Dermatitis symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

Dermatitis - inflammation of the skin that occurs due to the direct effects of various agents of the environment: mechanical, physical factors, chemical substances of plant and animal origin, allergic stimuli.How to cure this disease folk remedies, see here.

Dermatitis - This skin disease, remotely resembling eczema.In both cases there is inflammation, swelling and itchy rash, and could end up weeping blisters and peels.The skin often becomes thick, scaly and sometimes covered with pigment spots.

Many forms of dermatitis associated with hereditary predisposition to allergies, such as food.Other views are contact dermatitis, t. E., They appear as a result of contact that cause allergy, such as any substance on production, a liquid detergent, shaving foam and anti hyperhidrosis.One of the earliest and most common types of dermatitis - from diaper rash is, infants in response to the presence of urine acid.Dermatitis and eczema may first appear (or progress) during the emotional stress, overwork.

Initially dermatitis inflammatory processes are less pronounced.Chronic dermatitis may occur malosimptomno long time, under the influence of certain causes of a recurrence of the disease.

Skin dermatitis is common enough.Clinical manifestations appear 2-3 days after exposure to the allergen, and often occurs after repeated contact.

Depending on the severity and duration of illness contact dermatitis may manifest a variety of skin changes - from mild redness to severe her weeping blisters from swelling in the early stages until thickened scaly plaques in chronic.The presence of a disorderly and asymmetrically located rash suggests that the reason for its development are external factors.This is evidenced by the presence of lesions of unusual shape.It is said that nature does not draw the angles, and if the area of ​​skin lesions has a square shape, it is always the cause of a contact dermatitis.

allergens: metals (chromium), ornaments, bracelets, watches, cosmetics and perfumes, hair dyes, creams, spirits, formalin, fotoreaktivy, polymers, rubber, rosin, from health professionals in the pharmaceutical industry - medicines (antibiotics,vitamins).

The most recent message came from Barcelona - the people who hold in their hands the coin denominations of one or two euros, found in the skin rash.Allergy in this case led to the presence of nickel in banknotes.The metal is generally often provoke allergies.

There is a saying: "I have an allergy to this man."It is true, because there are highly allergic diseases in the nervous system, while interacting with a particular unpleasant to you man.Poor women may be insidious trap modern cosmetics, scope and variety of applications where a truly global.The fact that the allergic reaction arises occasionally to any component of cosmetics.Protect virtually impossible, as the refuse of beauty in general.Only one way out - is easier than substance, the lower the risk.

And allergies can cause your office.Chairman of the British Association of allergic Muriel Simmons believes that this growing problem is just beginning to attract attention.Allergies can cause ozone released by the modern equipment, modern detergents, plastic coating all in one office, there are over 300 harmful substances.

Inflammation at the end of the penis - from diaper dermatitis (as Semenov opinion) Sometimes the boys around the opening of the urethra lesions appear.This inflamed tissue can swell and block the passage channel, making it difficult to urinate.These lesions appear due to diaper rash.In this case it is best as long as possible to keep the wound in the open air.When the penis is necessary to cover, the wound should be lubricated with ointment containing petrolatum or lanolin, before going to bed to do it necessarily.If a child is experiencing severe pain due to the fact that he could not urinate for a long time, you can plant it in a bath of warm water and offered to help directly in the water.If this does not help, consult a doctor immediately.

inflammation at the tip of the penis and urinary tract infection, in our view, a natural consequence of the use diapers in the care of the baby-boy.Said disease - it is only "little flowers" from the great joy of pediatricians that "boys ass dry."When you look at the happy faces of the doctors, advertising diapers, always a thought, not on the screen, doctors, and program robots to destroy the human race.

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Atopic dermatitis - is an allergic skin disorder, which occurs usually in infants and young children.Disease is classified according to the child's age on:

1. infantile form - from 2 months of baby's life;

2. baby shape - a year and a half;

3. adult form - during puberty;

1. family history (presence of allergic diseases in the family).

2. Poisoning and intoxication.

3. Endocrine diseases.

4. Irrational nutrition.

5. Metabolic disorders.

6. diseases of the nervous system.

following manifestations of the disease.The children tormented the strongest itchy, causing the skin can always see the scratches.The skin of such patients is dry and prone to flaking, it is covered by shiny plaques.There have perleches in corners of the mouth, the crack of the lower lip in the midline, bruises under his eyes, as well as redness and peeling century.The skin is pale with earthy shade.

Diagnosis of the disease is based on the examination of the baby and holding a series of studies.On examination, pay attention to the skin - a rash on the face, peeling eyelids, perleches.

important also allergic history, that is, information on allergic diseases in the family.For such patients, characterized by increased levels of eosinophils in the general analysis of blood and the appearance of specific IgE.

Treatment of the disease involves the creation of an enabling environment in the family, diet and the use of drugs.

Nutritionists recommend to abandon the following foods:

• meat and fish soups, grilled meat, eggs;

• chocolate, honey, cocoa;

• strawberries, pomegranate, melon, black currant, citrus (tangerines, grapefruits, lemons, oranges);

• nuts;

• mushrooms;

• spices and smoked;

• canned and other foods containing preservatives and dyes.

Drug treatment should be carried out strictly under the supervision of a physician.It includes the following groups of drugs: anti-allergic, dezintoksitsiruyuschie, antihistamines, tranquilizers and anti-inflammatories.If scratching layered infection that requires a connection of antibacterial agents.Children are also required the appointment of enzyme preparations and eubiotics.

sure to topical treatment, that is, the use of antipruritic, anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.

For treatment ointments (ftorokort, flutsinar).For prevention you must avoid contact with the allergen.In life, each of us must be careful, watchful and cautious measure.