Distemper in dogs symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

distemper in animals is a viral disease that is characterized by lesions of the mucous membranes, skin, and nervous system.Often fever and pneumonia development.

first plague virus was discovered in 1905 by French explorer Carré.The strains of the virus plague, regardless of geographical location, and may differ from each other only virulence.

canine distemper virus usually carry worms and insects, but the dog can catch from other animals - distemper symptoms dogs are not immediate, so you may not know that your dog is in contact with a sick animal.Infection often enters the body through the ears, mouth and nose.Sick dog can infect healthy even with his breath, and nasal discharge are contagious for 3 months after recovery.Distemper - not a seasonal disease, outbreaks of the disease can occur at any time of the year.Often distemper in dogs it is fatal, but if the dog is ill, she'll get lifelong immunity.

Infection distemper especially likely in young dogs aged 3 to 12 months.This is due to the f

act that the young dog's body is weakened due to the change of teeth, the intensive growth of the organism.virus infection is often due to poor care of the dog.Very rarely are infected puppies sucking mother's milk, with milk in the body receives antibodies that protect them from the virus.When it comes to distemper virus, you can not select any of specificity among the rocks - the plague may develop, any dog.Most dogs get sick in the spring or autumn when the weather is bad.

incubation period, an infected dog is 2-3 weeks.At this time, distemper can not be practically imperceptible.
Plague Dogs is subdivided into lightning (in this case the dog dies instantly without causing any symptoms), acute, subacute, chronic, abortive, typical and atypical forms.Accepted to share disease Clinical signs: catarrhal, nervous and intestinal manifestation, but it is conditional, becausepure varying forms of the disease is not the case, the disease is usually mixed.
symptoms can be pronounced or mild:
body temperature rises by 1-3 degrees.However, the puppies to a temperature increase of the crescent can not be;
When hyperacute form of distemper body temperature rises sharply, the dog refuses to eat, then he falls into a coma and dying dog (illness lasts 2-3 days);
In the acute form of the disease lasts 2-4 weeks.The dog was in a fever, the body temperature is kept at 39.5 - 41 degrees for 10-15 days, sometimes 2-3 days falls;
depressed state;
Disappear reflexes;
dog tries to hide in a quiet, dark place, not withdrawn;
refusal to eat;
Sometimes vomiting occurs;Often
leather nose cracked and covered with crusts.

distemper virus affects different organs.
While infecting the lungs, respiratory tract distemper observed:
pus from the eyes and nose.Pus covers the nasal passages, making it difficult to breath, wheezing appears;
inflammation of the tonsils, a cough and diarrhea;
further increase in the dog's body temperature.

When intestinal infection:
Frequent fainting;
complete loss of appetite;
severe diarrhea yellow color with an unpleasant odor, sometimes visible blood clots, undigested food particles.After some time, the feces can be brown;On
mucosa tongue white coating;
Between the change of teeth enamel stains occur, warts and deepen, they remain a dog for life.

Cutaneous infection distemper:
On not covered scalp skin areas appear bubbles;
body temperature is usually normal or hardly noticeable;
general condition of the dog as normal.
Skin infection plague indicates a mild form of the disease and is often not noticed.

When the nervous form of distemper in dogs manifest the following symptoms:
Increase the dog's body temperature;
normal appetite;
irritation, aggressiveness;
Spasmodic contraction of the muscles, reduces muscle (neck);
Sometimes lameness, paralysis of limbs.In some cases (the progression of the paralysis of the limbs), heart or breathing muscles may be paralyzed, necessitating the dog's death;The appearance of seizures
usually leads to death.
Symptoms may last up to several months, sometimes remain in a weakened form of the whole life.The nervous form of distemper
developed by the end of the disease (at the beginning of 4 weeks).Often the first symptoms appear after apparent recovery dogs.

One form of distemper is a hardening of the fingertips.It can combine all of the above forms of infection.The temperature may be normal, but there are signs of neural and pulmonary infection, intestinal disorders.When the dogs heard the run clatter sounds.

acute form of distemper can become chronic, lasting 3-4 months.There
both diarrhea and constipation;
Dog exhausted (this can be seen in the eyes);
lack of appetite or moodiness;
Unhealthy scalp;In the corners of the eyes
dried peel.
In this case, the disease is almost always fatal.

distemper treatment is complex.Today against distemper no drug having virucidal property, so the treatment is to maintain the overall tone of the body and prevention of bacterial activity.
Unfortunately, guaranteed treatment of distemper in dogs do not exist.You can alleviate the disease and try to minimize the chance of death.At an early stage of distemper in the dog animal gamma globulin is administered intramuscularly and interferon.To combat infection using antibiotics to fight the manifestations of the disease - symptomatic means for stimulating immunity - kokarboksilazu, group B vitamins and vitamin C. Remove any discharge from the eyes and nose of the dog.Eyes were washed with a weak solution of boric acid and impose a yellow mercury ointment to separate them forever.Vaseline will help to avoid cracking of the nostrils.
Specific therapy is the use of sera obtained from dogs convalescent or hyperimmune horses.When
distemper justified strengthening the immune system of dogs, there are various immunomodulators and immunostimulants.
In order to prevent various heart medications prescribed: sulfokamfokain, kokarboksilazu.
When treating dogs infected with distemper virus necessary to apply vitamin B complex (B1, B6 and B12) in combination with pantatenom and nicotinamide.Dog age 4-5 months of injections administered every 10-15 vitamin subcutaneously or intravenously in admixture with supporting solutions.
In extremely severe cases, administered by intravenous drip solutions in 250ml Ringer's solution number.

Diet dog distemper patient is extremely important:
Diet for a sick animal includes ground meat or finely chopped meat, rice broth with crackers, beef liver, cheese, broth, eggs and milk.
diets must also observe some time after recovery.
motherwort decoction beneficial effect on slowing the progress of the disease and the prevention of transition to the nervous form chumki.Dieta for sick animals include ground meat or finely chopped meat, rice broth with crackers, beef liver, cheese, broth, eggs and milk.Distemper virus in the environment can only survive at lower temperatures, so the room where the patient is a dog, to be warm and dry.Disinfection of premises is carried out with a solution of bleach, cresol, lye or formaldehyde.Bedding sick dog to be burned.

Vaccination - domestic vaccine used: KF-668, vakchum and EPM;and imported polyvalent vaccine: geksodog, pentodog, Vanguard, and other kanvak.The best method of vaccination of dogs against distemper virus is the use of high-quality imported vaccines with 2 weeks of the domestic.Puppies vaccinated at 2-3 months, 6 months, 1 year and then once a year 1 and then quarantined for 2 weeks.Before vaccination, deworming dogs spend and measure body temperature.
Total prevention is a dog vaccination no later than 1 month prior to the appearance at exhibitions or other public places