Diet number 8

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

They equally therapeutic, and preventive as help to reduce excess body weight.To this way to influence the metabolism, these diets poor in carbohydrates, contain less than usual, somewhat more fats and proteins physiological norm.Table salt, liquid, spices, nitrogenous extractives of meat, fish, mushrooms, smoked sharply limited.Calorie daily diet diet number 8 normally should not exceed 1900 kcal, but only with a doctor's permission.

Culinary processing - depending on the general condition and the presence of co-morbidities - regular or second dishes are boiled for a couple.

1) Obesity varying degrees, requiring a special diet.

2) Obesity as an accompanying disease in various diseases or complications of their course (in the absence of violations on the part of the digestive system).

Influence on metabolism for prevention and elimination of excess fat deposits.

General characteristics .The diet provided limit the total caloric intake is mainly due to the reduction of carbohydrate content, especial

ly easily digestible, with a moderate reduction of body fat and increasing protein standards.Restricting fluid and salt.In order to reduce the excitability of the brain the center of the food (appetite suppression) exclude flavoring seasonings, spices and extractives.To achieve satiety foods provide fractional (at least 6 times a day) in the diet include bulky but low-calorie foods.

cooked. temperature normal.

Chemical composition and caloric .120-130 g Protein, 80 g fat, 120 g carbohydrates Calorie 1700-1800 kcal.The food is prepared without salt, is handed to the patient by a physician salt (no more than 5 grams).The total weight of 3-3.5 kg diet;1 liter of free liquid.

Bread and bakery black bread, protein and wheat bran (150 g per day).

Soups, mainly in vegetable broth, 2-3 times a week on a weak meat, fish or mushroom broth (no more than 1/2 portions).

Meat and fish dishes - lean beef, 1-2 times a week, lean lamb, lean pork mostly boiled, a filler (up to 150 g per day), lean poultry, rabbit, sausages Diet;lean fish (. perch, cod, pike, saffron cod, carp, etc.) mainly boiled, filler, sometimes fried; рыбуможнозаменитьмясомвсоотношении1.5:1(например,на100гмяса150 g fish).

On average, the daily diet should be at least 400-500 grams of protein foods (meat, fish, cottage cheese).To increase the biological value of the diet it should include seafood (mussels, sea cucumbers, scallops, squid, etc.) And in canned kind.

Eggs and egg products, daily 1-2 eggs.

Milk and milk products - whole milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream (1-2 tb in the dish.), Cheese (especially low-fat - 100-200 grams per day) in kind or in the form of cheesecake, cheesecakes, puddings.

Vegetables and greens - cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, squash, tomatoes raw, boiled and baked.Dishes made from potatoes, beets, carrots, turnips (not more than 200 g per day).

Fruits, berries, sweet - sour and sweet and sour varieties of fruits and berries (apples, lemons, oranges, red currants, gooseberries, cranberries, etc. -. To 200 g per day) in the raw state in the form of compotes without sugar.Sweets are excluded.

Cereal and pasta - in a limited number (occasional use by reducing the amount of bread).

fats - butter and vegetable oil (40 g per day for cooking).

Snacks - not sharp cheeses, salads, vinaigrettes, jellied lean fish, lean ham, sausage doctorate.

Sauces and spices - not sharp sauces with vegetable, sometimes mushroom broth, meat or fish broth with vinegar, tomato puree;sauces with vegetables.

drinks and juices - weak tea, milk tea, coffee rather weak, tomato juice, fruit and berry juice from acidic varieties of fruits and berries;alkaline mineral water.The total amount of fluid (with soup, milk, yogurt, fruit, drinks) to 5 cups a day.

prohibited: pasta, rice, semolina, grapes, sweet fruits and vegetables, contain large amounts of carbohydrates, high-melting fats, strong meat and fish broth, honey, jam, cakes, biscuits, spices, spicy snacks.

1st B - Calcined curd (100 g), braised carrots (200 g) of coffee with milk sugar (1 cup).

2nd breakfast - fresh salad without salt with sour cream (170 g).

Lunch-soup vegetarian (1/2 portion), boiled meat (90 g), green peas without oil (50 g), fresh apples (100 g).

Snack - Calcined cheese (100 g), broth hips (100 g), fresh fruit (100 g).

Dinner - boiled fish (100 grams), a ragout of vegetables (1/2 portion), fresh fruit or berries (100 g).

At night-yogurt (1 cup) of rye bread (150 g).