frigidity symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

In our society, every second woman complains of reduced libido.These women are called frigid, but the term is not quite correctly expresses the essence of the phenomenon, as there are few women who have never in my life experienced either sexual desire or sexual satisfaction.Really, frigid women physiologically unable to get satisfaction with sexual intercourse.

Many doctors, sexologists claim that frigid women did not exist, but only sexually awakened and nerazbuzhennye.Each of them responds to sexual intimacy in their own way.It depends on the education that she received from the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the organism, from personal experience and attitudes towards sex in general.There are many reasons.


This term denotes the reduction or termination of vultures thesis pituitary hormones, which develops when damaged, pituitary brain tissue.The reasons could be a tumor, trauma, various infections, postpartum hemorrhage consequences of asphyxia (lack of air).One

of the main symptoms is a disorder of sexual life.The patient is reduced and disappear libido, pubic hair fall and in the armpits.There are drowsiness, lethargy, decreased mental and physical activity, disappear menstruation, breasts decrease in volumes in the postpartum period there is no milk production.As the treatment is carried out hormonal therapy, compensating the lack of hormones produced by the pituitary gland.

Small excitability

About 10-20% of women of different low excitability and have no particular desire to have sex.Such women can often change partners, as have a feeling of sexual dissatisfaction.The reason for coldness and low excitability may be hormonal disorders or poor sensitivity of nerve endings.

Temporary frigidity

in a woman's life may be some times when it does not experience sexual attraction.This may occur because of physical or mental exhaustion, stress during pregnancy and in the first months after birth.When disappears cause of the temporary frigidity woman disappears and she frigidity.

false frigidity

occurs in women on the background of constant dissatisfaction with the results of the sexual act.Dissatisfaction can be both psychological and physiological.Disappointment after physical contact, causes that a woman begins to avoid sexual intimacy, does not experience sexual attraction and seldom feel the excitement.

false frigidity may be a reaction to her husband's infidelity when on social reasons she continues to live with him, but at heart still hurt, and her body is physically and physiologically refuses to take part in sexual activity.

false frigidity may also be a consequence of the severe upbringing and suppress a "animal" instincts, perception of sex as something dirty and unworthy.

The reason this type of frigidity can be the consequences of sexual trauma (rape, sexual harassment relatives).

reason it is necessary to find out individually.A comprehensive survey and interviews psychologists help identify and solve a problem that prevents a woman to enjoy life, to love and be loved.

doctors say: "No cold women, there are inept men."This statement was true in the days when the young girl did not have any information about sexual life, other than those which they received from their relatives, leaving only his family upon marriage.Their only coach in sex education was a man, but he often turned out to be a bad teacher.

Modern young girls get their information about gender relations from literature, art films where sex life is shown without retouching and masking.Therefore, many of them have a real understanding of the physical basis of the marital relationship and vega package in marriage, being quite experienced in sexual matters.

Many women with low sexual desire, feel cheated and suffer, others are reconciled with this situation, others complain that they are forced to endure caresses without which could well do without.

However, this attitude towards sex may have an adverse effect on the nervous system and the work of the pelvic organs.

In any case, family well-being suffers.Husband, wife satisfied enough, it starts to look for links to the side, away from the family.It hurts his wife, she becomes irritable, scandals erupt in the house and all this leads to the disintegration of the family.

Even if it does not reach a divorce, family relations give a crack, love withers, the sexual life of the spouses does not bring any satisfaction: no moral or physical or intellectual.

It should also be noted that many women do not know themselves, they doubt yourself and your abilities fully and harmoniously survive sexual feelings.The least they can help the partner.It is as a man with no previous sexual experience, and for this, whose experience is limited to communicating with one female type and is unsuitable during sexual intimacy with a representative of a different type.

woman should immediately make it clear to your partner that pleased her and what does not.Excessive modesty may push for some time, or even stifle the awakening sexuality.She has to go to meet this man attempts to arouse her sexuality, not to restrain their reactions, but rather supporting partner when she is experiencing the greatest pleasure.

