself to relax, eat chocolate, even completely!But in the morning, instead of breakfast.If you have something you really want, you will sooner or later will not be able to hold back.The human body can not be controlled 24 hours a day, he begins to falter, and if you're a week, month, year, do not eat any product ever you want it anyway.Therefore, if you start in the evening too strong desire to swallow something, just say to yourself, "Now I will not have, but be sure to eat tomorrow."All!Very simple, but very effective.The next day, if you will still have the desire to eat it, please, but only in the morning.It is advisable to spend a day reinforced gym set, or swimming, or just walk a little more, then you really will not be torturing remorse.You will not feel deprived.
gradually instead of candy accustom themselves to the dried fruit - prunes, dried apricots, figs - excellent substitutes.Milk chocolate to replace the dark chocolate that contains less sugar and other anybody is not really the right supplements.Accordingly, it has less calories and more nutrients.The next week, following the same principle of "step by step", you first take away the choice of either oil to the soup buns or instead of white bread smear butter rye cracker.You should not completely exclude something.You do not need to do more, if you can not live without something, why deprive yourself prejudice and pleasant?Just look for a close substitute for the taste, or eat your favorite harmful product, but in the morning and in smaller quantities than usual.
is also necessary to reduce the size of servings eaten.Remove the large plates away.Make it a rule to eat from the deep vessel, only if listed soup (although by and large it can be there from pialok) menu.Your drying dish or in a locker where you keep it, must remain only a small dessert plates.But do not forget that it is not necessary to make such changes dramatically.Gradually decrease the portion that you eat, but let the old plate sizes will be in the first week.When the amount of food will start to fit in a dessert plate, remove large food as far as possible, and do not remove them unless absolutely necessary.A month later, you will not be able to imagine that once could eat so much at one sitting.
third rule - there can be everything, but no later than "6 pm".This is a fairly conventional concept.The later you eat the last time, the less noticeable effect.Accordingly, if you eat at 9, the result will most likely not be at all.First, it is always difficult.You will feel (it seemed!), That you are hungry.Why do women get better more often?They eat too much and absolutely not eat, as a rule - it is the main reason.
not start not "after the 6" one day, rebuild for at least a week.If you ate before, for example, at 9 pm, from today, you may well be able to survive without eating after 8 hours.A few days later, move the last meal still an hour early and so up to 5 - 6 hours.
As the experience of women, it becomes especially important after 30 years, when each piece, eaten at night, has been postponed at the waist."Do not eat after 6" - it means not to consume any food, even the liquid.Yogurt, juice, sweet tea, fruit - is also a meal.Nothing at all, only water, herbal or green tea without sugar and milk, coffee (if you can not drink sweetened drinks are not the above, then there is only water).Only if you learn how to keep themselves under relative control, you will lose weight.It is relative, not complete.Excessive stiffness and sharpness entail setbacks and failures.But if there can be everything, how to learn to control themselves?A: strictly abide by the time frame.Let this be more than a convention, but break the rules can not be established once.
Within a month, you get used to the fact that stop any food intake after 6 pm.You will have a difficult evening, you may even begin to experience discomfort or pain in the stomach, if you try to throw the system and begin to close for dinner at night.You will love it initially uneasy feeling of lightness in the stomach and the whole body.
fourth rule - all harmful products only up to 12 hours of the day.This means that up to 12, you can have everything and do not think about the quantity and quality of food, even a cake, if you will fit in.Spread the loaf with a thick layer of oil, pour it jam - and forward to losing weight.But after 12 you as if by magic, forget about permissiveness and return to a normal lifestyle.
Products permitted to use up to 12 hours of the day:
- any baked goods, sweet and not very good, cookies, pastries and cakes with cream or without it, even ordinary white bread.Forget about them after 12. Until that time, you can eat at least a kilo, if you feel that you want it.
- food cooked in a large amount of fat and saturated fats are directly themselves: butter, fried potatoes, eggs, cream, lard, sweet cream, sour cream, mayonnaise and other products of this kind.
- ketchup and any other ready-made sauces, smoked sausage and other smoked products, chocolate (whether bitter or milk), marshmallows, jellies, candies, jams (regardless of whether they contain sugar or fructose sweetener) and other sweets.
- bananas (because of their high caloric content and a few slow digestibility), canned fruits and vegetables, berries, most dried fruit (except prunes), melons, any nuts, seeds.
- beans and mushrooms are quite severe and long-digestible food, while they are allowed either boiled, baked or raw.
- sugar.Neutral sugars should be replaced with fructose or brown sugar, after 12 hours of the day.In the first half you can have a sweet tooth, regardless of what kind of sweetener included in the product.Any artificial sweeteners are considered harmful if eaten regularly.It is better to reduce your sugar intake to a minimum, rather than throw in the tea or food tablets of unknown content.
