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August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

attracted the attention of many a brochure created on the basis of the book Bulgarian healer ( "lechitelnitsy" in Bulgarian) Lydia Kovacheva "ironed-buddy and Medicine", published in Sofia in the publishing house of "common and Happiness" in 1996.The author, an elderly woman - she was already in his eighties - perfectly sensibly and absolutely real to talk about health and illness, shared their experiences in dealing with ailments.Experience not only Healing Arts, but also human.

herself Lydia Kovacheva to forty years was sentenced doctors: milliarny tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, duodenal ulcer, anemia - in short, a whole bunch of diseases.She found the strength, and to seek help from nature, as well as the history and experience of the Bulgarian tseliteley- "medical manual" to cope with illnesses, put himself to his feet, learned to live according to the laws of nature, not against them.And having learned, became teach others, help people.

Lydia Kovacheva method is unique.It is based on a certain s

ystem of power and unloading.Three "mortal sin," says "hospital", ruining the health of civilized man.This excessive amount of food intake, especially animal protein.This deficiency in the diet of raw plant foods and large amounts of refined foods.This is the power of confusion when incompatible products are combined, and the lifestyle are no posts and fasting days in one meal.Give up these dubious pleasure - and you will help your body to resist diseases, stress, negative effects of civilization.

basis techniques Bulgarian healer of fruit and berry-tea unloading therapy.It has many advantages compared to other diets.Firstly, there are no strict requirements of complete refusal of food, such as a sufficiently effective way - medical starvation.So, psychologically, this treatment is much more comfortable.Relief food significantly reduces the burden on the digestive tract, thereby curing it, and the body at the same time continues to receive all the necessary nutrients, health and human performance does not suffer.And the availability of this method of treatment - no small thing.With the help of a certain diet the body is cleaned, and hence cope with illnesses it easier ailments recede.

Numerous patients Lydia Kovacheva, and indeed it is not only coped with their illnesses, but became more cheerful, happy, look much younger than his years.

Use this method of treatment can be almost any disease and at any stage.

In practice Lydia Kovacheva, and its followers have met patients with different diseases.This chronic disease of the digestive system (gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids), and acute and chronic kidney disease (chronic glomerulonephritis and pielo-, stones and sand in the kidneys and bladder), a significant improvement occurred evenin chronic renal failure.This technique helped and women with chronic inflammation, and ovarian cysts, with genital bleeding, infertility, fibroids, men - with an inflammation of the prostate gland.Effect occurs in the treatment of skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema, acne.Chronic lung diseases - bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema - also retreated.Cures sinusitis, rhinopharyngitis, inflammation of tonsils in children.Normalize pressure at hypo- and hypertension, improves the condition of patients after heart attacks and strokes.In the experience of the Bulgarian "lechitelnitsy" extremely fast effect and provides a technique in severe neurosis and depression, long-lasting effect is achieved in the treatment of varices.Positive results have been obtained in the treatment of atherosclerosis in elderly people.Abate pain and increases mobility of joints in arthritis, has successfully cured spikes, improving the condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.Finally, of course, achieved a bracing effect, activates the immune system.Of course, this method helps to get rid of excess weight.

harm fruit - berry-tea diet alone can not, especially since it does not require immediate rejection of conventional medicine.Over time, because of the objective of improving your condition - and it is expressed in improving the performance of your tests, your general health - you and your doctor choose not to become unnecessary drugs.

It should be noted that this method of treatment is excluded the use of laxatives or enemas - natural cleaners themselves are fruits and berries - the main component of the diet.

fruit and berry-tea food held several courses.Each course consists of two mandatory parts: the power only fruits and berries with the addition of tea from herbs and recovery period.make the intervals between courses.The first part, the actual diet, can last from 1-2 to 20-25 days or more.A positive effect can be achieved with the duration of the discharge power of at least 14-15 days, since only 6-10 day organism enters the internal (endogenous) power.But if unloading diet is poorly tolerated, we can restrict and 1-4 days.Such a short course also allows the body to relax.

second period - the recovery - regardless of the number of days spent in the discharge diet lasts 10 days.Intervals between courses range from 8 to 20 days, if you eat fruit for 3 to 8 days.If you had a full course (14 days or more), the time until the next course should be extended to 4-8 weeks.