Woman unnecessarily fettered during sexual intercourse, unable to overcome his shyness, not only is getting cold, and irritable, she begins to suffer various neuroses and ultimately spoil his life and his sexual partner.

the treatment of frigidity well help ascending narzan shower genitalia, aphrodisiacs, promotes blood flow to the pelvic and external genitalia, the use of her husband caresses "Zhofreya".

are also used mechanical means, such as porshenki artificial penis of an elastic material, stimulating erectors, Japanese condoms with a mustache and others. Adaptations.Mechanical means adjusted threshold sensitivity of erogenous zones to normal values, so that the woman manages to have an orgasm, it is not available in the ordinary intercourse.

big role in the treatment of frigidity plays solar therapy, hot sand.Equally important is the erotic atmosphere of the south, the sea and the resort.

cause of sexual coldness may be a lack of respect for her husband.Before you get married, she often sees in his beloved ideal man, it is in the imagination gives him the qualities that he really is not.After the start of family life wife is convinced that her husband was not what she had imagined in my dreams, I lost respect for her husband, love leaves, the woman becomes indifferent to the sexual affection - there is coldness.

reason can become rough and the first in the life of sexual intercourse, which pushes a woman, even from the thoughts of sexual desire - she was waiting for affection and purity, and ran into the cold male coarseness.

gynecologist noted that the cold and frigid women menstruation long and painful.They continue 5-8 days.The reason is that the lack secretory function of the ovaries does not allow the uterus to cut time and it is very slowly returning to its original state, as it opens slowly, and at the beginning of menstruation.

Many women at the moment of orgasm feel like a sudden numbness, feeling that they seem to fail, lose consciousness, and then the feeling of a strong push in the clitoris or vagina depth and how to heat radiation, diverging from these sites throughout the body.

According to doctors, lack of orgasm is quite common in women, and, although the figures vary widely, the percentage of this phenomenon varies from 20 to 40 regularly sexually women's lives.

should not assume that frigid women are not capable of love, that is inaccessible to them family happiness or they can not have children.They are excellent mothers and wives show tenderness, affection, feel a sense of love for her husband, valued him as a friend, father children, although the intimate side of marriage they care about.They do not suffer from his cold and if you go to the doctor, either because they wanted to get sexual satisfaction felt by the other, or under the influence of accusations by a spouse.

Husbands almost always accused of being cold wives, unaware that the cause of sexual dissatisfaction, they are due to complete ignorance of basic matters of marriage.Unlike a true frigidity such disharmony experienced difficult woman, often leading to marital discord and could be one of the causes of neuroses.Due to the frequency of such situations from sexologists even developed a saying: "There is no frigid women, there are inept partners."

In case of any sexual disorders, in order to avoid physical and mental suffering, complications and possible disintegration of the family, our opinion - extortion modesty, consult a doctor-sexologist.

before contacting the clinic still conduct an objective self-assessment of sexual relations with a partner, make the necessary adjustments, using our tips to achieve harmony.

First of all, pay attention to the situation, which is usually a convergence - whether it intimate and cozy, exclude the possibility of any intrusion into the room.Make sure that before sexual intercourse were resolved disagreements and disputes over domestic issues, mutual cordiality was restored.Extreme fatigue accumulated during the day, not a good physical and psychological background to enjoy intimacy.In such a case, it may be useful and successful attempt to move it in the morning.Take a warm shower or bath.Very useful mutual soothing massage - stroking and tapping gently all over the body from head to toe.

Kissing and stroking erogenous zones considered to be one of the important factors in the love foreplay.The absence of this stage of foreplay is usually the main reason for the lack of preparedness of the women to have sex, it does not give her the opportunity to fully get sexual satisfaction and how the top - an orgasm.The man has everything happens earlier than required unprepared woman, but he must learn to control himself, to delay ejaculation.

sometimes useful to change the "usual" sexual position, it brings variety, gives a new experience, and most importantly can help find the only situation in which a woman, depending on the anatomy of their genitals will get full satisfaction.