At first it will seem quite difficult to comply with points system, but after some time everything will change.To facilitate the task, you can use any psychological exercises.In the morning, imagine like Cinderella at the ball, which you can have everything, without looking at any of the rules.But as soon as the clock strikes 12 (in this case, the day rather than the night), you will once again return to the ordinary way of life, which, alas, still need to follow a certain logic.
Another trick during recessions, increasing appetite and attacks of laziness, it is "self-hypnosis".The power of suggestion is very high, often we underestimate it.The next time you want to have fatally after 6pm, say to yourself: "Yes, I'll feel a strong sense of hunger, but it testifies to the fact that I'm losing weight."You can not imagine how heavily influenced by the wording on our brains, provided its regular repetition.
next important question - the use of liquid."Drink plenty of water" - this postulate actively promoting most diets.All vied with each repeat, that it is necessary.If you like to drink a lot of water - please.But if you force yourself out of anything good will come.When something does not work, in particular - to drink a lot of water, so it you do not need.If you are for a long time to force yourself to do something, your body will sooner or later rebel, and no one knows how it will manifest.
Rules receiving water:
- every time you want to drink Quench your thirst with just plain water (carbonated or drinking), but not sweet soda or juice;
- water is essential for our body, but try not to drink too much at night, so as not to burden the kidneys extra work before going to bed;
- during the day drink at least two to three glasses of water, optionally in one gulp, simply place the container with the liquid in the workplace or anywhere in the area of ​​accessibility;
- if you feel that using these rules have started to use more water than usual, and you want to drink more, continue to increase the number as long until you realize that the drink is enough, that is not thirsty;
- if you notice the appearance of edema - reduce the amount of fluid consumed.
Drinking tea and coffee are allowed in this diet.If you like coffee or tea, it can not be ruled out.This will only exacerbate the psychological discomfort that feels any person losing weight.Therefore, the only question here is that of coffee (tea) to drink.It is best not to drink instant coffee and ground, and the maximum limit sugar intake.Learn to be limited to one spoon of sugar on the largest cup of tea or coffee, and you do not cause your weight and body harm.However, you have to forget about the invigorating drink in the afternoon, if you do not like their taste without milk.That is up to 12, you can add them anything you want, even the ice cream, but after the stipulated time - only tea or coffee "without anything" with a minimum of sugar.
Starting from the date of application of the diet must go on red wine and drink at all celebrations and parties only him.In a dry wine less sugar, and in taste, it is considered to be superior to all other types.In the extreme case, you can afford a few cocktails on the basis of strong unsweetened drinks (gin, whiskey, etc.) with the addition of sugar-free drinks (tonic type) or, if they, too, will not - freshly squeezed citrus juice.

first meal must be in the morning!When you eat breakfast, you "run" the metabolism, that is, before you will eat for the first time, your internal organs will be half asleep.
You can have everything, not counting calories and without thinking how bad the product is.But this does not mean that you always have breakfast tightly.It is better to eat something light, especially right after waking up you have no appetite (for example, rye cracker with a slice of cheese, and coffee / tea), and then close to 12 hours of the day to arrange a second meal, when you eat whatever you want.
If you really follow the system, while problems with a hearty breakfast should not occur.As a rule, it is difficult for people who firmly dinner.If you are eating is not particularly satisfying last time at 6 pm, most likely in the morning you wake up hungry.
Do not forget to buy the "bad foods" such as cakes and chocolate in the evening.Then in the morning you do not have to go to the store to eat something.In addition to making life easier, it creates additional conditions for the development of willpower ( "I will not have it now, think about it tomorrow").
Day meal should be a mandatory program, as well as breakfast.These are the two main saturating meal.
first lunch at 12 - 13 hours.Second - in the region of 3 - 4 pm.Soups are recommended to use up to 3 - 4 times a week, to give preference to soups, not done on a meat broth.Any raw, boiled, steamed or roasted vegetables, including potatoes (but not in any way fried in butter or vegetable oil), meat (including cooked sausage and sausages), fish, poultry, cooked in the same ways.Bread of the day you can eat only rye, and it is better to replace it with diet crackers.As a dessert - fruits that belong to the group of "approved after 12".Optional wash down all that water or coffee / tea, quite welcome glass of fresh juice.Sushi.Combinations of buckwheat / rice plus meat / fish dish.
Do not eat canned foods such as peas, aubergine caviar and another as an excess amount of salt, sugar and preservatives you absolutely nowhere.Allowed frozen mixtures, they can save time and contain a lot of nutrients, which is particularly important in winter and spring seasons.
salt in reasonable quantities needed can be partially replaced by soy sauce.Strain.