Well, now in more detail about the food.First of all, you have to give up from something.In the process of improving the power and the subsequent recovery period it is necessary to completely eliminate smoking, alcohol, strong tea and coffee.This is perhaps the only strict requirement.Go to the fruit-and-berry can be powered directly, without preparation.On the day you should eat between 400 and 1000 g of any fruit or berries, and drink 2-4 cups of herbal tea.The tea is good to add a bit of honey and lemon juice.Fruits and berries are best to eat those for which the time has come.Every day you can eat, or several kinds of fruits and berries, or only one, as you prefer.

winter, you can use dried fruit, dried berries, which are well chewed so or pre-soaking in water.In this water can be added honey and drinking it during the day.

When those or other berries is very useful to have a fasting day only one sort of berries (1 kg per day in 4 divided doses).Very effective "watermelon days" - 1-2 kg of watermelon a day to eat a few times.Such mono-diet fast cleanses the digestive tract and the whole body, restores the normal intestinal flora.

If unloading diet tolerated difficult, then, first of all, its life limit, and secondly, to eat can not only sweet fruits and berries, and vegetable soup from a potato, carrots, parsley, cabbage, beets and other vegetables.A mixture of any vegetables are boiled in 600 g of water until cooked broth and poured warm drinking cup 1 twice a day.

Fruit is better to eat whole, carefully chewing.Digested food begins in the mouth, which are well absorbed vitamins and useful substances contained in products.If you do not hurry to quickly swallow each piece, and stretch out the pleasure - pomnetsya his tongue, horse in the mouth, you feel the taste, firstly, faster the feeling of fullness, and secondly, fruit juices have a beneficial effect on the gums, strengthen them,eliminate the periodontal disease, heal small wounds of the oral cavity.

second component of clinical nutrition at Lydia Kovacheva - herbal teas.Here you are free to choose to taste the grass and in accordance with their disease.The amount of tea can be increased if you are thirsty, there was weakness, or abandon it altogether if you enough liquid contained in fruits and berries.Instead, herbal teas you can drink spring water, melted, mineral (without gas).It is better to add a drink of lemon juice or infusion of the dried fruit.Still, remember that herbal tea - a great way beneficial and harmless effect on the diseased organ.And against the background of the discharge power to cleanse the body and the effect of his actions will be much greater.

Do not be afraid and discouraged if the first few days you will have a hard time.Accustomed to the very different treatment of your body and stomach, in particular, will require their own.Annoying feeling of hunger will test your stamina.There may be weakness and slight headache, a feeling of discomfort.Try to get rid of these days off from work and extra stress.But on a 5-7 day it will become much easier to open a "second wind".There was a feeling of lightness, improve sleep, pass dullness.On these days, people often feel extraordinary creative impulse, start to write poetry, sing, draw, life takes on new color and meaning.

If you suffer from gastritis, stomach ulcers, arthritis or other chronic diseases, they may escalate in the first days of discharge diet.However, there are acute, usually in a rather easy manner and tested within a few hours at most a day or two.

In the discharge of treatment days, do not forget to look in the mirror.

You'll notice how the skin is cleaned, fade spots, blemishes and rashes.You will notice, as cold hands and feet before warmer - it normalizes and activates circulation.At the same time normal intestinal peristalsis, restored its function.Body weight, rapidly declining in the first days of the diet, gradually stabilized at an optimal level for your body.

Next, the recovery period the most important thing - do not negate the positive results achieved.And for this it is necessary to very carefully, gradually move to a balanced diet.The amount of food increases very slowly, little by little in the diet of vegetables without added salt and oil.The salt is included in the diet after 7-day recovery period, and only in very small quantities.In order that you do not lose, I will give the diet of the recovery period is completely painted by leaps and bounds.