Quite often, women are able to achieve orgasm during intercourse only, while stimulating the clitoris hand.

To achieve sexual harmony should understand one simple rule, which adheres to modern sexology - love should not be prohibitions can be anything that gives pleasure to both partners, but we can not force each other to do what one of them does not like.

In ancient times, a woman getting ready to have sex, not only washed and anoint the spices, but also rubbed cat skins.

Each of us had to stroke the cat, play with it.Sometimes (especially if the room is dark), you can see how when you touch the hair on the surface of the cat's skin skips the spark of static electricity.When rubbing the woman's body on sandpaper cat swells accumulated charges are electrostatically charged.Especially a lot of them concentrated in the nipple area on the labia, vulva, clitoris.When the sexual act a woman very excited, its sensitivity is increased, so the orgasm comes quickly:

used for this purpose as the skins of rabbits, dogs, and other pets.They, too, can increase the excitability of the woman, but not to the same extent as the skins of cats, especially Siberian and Persian breeds.

more about erotic food, see here.

To enhance male sexuality has always distinguished two basic principles of nutrition: high calorie food and the use of products with specific activating effect.In different parts of the world, in different countries, and preference is given to the various products.In Europe and North America potentiating effect is attributed to raw chicken eggs, walnuts, in the East believe more in the power of exotic dishes.

here to enhance the potency of using rhino horn, blood, snakes, testicles of various animals, etc. But in all countries, doctors and medicine men agree on one thing -. To maintain sexual activity need to eat honey, pollen, nuts of all kinds (especially walnuts), sprouted grains of wheat and other grains.

Food, drink a person must contain a sufficient amount of vitamins, especially vitamins "reproduction" A and E, which are contained in sufficient quantities in eggs, cod liver, carrots.For the process of sexual arousal it is very important that the food was not a lack of B vitamins, which increase the effective conductivity of nerve impulses.There are many vitamins found in cereals and legumes, potatoes in fish dishes.

To normalize the blood circulation and increase the resistance of the organism need vitamin C in sufficient quantity is available in rose hips, currants, sorrel, mountain ash and other plant products.

In addition to vitamins, erotic food should contain a sufficient amount of protein to the body, fats and carbohydrates and have high calorie and balanced."Guerande Samhita", one of the King's Indian treatises, also gives advice in relation to the amount of food intake, "Half the stomach should be filled with food, one quarter - the water, and one-quarter - to remain empty for the control of breathing."

erotic Culinary Cooking makes extensive use of herbs, vegetables, fruits, roots, herbs, spices.She does not forget about dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. For the preparation of dishes using erotic meat of cattle and small cattle, and especially of various kinds of fish.

Among the fish one of the most revered is the sole - fish, awakening the love of the game - pheasant and thrush of poultry considered a delicacy loving rooster combs, love drink - camel milk.

Erotic dishes not destroy the long hot and preparing pulsed heating.They bring to the boil, remove from heat, and so repeated several times, until cooked.

All the products we consume in food can be divided into three groups: a negative impact on the potency and bring harm to the body, positively affect the potency and neutral.

begin with plant food.Such fruits as cherry, cherry, apricot, dogwood, derive from the body toxins, facilitate the work of many organs, purify the blood.In general, fruits and vegetables can be considered masculine food, as they stimulate the activity of the body and increases the potency.

nut plants such as hazel, peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, well relieve fatigue, increase vitality of the body and therefore potency.

Citrus: oranges, lemons, figs, pomegranates activate intestinal activity, improve heart function, have a pleasant aroma and combine well with many dishes.Even in ancient times knew that the pomegranate seeds activate sexual activity, improve potency.They were constantly on the table of the rich people who have harems.And know that the peel of citrus infused vodka, well it helps the weak, less active men find their face and be a good sexual partner.

From vegetables especially have to focus on the onion.There are many varieties of them:. Green onion, leek, onion, Welsh onion, garlic, etc. Erotic dinner can be no representatives of this family."Heroes of the bed," Back in the old days was called onion vegetables.