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Proper nutrition - is a science, which develops through the millennia.The deaf 50 - 70 years of this century were Russian scientists, who in spite of the requirements of official medicine "dared" to make important discoveries in the field of nutrition.This, above all, the work of Academician AM SchoolUgolev.Widely known work of American, Canadian, British, German and Australian dietitians naturalists - G. Shelton, P. Bregph, N. Walker, K. Jeffrey, A. Chase, X. The Benjamin A. Heun, R. Jackson and many otherswhich filled the gap in domestic nutrition.
So far, we have been known two power theory.
first emerged in the era of Aristotle (384 - 322 BC) and lasted until the time of Galen (circa 150 -. Ca. 200 BC.).Second, classical - it covers the period from the birth of modern science to date.Who is replaced by the third, the emerging theory of adequate nutrition, which has a powerful influence on the development of science.
According to the first theory, it was believed that the power to all structures of

the body is due to the blood, which is continuously formed in the digestive tract of nutrients and is the result of a complex process of unknown origin.
classical theory emerges as the theory of a balanced diet.The basis of a healthy lifestyle is a balanced diet and now developed by a nutritionist based on the classical physiology of nutrition paradigm.The main principle of a balanced diet - eating the best, that is appropriate to the physiological needs of the body, the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals.
is especially important to follow a balanced amino acid composition of proteins and optimal fat composition, which is achieved through the use of the diet of more than 50% of proteins and animal fats.According to existing norms average adult daily requirement for protein is 50 - 100 g, in fats - 80 - 100 g, carbohydrates - 300 - 400 g This is 2500 - 2900 kcal, and should be distributed in the 3 - 4 admission.According
formula balanced nutrition for A. Pokrovski total nutrients should be at least 60, including 18 amino acids, 12 vitamins, mineral substances 16, various fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and others. The ratio between the proteins, carbohydrates and fats must comply1: 1, 3: 4, 6. A ratio of the most deficient essential amino acids - tryptophan, methionine, lysine - should be 1: 2: 4.According to this theory the primary indispensable components in human nutrition belongs eight essential amino acids (there are 20), 3 - 5 of polyunsaturated fatty acids, all of the vitamins, minerals and most trace elements.Practically
achieve the desired balance can not even in the presence of various products.Moreover, the desire for such artificial balance leads to unjustified biochemically combination foodstuffs, such as starch (cereals and potatoes) to proteins (meat, milk, egg) and starch products containing sugar.
Such combination products, according to H. Shelton, leads to poor digestion and the formation of pollutants and poisons the body.Moreover, the proposed rate of protein of 1.5 - 2 times higher than that required by man according to the WHO.
In this artificially balanced diet and excess body can not cope with the excretion of degradation products.This leads to various complications or excessive diet, which causes an increase in body weight, which in turn leads to a restriction of motor activity (hypokinesia).To avoid the unfavorable effects of excess power needed rather intense exercise.When excess power is overloaded physiological systems of the body, which is fraught with the danger of infectious diseases.
It should be noted that the theory of a balanced diet, and especially the use of refined products brought great harm.Thus, a decrease in the proportion of the diet of fruits and vegetables, use of treated cereals, refining products were contributing factors to the development of a number of cardiovascular diseases, digestive systems, a variety of metabolic disorders, including obesity, etc.This led to what is valuable and recognized only those nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body, and the rest were considered ballast, unnecessary in the diet.
myth of "evidence-based" and "physiological" food rules - no more than a widespread misconception, supported by advocates of the theory of a balanced diet.In fact, in nature there are none.And what is taken for such rules - this is just the average data of the usual diet of the German burghers in the middle of the last century, then adopted, on the proposal of the German scientists, the norm.No major scientific studies on the matter has not been, asnutritional science at that time did not exist.Even today, before its creation is still far, despite the calculations of outstanding, world-renowned scientists.

10 years ago appeared in the literature information on the allocation of the scope of a balanced diet so-called theory of the corrective power.For example, some people can not digest wheat bread, tomato or milk.It is known that 15% of men due to lack alfagalakgozy enzyme can not digest milk.Therefore, they need milk products where lactose is partially hydrolysed.
