Diet number 3a

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

1) Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (without exacerbation), accompanied by constipation.

Purpose.Amplification intestinal motor activity while anti-inflammatory effect of food on the mucous membrane, the prevention of disease progression.

General characteristics .Physiologically full diet containing adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, with a sharp restriction of foods rich in fiber, using these varieties of vegetables and fruits, which stimulate bowel movements, but do not cause fermentation processes, do not irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract andThey are not strong stimulators of secretion of the stomach and pancreas.Diet fractional - 4-5 times a day.

cooked. Food is given in the form of non-milled, steamed, boiled in water or baked in the oven.Vegetables and fruits in the diet using both raw and boiled.The temperature of food: hot dishes plain, cold is not lower than 10 C °.

Chemical composition and caloric content. Protein 100 g, 100 g fat, carbohydrat

es, the 400-450 Calorie 2800-3000 kcal.Free liquid of 1.5 l.Sodium Chloride 12-15

of bread and bakery products - white bread from wheat flour, allowed black bread (rye, "table", "Orlov", "Moscow Region") with good endurance.Cookies - nesdobnye varieties such as "Maria", "School", "Leningrad";dry biscuits, crackers, cream, vanilla;nesdobnye cakes baked with meat, apples and other fruits and berries, sweet varieties, jam and jelly of the same sorts of fruits and berries (in limited quantities).

Soups - on a weak meat and fish broth (after boiling the water drained twice), mainly vegetables, cereals preferably barley and oats are useful fruit soups.

Meat and fish dishes - meat is low-fat varieties (beef, veal, chicken, turkey, rabbit) cooked, baked, vapor form preferably a piece, sometimes in the form of chopped;fish low-fat varieties (pike-perch, bream, saffron cod, cod, carp, hake, makrorus et al.) in boiled, steam, filler, piece, sometimes in chopped form.

Eggs and egg products - Eggs (not more than 2 per day) and a soft-boiled omelettes;dishes from egg whites.

Milk and dairy products - milk in dishes and tea;acidophilus milk, kefir, fermented baked milk or other sour milk drinks;Fresh cottage cheese in its natural form, and in the dishes as baked puddings, cheesecakes;cream 10% -s' in the dishes, tea, and with good endurance-in-kind to 1-2 glasses a day (preferably in the cold).

Vegetables and greens - a variety of vegetables in raw and cooked (side dishes, salads, casseroles).Especially recommended for beets, carrots, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, squash, pumpkin, cauliflower.White cabbage, green peas, green beans Young settled with good tolerability.Parsley, dill, celery can be added to various dishes and salads.

Fruits, berries, sweets - in the increased number of recommended fresh ripe sweet fruits and berries, especially apples and raw in dishes;Dried fruits and berries soaked in the form and in the dishes (especially prunes is recommended);marmalade, candy, marshmallows, toffee, milk, cream and caramel;preserves and jams from sweet varieties of berries and fruits, sugar, honey.

Cereal and pasta - dishes and side dishes of cereals consumed in limited quantities in the form of friable porridges and casseroles.Kashi boiled water with the addition of milk or cream 1/3.

recommended buckwheat, oat, "Artek" pearl.Pasta in a limited number, mainly in soups (vermicelli noodles) and sometimes as a side dish.

fats - butter and olive oil (do not fry and add to the finished dish).With good endurance allowed and other varieties of vegetable oil (sunflower, corn, cotton, soybean).At locks - preference vegetable oil, increase the daily dose.

Snacks - mild cheese (whole or grated), doctoral sausage, herring soaked, lean ham.

Sauces and spices - vegetables, fruit sauces, milk white bechamel sauce saute dry (flour to dry in the oven, but do not fry in butter);in white sauce you can add sour cream, evaporated tomato juice, grated carrot;spices (bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, white roots, vanilla) in a small amount.

drinks and juices - milk tea, coffee, water (rather weak), with milk, cool soft drinks (fruit and berry juices, juice, jelly), broth hips with sugar or honey, infusion Japanese mushroom;vegetable juices (carrot, beet, cabbage and especially potato).

prohibited: sharp, salty, fried foods, meats, snack canned, fatty meats and fish, vegetables, rich in essential oils and crude fiber (onions, garlic, radishes, radish, turnip, spinach, peppers, etc.)., mushrooms, refractory animal fats (lard, internal fat, mutton fat, etc.,., margarine, cooking fats, very cold food and drinks

1 yzavtrak-mashed porridge on the water of buckwheat, with vegetable oil.sweet cheese, milk tea

2nd breakfast -. beet puree with vegetable oil, yogurt (1 cup)

Lunch -. soup with pureed vegetables, meat broth, meat patties, vegetables, mashed potatoes with vegetable oil, tomatoes,mashed apples

Snack -. tea with honey (50 g of honey), toast

Dinner -. meat baked in tomato sauce with boiled potatoes, milk tea

at night -. yogurt (1 cup)

on.all day - bread gray 400 g, 50 g sugar, 30 g butter, vegetable oil 40 grams, 200 grams broth hips