Diet № 4

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Diet And Weight Loss

These diet mainly indicated for diseases of the small intestine - enteritis when it is necessary to ensure sparing the mucosa.Such a diet contains relatively little carbohydrate and therefore less caloric.Crude vegetable fiber, whole milk, first and second courses with milk, salt and spices, depending on the patient's condition significantly limited or eliminated altogether.Also excluded is also very hot and cold dishes.According to a set of products diet number 4 - complete.

Culinary processing - all dishes are boiled or steam.

Acute and chronic bowel disease during acute exacerbations, accompanied by severe diarrhea.

Purpose.To ensure maximum mechanical and chemical sparing the intestinal mucosa, prevent the fermentative and putrefactive processes, reduce the inflammatory condition of the intestinal mucosa.

The diet is limited fat and carbohydrates;protein content of normal or slightly elevated.A diet with a reduced content of sodium chloride, a sharp limitation of the mechanical and chemical stimu

li mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.Excluded products and dishes that enhance the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines, such as milk, crude fiber, spices, and all the dishes that stimulate bile secretion, secretion of the stomach and pancreas.Diet fractional - 5-6 times a day.

cooked.All dishes are wiped, prepare boiled or steamed.The temperature of hot meals 55-60 ° C, cold 15 ° C.

Chemical composition and caloric content.80-100 g protein, 80 g fat, 300 g carbohydrates Caloric 2400 kcal.Sodium Chloride 6-8 of

Bread and bakery products - top quality biscuits made of white wheat bread, nepodzharennye, thinly sliced.

Soups - with fat-free meat or fish broth with the addition of the mucous broths (rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, flour), steam or boiled in water, meat or fish quenelle, meatballs, egg flakes, cooked and minced meat, which is added together with the mucousdecoctions.

Meat and fish dishes - and low-fat varieties nezhilistye (beef, veal, a bird in the form of steam cutlets, quenelle, meatballs, souffle cooked meat - ground beef is passed 3-4 times through a meat grinder with a fine grid).Fish is allowed only fresh (not frozen) and low-fat varieties (pike-perch, bream, carp, cod, saffron cod, and others.).Technology of preparation of fish dishes is the same as meat.

Eggs and egg products - Eggs (not more than one egg per day) added to the dish.

Milk and dairy products - fresh cheese (preferably precipitated calcium salts -. Calcined J in a shabby Whole milk is excluded

Vegetables and herbs are excluded

Fruits, berries, sweets excluded

Cereal and pasta -... Oatmeal mashedrice, oat, buckwheat, semolina and other cereal prepared with water or low-fat meat broth Bean excluded

Fats -.. butter, totally fresh, added to the dish

Snacks excluded

Sauces and spices excluded

...Drinks and juices - tea weak, juices in the form of jelly, jelly of fruits and berries, a decoction of dried black currant, blueberry, wild cherry

forbidden: bread, vegetables, greens, legumes, fruits, berries in kind, mushrooms, whole milk., sauces, spices, snacks, eggs in the natural state, sweets, pastries, honey, jam, soft drinks, cold dishes.

1st breakfast - Protein steam omelet, cereal semolina water, tea.

2nd breakfast - cheese calcined (100g).

Lunch - soup made of meat, meatballs, meat steam, blueberry jelly.

Snack - broth hips (1 cup).

Dinner jellied fish, boiled noodles and tea.

at night- yogurt (1 cup).

Full-day bread (crumbs) 200 grams, 30 grams of sugar, butter '10