During pregnancy, particularly if there is an allergic reaction, one need not use chocolate, cocoa, citrus fruits, honey and nuts, strawberries, tomatoes, as they can cause allergic reactions in children.
The nutrition of children grudnichkovogo age also need to carry out a correction of their metabolism, as they have a little more active, some important enzymes.With the mother's milk the baby receives immunoglobulin and other necessary components of the immune defense.If the mother's milk is not present, it uses special formulations that contain lactose, lactic fermentation to recover and prevent the development of putrefaction in the intestine.
Almost every one of us requires a correction of a metabolic deficiency, congenital or acquired in the course of individual development.Deficiency of certain metabolic regulators feel both adults and children, and the elderly.
richest on bioregulators are plant foods, sea and bee products.To ensure maximum safety of bio-regulators in these products, they need to eat as much as possible in its raw form or after the soft, gentle heat treatment (at a temperature no higher than 70 ° C, using termosohrannoy utensils and so on.).
Here are some examples of corrective power.
Swedish oncologists suggest that if 50 years ago in Sweden, stomach cancer was the first place in the structure of mortality, but now this figure has decreased sharply (from 60% to 17% of men and 8% of women).This decrease is explained by the fact that 50 years ago, the food was mostly Swedes meat, now in their diet is dominated by herbs, vegetables and fruits.Similar changes have occurred in the United States and many other industrialized countries.
Australian scientist R. May proves that varicose veins can be treated with a special diet that contains large amounts of fiber, combined with brisk walking 4 times a day for 15 minutes.When walking, the calf muscles like a pump to drive the blood accumulated in the veins.The absence of coarse fibers in the diet affects the gut so that increased pressure on the venous network of the pelvic region, and then the legs.To reduce this phenomenon scientist and recommends a daily basis to eat raw vegetables, fruits, salad, potato, baked in their skins, and be sure to 2 - 3 tablespoons of wheat germinate.
cause of visual impairment ophthalmologist B. Lane (Sweden) considers an excess of calcium in the diet, protein, sugar and lack of chromium.Data obtained from the analysis of the medical nutrition patients.
number of children's hospitals in Germany and the United States on the basis of the experiments came to the conclusion that a diet rich in phosphorus, increases the aggressiveness of children.For example, the use of eggs in food overexcitation causes the child.
Sociological studies have shown that constipation affects up to 47% of the population in industrialized countries.Many people underestimate the disease, and it has been found to lead to the development of hemorrhoids, varicose veins pelvis and lower limbs, bowel cancer and polyposis.Dangerous so-called hidden constipation.After all, the chair should normally be within 1 - 2 hours after each meal.And if it happens only once a day and a half - that is hidden constipation, which is fraught with various complications.Therefore it is necessary to know what 100 g bran bind (i.e. do mushy stools), 450 g of water, 100 grams of apple (cabbage, carrots or oranges) - 300 g of water, and 100 g of cauliflower (potatoes or bananas) -only 70 g of water.Therefore, to enhance the motor-secretory and evacuation function of the intestine most suitable cereal bran meal, carrots, beets, apples, cabbage, oranges.
Of all our body organs of the brain most defenseless.The brain takes nearly 25% of all metabolic processes.Nerve tissue is not able to store energy and therefore its operation is directly dependent on the level of blood glucose.With a significant decrease in its level in the blood immediately changes occur in the nervous system.Clearly there is a relationship between the consumption of carbohydrates (and hence blood glucose) and the ability to withstand stresses.
Some scientists believe that the condition is associated with depression, mild deficit special substance - blood serotonin that regulates food intake.Serotonin - a neurotransmitter, which is formed from the amino acid tryptophan, and depends on the level of carbohydrate in the diet.
When consuming carbohydrates tryptophan levels in the blood increases comes under the influence of insulin in the brain, where it is converted into serotonin.Serotonin feedback-turn regulates carbohydrate intake.If this feedback mechanism is disturbed brain carbohydrate consumption does not react and hence is stored permanently thrust thereto, causing obesity.
Statistics show that in the conditions of the city are now two out of five people suffer from stress and depression.Chronic stress is manifested in the form of insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, mood deterioration, causeless lump in the throat, irritability.Under the eyes - bags, dark circles, cold fingers and toes.
food containing chemical concentrates, can cause sudden headaches associated with the content in the concentrates of sodium glutamate.Daylight antilipoglikemicheskuyu diet with high protein content and a reduced amount of simple carbohydrates with frequent meals reduces the frequency and strength of the headache.
