Diet for infertility

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

Fructose - the best friend of sperm.Fruit sugar is required for their maturation.If you include in the diet of chocolate, oranges, grapefruit, and especially sweet yellow apples, the sperm become more mobile.We should not forget about lemons containing citric acid, has been actively involved in the biochemical processes and extending the life of the sperm.

But activity they can make seafood rich in zinc, selenium, molybdenum, - shrimp, squid, crab.Especially Russia - Far East: their meat is stored chemical element germanium, which is rich in coastal shelf.

reason for reducing the "quality and quantity" can also be a copper deficiency, which means that you need to eat rich in this element of the berries.
Promotes sperm concentration antioxidant such as lycopene contained in tomatoes.He also, incidentally, is a preventive measure against prostate inflammation.And, of course, a man must receive a sufficient amount of food-grade protein.

oocyte maturation is largely dependent on the presence of phospholi

pids in the diet - substances containing phosphorus.Classic product containing them, -fish oil.Optionally, buy it at the pharmacy, turn enough in any diet oily fish.

But cabbage (fresh and pickled) is rich in vitamin U, able to stimulate uterine activity and normalize the menstrual cycle - and it is a necessary condition for conceiving.

When infertility is useful to eat sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and nuts (zinc), citrus fruits (vitamin C), brown rice, beans, oatmeal (B vitamins), soy, almonds and bread from wheat flour (magnesium).

But consuming large amounts of alcohol hinders the absorption of B vitamins, zinc and iron, which are important for a successful conception.
As for meat and dairy products, women wishing to become pregnant, it is best to limit yourself in them.A large amount of protein can be sealed sheath of the follicle, and at the right moment it will not burst - this leads to the formation of cysts.