Diet number 11

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

1) Tuberculosis of the lungs, bones, lymph nodes, the joints in the process of the decay phase.

2) Diseases of the blood (anemia, leukemia, gemarragicheskie diathesis, and others.) In the phase of fading exacerbation.

3) general malnutrition (dystrophy), accompanied by a significant decrease in body weight.

Purpose .To promote the restoration and normalization of all types of metabolism, frustrated in the process of the disease, strengthen the protective capabilities of the body, reduce its allergic setup and excitability of the nervous system.

General characteristics .Increased calorie diet by increasing its content of both protein and fats, and carbohydrates, easily digestible foods, mineral salts and vitamins that provide anti-inflammatory effect and restore the integrity of the (healing) of the affected organs and tissues, increase in body weight.A diet rich in food and products, improve appetite, favorably affect the normalization of blood parameters, anti-allergic effect reinforcing the basic

treatment of the patient.Diet fractional - 5 times a day.

cooked. usual, varied food temperature is normal.

Chemical composition and caloric content. 110-120 g of proteins, fats and 120 g carbohydrates 500-550 g Calorie 3000-3500 kcal.Elevated levels of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), vitamin B complex, vitamin A. Table salt in the range of 10-15, the free liquid to 1 liter.

Bread and bakery products, bread from wheat flour 1st grade, bread, bran white.Crackers of wheat bread.Cookies nesdobnoe.

Soups - on rather weak broths (meat, fish, vegetables) with a variety of cereals, pasta.Saute not performed.

Meat and fish dishes, mostly lean meats (beef, veal, lean pork, chicken, turkey, rabbit) in the form of cutlets, souffle, paste.Permission is weak browning of cooked meat, stewing.Fresh fish, river and sea, boiled and baked form.

Eggs and egg products - Eggs (not more than 2 units a day.) Boiled, in the form of omelets and as additives in food.Recommended products of egg whites.

Milk and milk products-natural whole milk, cream, dairy products and fresh day (acidophilus milk, acidophilus milk, yogurt, fermented baked milk, yogurt, etc.);cheese fresh calcined with sour cream, sugar, in the form of casseroles;mild cheese.

Vegetables and greens - vegetables in a variety of raw and cooked, as side dishes and salads.Fresh herb should be used more widely, especially dill, parsley.Dishes from mushrooms.

Fruits, berries, sweets - jelly, mousses, jellies, compotes, from sweet and sour or acidic varieties of fruits and berries;citrus fruits and berries are rich in vitamins and mineral salts (sea buckthorn, black currants, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, apricots, etc.).

Cereal and pasta - porridge with milk with cream (oats, buckwheat, rice, semolina).

fats - butter and unrefined vegetable dishes and in the table in the natural form.

Snacks - fish in aspic, beef tongue, cheese, herring, soaked in milk, pate pechonochny or herring, lean ham, sprats in oil, salad with sour cream, salad with vegetable oil, doctoral sausage, eggs grain, Pressed, Ket.

Sauces and seasonings - Sauces to meat, fish, vegetable broth with the addition of a small amount of herbs and spices, fresh or dried herbs (dill, parsley, celery, and others.);White sauce without saute with sour cream, butter.

beverages - juices (clarified and with pulp) of vegetables, fruit, berries, containing large amounts of vitamins and minerals;compotes with mashed dried fruits;tea, natural black coffee with milk and cocoa.

prohibited : fatty meats, fish, strong (nourishing), meat and fish broth, refractory fats (pork, lamb, beef);vegetables with coarse fiber (radishes, radish, turnip, spinach);salted and pickled, canned vegetables, fruit, mushrooms;alcoholic beverages;strong black coffee, cream-filled pastries.

1st breakfast - boiled egg (1 pc.), Calcined cheese, cereal, oat milk, tea with lemon.

2nd breakfast - cheese (30 g), tea with milk or cream.

Lunch - salad, soup in meat broth with sour cream, fried chicken, boiled rice with butter, apple compote, dry biscuit.

Snack-crackers, broth hips (1 cup).

Dinner - zrazy meat stuffed with onions and egg, carrot stew, lapshevnik with cottage cheese, milk (1 cup).

at night - yogurt (1 cup).

on all day - bread, bran 150 g, 200 g of white bread, 50 g butter, 50 g sugar, fruit, fresh berries 300 g