Correcting power in this situation is to increase the consumption of vegetables as a source of vitamins and carbohydrates.It eliminates the use of coffee, alcohol, tranquillizers.

At present, formed a third power paradigm.It is based on achievements in the field of biology and medicine, which give reason to believe that the birth of a new science - trophic ecology, the main provisions of which formed the foundations of the theory of adequate nutrition.The founder of the theory of a third power was Academician AM corner, head of the Institute of Nutrition Physiology Physiology Laboratory.Pavlov in St. Petersburg.
present some provisions of the new direction.There are three types of digestion.Extracellular
digestion takes place in the cavities of the stomach and intestines.Cleavage is performed food cells in special cavities.
has long been known as the intracellular digestion.Its opening is connected with the name IIMechnikov.The very name accurately reflects the locale of the process - within the cell.Interestingly, in this case, the digestive enzymes are specific intracellular formations called lysosomes.Lysosomes have a large range of enzymes and can effectively break down coming into the cell nutrients.
membrane digestion occurs in the cell membrane and combines two processes - digestion and absorption.
According to the theory of adequate nutrition mentioned three types of digestion are interrelated and interdependent, and do not exist independently of each other.The process of digestion of food is carried out with the help of bacteria that are in the complex relationship with the body of "owner".The influx of essential nutrients (nutrients) develops not only due to their removal from the absorbed food, but also because of the metabolic activity of the "master", especially the symbiotic bacteria that synthesize additional nutrients, including essential.Thus, the human body, and occupying its symbiotic bacteria should be considered as a single system - over-the body.
symbiotic bacteria can be beneficial for the body in many ways, helping them to break down food and compensate for the lack of its individual components, ie,optimize power;that the violation of the composition of the microflora leads to diseases and that such violations can be observed to the exclusion from the diet of roughage.
theory recognizes the existence of an adequate supply of nutrients and multiple streams of regulatory substances.
These flows of nutrients, are formed by the vital activity of the digestive tract bacteria, which are able to modify the dietary fiber coming from the outside.It was especially surprising that the bacteria were able to secrete biologically active substances and hormonal connection.
should be said also about the flow of endogenous physiologically active substances.Its source - the endocrine cells of the gastrointestinal tract, releasing about 30 such substances.New understanding of their mechanism of action is that these substances are spreading their influence not only in the digestive tract, as previously thought, but, according to Ugolev provide control of endocrine and metabolic functions of the organism as a whole.
Thus, according to this theory, the power is due not only to the basic components of food - nutrients, but also a variety of vital regulatory compounds that come from the intestine into the internal environment of the body.It substances such as hormones, which are produced by cells of the digestive system (Incidentally, in greater numbers than the entire endocrine system in general);hormone-like substances and the intestinal bacterial flora, which are essential for the assimilation of food.Under the influence of microflora formed secondary nutrients, which are also very necessary to the body.The source of these nutrients are ballast nutrients, dietary fiber.With their help, produced a variety of vitamins, essential fatty acids, essential amino acids.All of these affect the electrolyte, water metabolism, stimulate protective functions.
Dietary fiber plant foods are needed not only for the normal functioning of the digestive system, but also for the whole body.Thus, experimentally it proved the link between the violation of cholesterol metabolism, the formation of gallstones and excessive amounts of refined foods in the human diet.Then the whole chain of violations in the activity of many organs and systems - atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes - are directly or indirectly related to insufficient intake of ballast substances of vegetable origin.Deficiency of plant fibers in the diet - one of the causes of colon cancer.
sufficient amount of fiber in the diet, studies have shown, is the prevention and treatment of hyperglycemia, obesity, hemorrhoids, Crohn's disease, helps reduce blood cholesterol.In addition, it comes improvement of the entire digestive system, normalization of stool, prevention of recurrence of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer and acute exacerbations of chronic pancreatitis.
That's the way science has confirmed the long-held idea of ​​the need to naturopaths and consecutive administration in human food "live" foods - fresh vegetables and