cleansing diet

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Since time cleansing diet (do not worry, it's just days!) Limited consumption of high-calorie food, it allows for cleaning the body of accumulated toxins.At the same time you get the greatest possible amount of vitamins and macro-and micronutrients, thus preparing your body for the full fertility.

1-2 days prior to the cleansing diet to take a laxative (senna leaf, buckthorn bark, or linseed, castor oil can be used in capsules).After the action of the intestines to do a little warm water enema.When concomitant phenomena colitis, gastritis, and pain in the abdomen or intestines add water enema strained infusion of flaxseed, peppermint, chamomile, half a lemon juice (that is).The night before, repeat the procedure.The day before the start of the diet eat only fruit and vegetables in any form.

Attention! If you decide to spend a cleansing diet at the beginning of pregnancy, good luck!But ... no laxatives and enemas (may cause miscarriage).

first, second and third days of the diet: Only juices.

Drink only fruit juices, unlimited number.You can use ready-made juices, including nectars (juice with pulp), packaged in glass jars or packets.

For those who want to starve the first two days, instead of juice is recommended to drink the infusion of rose hips or herbal infusions indicated.If you do it the first time, you can add 1/2 Art.spoons of honey and a few drops of lemon in a glass of infusion.Please do not forget that there are certain limitations in the use of juice, however useful they may be.

In cases where there is no fruit juice, you can do vegetables, the best of which is the carrot.

juice can be used instead of the liquid from the compote of dried fruits (raisins, dried apricots, dried apricots, prunes, dried apples, figs, dates - the larger the set, the better), berry fruit drinks, vitamin pharmacy fees.

Try instead (windows make natural lemonade: and hot or cold water (boiled), squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add a teaspoon of honey

juice drink better through a straw, slowly, the number can not particularly limited, but not more than 2 liters.per day, of course, that the edema fluid should be consumed less

third, fourth and fifth days of juices plus fruit

to juices, connect the fruits, depending on season and individual tolerance Apples - when a sick digestive tract -...better to have grated on a fine grater, without skin, or baked, with jam Grapefruit better have no bitter film, oranges -. if no allergies, ulcers and colitis, bananas, kiwi, apricots, peaches Dried fruit compote best of all, remove the seeds.., prepared as a puree with a mixer summer berries are very useful, especially wild strawberry and blueberry (effective antioxidants) autumn -. use watermelon (especially in patients with kidney), melon (when sick pancreas, but do not get carried away by them).In winter, their diet is well to add frozen fruit compotes.

Juice you can drink as you want, and fruit to eat without restrictions, but not too large portions.

sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh day: fruit juice plus plus vegetables.

to juices and fruits are added vegetables (raw, grated on a fine grater, stewed or baked) and vegetable broth.

You can choose any vegetables to taste: carrots, beets, cabbage (cabbage, cauliflower, red, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi), pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, green peas, corn, baked potato, green beans, etc. When the liver of the patient.Most useful pumpkin, squash and zucchini young.When kidney patients eat more cucumbers, parsley, celery.However, "pochechnikam" can not be a black radish, they also should not get involved radishes.Arthritis - can not be there every day, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and eggplant, that is, to these products are for those patients with severe allergens and can cause aggravation...

Breakfast: any fresh fruit or compote of dried fruits, fruit juices.

Before lunch: when feeling hungry again, eat fruit, drink juice or compote.

Lunch: grated on a fine grater raw vegetables, chopped greens, ground spices (communes, hops-suneli, sea kale, dill seed, coriander), vegetable oil, sour juice (lemon or cranberry).2 cups vegetable broth.In the case of feeling hungry - fruit and fruit juices.

Dinner: 2-3 stewed or roasted vegetables with herbs, spices (except salt and pepper!), Vegetable oil, lemon juice.2 cups vegetable broth.

Bedtime : fruit and fruit juices.

After eleven days cleansing diet gradually expanding set of products, trying to follow the recommendations for a healthy diet (more on this in the next article).

next 1-2 days to juices, fruits and vegetables, add the porridge on the water, juice, vegetable broth.Then connect the bread and croutons of bread.A few days later, add the milk products:. Bioyoghurts, biokefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt, etc. Be sure to use cottage cheese, cheese, cheese (soaked), sour cream (for seasoning).After a further 2 days, enter into the diet of chicken and quail eggs (raw - not!), Then 2 days - fish, the day after the bottom of the meat, so that meat and fish valis alternation, on average 2-3 times a week.

very useful and tasty variety of vegetable soups, including vegetable proteins with: pea, bean, lentil, mushroom soup (mushrooms).

From sweets to prefer honey, jams, marshmallows, candy, soy sweets.

Try drinking green, fruit teas, medicinal teas herbs (mint, chamomile) with honey.

course, food needs are unique, and if a person has a healthy gastrointestinal tract and moves actively, it can absorb a greater variety of products.The main thing that the food was moderate, and the share of fruits, vegetables, juices, vegetables, nuts, honey, unrefined grains and other natural, natural products increased gradually, even up to half of the total volume of the diet, and even better - to 3/4.

proposed eleven days cleansing diet is a convenient way with which you can begin to change their eating habits - to food, providing health.And very important point is that these habits are changing gradually, ie. A. Very sharp change in eating habits can lead to serious complications.

cleansing program can be reduced to 4-5 days for those women who do not have time to prepare before pregnancy.If you want a more thorough freshen up, you can increase the number of days spent in the juices -. Grape, apple, carrot, etc.

Throughout cleansing diet, try to take good care of your skin.On the morning of dry grinding, then shower: warm or contrast.Try to gradually accustom themselves to the contrasting soul, alternating gradually hotter and colder water.Hopefully then it will already have the habit.

Every evening necessarily relax in a warm bath (10-15 min).You can take a bath with essential oils and soothing herbs and medicinal salts.

Take good care of mouth and connect the other important for the revitalization of the skin skills.

first 2-3 days, while drinking juice, be sure to do cleansing enemas (only if you are not pregnant!), Then they should stop and wait for the natural action of the bowels.

If you have the strength and opportunity, it is desirable as it is possible to be outdoors more.

Such a diet is better to start on Saturday: you can soak in the warmth and quiet, just be sure to ventilate the room several times a day.