Day 1:

in the daily ration, except fruits and berries are included raw vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, parsley, etc...) By reducing the number of fruits.

Day 2:

8-9 hours - tea with honey and lemon;

10 hours - fruits, berries;

14 hours - raw vegetables and half boiled potatoes, if desired - tea;

16 hours - a salad of raw vegetables;

20 hours - fruits, berries and tea.

Day 3:

repeated diet 2nd day;

night (18 hours), add a little vegetable soup without salt.

Day 4:

10 hours - tea with honey and lemon, infusion of rose hips or mineral water, fruit or fruit (one thing, your choice);

14 hours - fruits, berries;

16 hours - boiled potato with raw vegetables, you can add a spoonful of sour milk, and then - fruits, berries, tea with honey or a glass of mineral water;

20 hours - a salad of raw vegetables, where you can add the onions and garlic, or vegetable soup.

Day 5:

fourfold power remains.Depending on the state, if the recovery goes well, portions slightly increased, for dinner, you can add a slice of bread medical grades of wheat flour.

Day 6:

still four times the power.For vegetable soups, you can add a bit of porridge (buckwheat, millet or rice), salads - a small portion of boiled or baked pumpkin, evening - vegetable soup and bread, the amount of which can be increased.From this day are allowed to start adding a little salt to the products.

7th day:

four meals remains.

Breakfast - tea with honey and lemon juice.

Lunch - fruit or berries and sandwich bread medicinal varieties, a little olive oil, finely chopped onion, pepper and a slice of baked cheese soaked.

Snack - in the season - fresh herbs and tomatoes in the winter - porridge of buckwheat, millet and rice.

Dinner - fruit or berries.

Day can eat some nuts.

Day 8:

fourfold power.

Servings increases.

evening you can add cheese, cheese, sour milk in very small amounts.

9th day:

fourfold food, mainly vegetable food.

evening in the diet can include beans or peas, onions, garlic.

10th day:

optionally can go to three or two meals.For example, in the morning - tea and fruit in the evening - salad, tea and berries.

During the interval between courses of therapeutic feeding amount of food should be kept to a minimum.These doses of the body enough, he was accustomed to be content with little.You can eat 1-3 times a day, as you prefer.But it is better - one meal, at which in 17-19 hours you eat raw salads and cooked vegetables, and in the rest of the day still eat fruit, berries and teas from herbs and honey.

When two meals for lunch you except fruit or berries, cook potatoes or porridge for dinner - a salad of fresh vegetables and boiled and roasted vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini), as well as bread flour coarse in very small quantities.If you really want, you can add a slice of cheese or feta cheese.In the morning you only drink herbal tea or tincture of dried fruits.

Three meals suggests a breakfast of fruit and tea with honey, lunch, fruit and cereal or boiled potatoes and dinner - salad with onions, garlic or horseradish, dill, parsley and other seasonings, as well as steamed vegetables (potatoes, courgettes, beans, cabbage, etc..).

Try not to abuse the bread - it is valid only medicinal varieties, better with the addition of bran.

Watch your weight, do not type superfluous kgs.Normal weight - this is a good indicator of your health.

after correctly spent the interval you can easily enter the next course of unloading diet.

Medical fruit and berry-tea diet - method of effective and proven on many patients over the last 40 years.But remember, as with any method of naturopathy, it does not provide instant and complete healing.It will take time, require more than one cycle of treatment to get rid of those diseases, which are firmly lodged in your body for those years.So patience and good luck to you.

If powered by the method of Lidia Kovacheva everything seems to be clear, here with herbal teas may have questions.What to take?When?How to cook?It would be great if your teas were prepared based on the same berries that you will use in your diet if you include them in the leaves of these plants.We are so frustratingly little is known about the medicinal properties of raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and other berries that grow just beneath our feet.We are so used to be limited to banal jam and compotes.But the berries, even northern - a whole pantry of health.