Reasonable diet

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Treat eating sensibly. can not judge the product only on the content of calories, or vitamins, or minerals.All eventually need

combined high- and low-calorie food, as well as with respect to other components of the diet.If a person is too serious about one aspect of the diet and forget about the rest, waiting for him in trouble.Teenage girl in his fanatical desire to lose weight by refusing any food, in which, as she had heard, there are calories, eats only vegetable juices, fruit and coffee.If it will be so for a long time to eat, it is sure to get sick.Serious-minded mother, who came to the erroneous conclusion that the value of all vitamins, and starch does not need to feed her baby breakfast carrot salad and grapefruit.Poor thing gets so many calories that they were not enough even for a rabbit.Full mother, a native of the family, full-bodied, ashamed of his thinness and child feeding him only high-calorie food.This further ruining his appetite.The child eats little and is not getting enough miner

als and vitamins..

simple guide to choosing a diet. All this seems very complicated, but in fact it is not.Fortunately, the mother need not expect a perfect diet for your child.The experiments of Dr. Davis and others have shown that a child eventually finds himself a balanced diet (see paragraph 409), of course, if it is not forced and does not instill prejudices concerning food and if he is offered a variety of useful natural food.Parents must be aware of in general constitute a normal diet, you should be aware that what may be replaced, if the child has lost the taste to any product.That's about how a child should be a daily diet.

1. Milk (in any form), preferably three-quarters of a liter per liter.

2. Meat or poultry, or fish.

3. Eggs (extra egg can replace the meat, and vice versa, although it is desirable to provide both).

4. Vegetables, green or yellow, one or two times, and some - in the raw form.

5. Fruit, two or three times, at least half in raw form, including orange juice (fruit can be replaced more vegetables, and vice versa).

6. Starchy vegetables once or twice.

7. Bread from wheat flour, crackers, cereal, one to three times.

8. Vitamin D (or milk as a concentrate).Now we can talk about different kinds of products.