The diet of a pregnant woman

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

the morning, before breakfast: juice fasting, then charge, shower, etc.

Fresh seasonal fruit with yogurt or fruit salad with whipped cream, sour cream or yogurt, or stewed fruit with whipped cream, or cereal, or whatever.milk product to taste with fortified cereals and fruits.If sour, you can add honey, syrup, rosehip jam.

In cold weather, porridge (oat, millet, barley, etc.) With fruit.

grassy, ​​flower tub, PK of the wild rose honey, chicory cream, coffee, "Health", "Baltika", hot chocolate with cream (not every day!).

If there is no appetite in the morning, or the phenomenon of torture toxicosis best infusion of peppermint or rose hips and lemon juice and honey or a glass of fresh juice.

With a large appetite - crackers, toasted rye bread with cheese, crackers with bran.

salad of raw vegetables with herbs, ground spices, sour juice, sunflower or olive oil.Sprinkle bran and ground nuts.You can add a little sour cream to taste.

Steamed vegetables and protein (a piece of lean meat, chicken, turke

y, fish, egg or two - that I want to).Instead of meat or fish, you can use soy dishes.If there is not much want to make porridge with vegetables or potatoes: baked or stewed, and protein foods leave for the evening.

For dessert - fruit.

Bread little black, crackers or bread diet.

oils (butter or peanut) bit.

want more winter warm food, a very useful vegetable and bean soups.


Baked or stewed vegetables, including potatoes, or cheese (fresh raw or in the form of a casserole).

Fruits, juices, broth peppermint or rose hips.

In between main meals (if you want a snack or if the power fraction: 4-5 times a day, for pregnant and breast-feeding is highly desirable) juices, fruits, milk products, nuts, crackers, dry or oatmeal cookies,crackers with honey, jam, cheese or peanut butter.

1. When choosing foods primarily guided by the principle: "one-piece - so healthy."Choose whole fruits and vegetables, dried fruits - accumulators of solar energy;Whole grains are not refined;milk and milk products, pulses, honey, nuts;Black and diet breads.

2. Try to eat but the possibility of raw fruits and vegetables before eating.

3. Every day, drink fresh fruit or vegetable juice or vegetable broth for half an hour before meals or 2-3 hours after eating.In winter and spring - to drink vitamin infusions with honey.

4. Minimize the intake of canned, smoked, salted, and pickles, hot spices, fried foods, refined foods.

5. Meat, fish, eggs have no more than 2-3 times a week with lots of vegetables, fresh or dried herbs (alternate meat and fish).Cottage cheese and milk products must be on the table daily.

6. If you have problems (morning sickness, nausea, edema, protein in the urine, and so forth.) To switch to full-time mole-vegetable diet or cleansing diet B. Jensen to improve.Two weeks before delivery also adhere to the fruit and vegetable or milk-vegetable diet.

7. In winter and spring, when the choice is limited to fruits and vegetables, according to the doctor's recommendation to add biologically active natural food supplements and natural vitamins specialized for pregnant and lactating, pollen and honey or in granules, royal jelly, etc. apilaktozu.

8. All food chew.

9. Do not snack in between main meals empty language products.If you want to eat, use the juices, fruits, teas, milk products, honey, nuts, crackers and so on.

10. Eat with pleasure, in a pleasant home calm atmosphere of a beautiful tableware, tablecloths.If the expectant mother is tired, not feeling hungry or not, it is better to drink juice or vegetable broth or infusion of mint and honey, and eat later in good health.Very bad it is when a woman is nervous, upset, crying, annoyed.First, better calm down, and then eat.