Fruit and vegetable diet

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

power supply system for 5-7 days is - vegetables rich in a wide variety of vitamins and a small amount of wholemeal cereals.

blitsdiety main principle - not to torture your body hunger.Vegetables and fruits you can eat as much as you want and at any time.Installation that is after 18 pm, you can not, at blitsdiety not apply.You can afford before going to bed vegetable salad or fruit yogurt and sleep peacefully without worrying that your dinner turns into fat deposits in the abdomen and thighs.Vegetables and fruits give a feeling of satiety, but is easily processed by the body and will not cause an increase in your weight.

Your body needs a certain amount of a variety of vitamins and blitsdieta help you cope with this task.Often, we know little about vitamins, their role in the functioning of the body.Some of them are worth to know more, then it will be understood the logic of the proposed blitsdiety.

example, vitamin A, which is processed by the body to retinol, performs inter alia oxidation reactions

in the body, together with vitamin C reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, "extinguishes" thyroxine activity and m. G. Vitamin A found in carrots, tomatoes,cabbage, potatoes, beets, apples and greens.

is worth noting that it is through the fruits and vegetables human body gets little known vitamin K, which has beneficial effects on muscle tissue, regenerate them, increases their motility.This is very useful for cellulite when the muscle tissue are exposed to body fat.This vitamin is in the salad, cauliflower, peas, tomatoes and carrots.

most famous and desired Vitamin C is involved in virtually all functional processes in the body.Those wishing to lose weight would be interested to know that vitamin C regulates the function of cell membranes, neytralyziruet effects of toxic additives, splits fatty substances.Vitamin C is found in a variety of greens: spinach, sorrel, dill, parsley, celery.He is also in potatoes, cabbage, beets.

very useful variety of fruits and berries;black currant, turnips, cranberries.These products are included in the fruit and vegetable blitsdietu and should be on your desk.

Deciding to start blitsdiete carefully study the diet and nutrition rules established themselves in their desire to pass this test for the excellent figures - and for the cause!Your day should start with a buffet breakfast, which is a mandatory attribute of a healthy diet.If you do not eat breakfast, for whatever reason, try to change their habits.The morning meal provides your daily strength.People who had never had breakfast, be sure to start with a minimum and drink a glass of juice in the morning and eat raw fruit or vegetable, then increase the amount of food received from the morning to the desired amount.

breakfast should consist of foods rich in vitamins, and not to exceed the caloric content of 200 kcal.

first option. salad from fresh cabbage with dill, a small bun from a coarse flour, 1 cup apple juice.

second option. 1 boiled potato, salad of fresh tomatoes and spinach, 1 cup of beet juice.

third option. Boiled soy, salad of cauliflower, 1 cup of orange juice.If you are used to more tightly breakfast, breakfast, eat a small piece of rye bread, it will not hurt your diet.

order not to feel hunger between lunch and morning hours, it is recommended in 11 - 12 hours of the day a little snack.Lunch is light food, mainly raw vegetables and fruits.It is very useful to eat raw carrots, cabbage, radish, and a variety of fruit: plums, grapes.

first option. Cabbage sheet dates.

second option. 50 g of dried fruit, apple.

third option. Raw carrots, orange.

Lunch - an opportunity to thoroughly sated and get the right amount of vitamins.For the preparation of lunch dishes, you can use a small amount of refined vegetable oil.You can bake corn or oatcakes or bread from bran.Such flour products less calories and processed by the body much easier than the finished baking.For the first necessarily cook vegetable soup.

Dietary soups - a special page in cooking, any housewife can cope with this task.Broth soup made from broth of vegetables: potatoes, carrots, onions.In it you can already put the proper components.Be sure to add in the diet soup greens, dill, celery, parsley.Diet soup can of beans or peas, asparagus or salad leaves, with beets.

On the second prepare a salad or cooked vegetables and side dishes can be baked potatoes or soybeans.At dietary table is always the way to a vegetable stew or casserole of zucchini.

Try to use a variety of salads.Very tasty and original salad can be prepared from raw radish, rubbed through a grater, raw beets with walnuts and so on. D. Cabbage can be used fresh and pickled.

For dessert - herbal tea with tonic properties or special slimming tea.Instead, you can drink a glass of any fruit or vegetable juice, eat a berry smoothie or fresh fruit.Agree, the suggestions sound appetizing lunch and composition sufficiently nutritious.