Diet number 3b

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

1) Constipation non-inflammatory origin (no inflammatory bowel disease), including neurogenic, nutritional, and hypodynamic al.).

2) Functional bowel disease (intestinal dyskinesia, irritable bowel, spastic colitis).

Purpose.Increased and facilitate bowel movement due to the inclusion in the diet increased amounts of fiber and food stimulants motor function of the intestine.

General characteristics .Physiologically full diet containing adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates with lots of fiber, foods that stimulate the secretory and motor activity of biliary excretion system and pancreas, improve and facilitate bowel movements, preventing the fermentation processes in the intestine.Diet fractional - 4-5 times a day.

Culinary processing .Plain, temperature normal.

Chemical composition and caloric .100 g protein, 80 g fat (including vegetable 40 g) of carbohydrate 400-450 Caloric 3200-3800 kcal.The amount of free liquid to 1.5 liters.Salt '15

Bread and bakery products - w

heat wholemeal bread or milled whole grain wheat bread bran with the addition of a small amount of wheat flour with good endurance - rye bread.Cookies - nesdobnye varieties;dry and juicy sponge cake, sweet cakes without cream with sweet filling;cakes baked from pastry stuffed with jam, jam, jam, sweet varieties of berries, fruit.

Soup - nourishing (concentrated) broth to meat, fish, soup, soup, including green, bag of lean meat, mostly vegetables, useful vegetarian soups, including fruit;cold beetroot soup, hash.

Meat and fish dishes - meat is low-fat varieties of conventional cooking (fried in vegetable oil with a small amount of butter).Fish - nonfat varieties.

Eggs and personal products - not more than 1 boiled egg per day or as a supplement to meals, protein omelet.

Milk and dairy products - milk as an additive for tea and dishes;cream 10% with good tolerability -s (up to 2 cups a day) in cold fasting as well as a supplement to meals and tea, coffee;yogurt, yogurt, acidophilus milk, fermented baked milk only fresh (day), cold;fresh sour curd with sour cream, cream, sugar, and as a filling for tarts;ice cream.

Vegetables and greens - a variety of vegetables in raw and cooked (side dishes, salads, casseroles).With good endurance -. Vegetables with coarse fiber (radish, turnips, radishes, etc. The greens should be widely used in salads and supplements to the dishes, the best fresh

Fruits, berries, sweets -. To the increased number of recommended fresh ripe sweet fruits andberries in their raw form and in dishes, dried fruits and berries macerated form and dishes (especially recommended prunes); non-chocolate candy, preserves and jams from sweet varieties of berries and fruits, sugar, xylitol (or sorbitol), honey

Cereal.and pasta - dishes and garnishes from groats and pasta are used in a limited number

Fats -. butter and all (if tolerated) varieties of vegetable crude oil

snacks, meat, fish, vegetables unpreserved meals with a vegetable oil.mayonnaise and other condiments, jelly, jellied meat, fish (cold)

sauces, spices - meat, fish, vegetables, fruit sauces, cooked in vegetable oil or butter in the oven (not fried).;spices without limitation - to taste.

drinks and juices - tea, coffee;sweet fruit, berry juices and fruit drinks (better with the addition of xylitol or sorbitol, to taste), concentrated solutions of honey, sugar water, soda (soft drinks, mineral water, etc.), kvass, beer.All drinks should be given in the form of a cold, it is better on an empty stomach.

prohibited : chocolate, chocolates, cocoa, fatty meats, cherry fruit, blueberries, calcined cheese, strong tea.

morning (fasting) - 1/2 cup vegetable juice (carrot, beet or potato).

1st breakfast - salad with vegetable oil, boiled meat, buckwheat crumbly porridge with vegetable oil, tea.

2nd breakfast - raw grated carrots with sour cream and sugar, fish in aspic, 100 g of honey water (cold).

Lunch - cold beetroot soup, grilled meat with boiled potatoes and vegetable oil, fresh fruit.

Snack - 1 cup of broth hips (200 g), honey (50 g).

Dinner - grilled fish with potatoes, cucumber and vegetable oil, apples, juice from the berries with xylitol.

at night - from boiled beetroot puree with vegetable oil, a one-day yogurt (1 cup).

All day - 200 g white bread, black bread, 200 grams, butter 25 grams, 40 grams of vegetable oil, xylitol (sorbitol) '30