Mastitis symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

called mastitis inflammation of the breast with the advent harden.Most often observed puerperal mastitis in lactating women.The cause of mastitis are bacteria usually staphylococci or streptococci.

If occluded milk duct enter the bacteria (often through cracked nipples stagnant milk can be infected, causing duct inflamed. This inflammation is called mastitis, it usually covers the upper external chest segment. Women may be prone to mastitis due to coarseningbreasts, stress, changes in feeding mode, when the child begins to eat with longer intervals or breastfeeding punctuated with bottle

The cause of mastitis is the penetration of Staphylococcus aureus through the cracks of the nipple in the lactating gland

risk factors for postpartum mastitis considered:..

• genetic predisposition;

• pockets of purulent infection in the body;

• breast (the presence of seals and small nodules in the breast);

Postpartum mastitis is seen in 2-5% of lactating women.Very often the onset of the disease were re

corded 2-3 weeks after delivery, at least - in a month.

Blockage of ducts with mastitis. best to immediately attach the baby to the breast and continue to feed, despite the pain.If, after the hardening of the breast and soreness will not pass, you must consult a doctor immediately, because the clogged duct can become inflamed, and inflammation, in turn, can lead to a breast abscess, which often requires surgery.

♦ inflamed painful swelling.

♦ Brilliant red skin around the site of the patient.

♦ Chills, muscle pain, similar to influenza.

♦ Nausea.

main symptoms:

• temperature increase to 38,5-40 "C;

• local nature of pain;

• swelling and redness in the breast lesion;

• anatomical features of the nipples (inverted or flatnipples);.

• existing chronic diseases of internal organs, especially in the acute stage

• palpation detected seal rezkoboleznennye areas;

• general intoxication

Mastitis may require treatment with antibiotics, analgesics, and other methods, recommended for sealed.. milk ducts is necessary to seek advice from your doctor, as there is a risk of abscess

Folk medicine recommends for the treatment of mastitis:

• tie up to the chest of fresh cabbage leaf or grated carrot;

• dissolve in water, rice starch until thick sour cream, apply.on the bandage and apply to the affected area;

• drink a decoction of tangerine peel and licorice root in the ratio 5: 1 twice a day.

diagnosis is a doctor on the results of inspection and palpation of the breast, breast ultrasound, bacteriological examination of milk.

When lactostasis noted a feeling of heaviness and tension in the breast, there is redness and swelling of the skin, milk is released freely, racking in contrast to mastitis, it brings relief.The general condition of women at lactostasis suffers a little, after pumping the body temperature normal, the pain stopped.

prevention of mastitis and lactostasis should begin during pregnancy, nutrition concern, familiarize women with the rules and techniques of breastfeeding, is a timely treatment of nipple cracks and lactostasis and eliminating the infection from the body.It should be wearing a bra, not squeezing breasts, be sure to wash hands before feeding.

To prevent the occurrence of mastitis, wear free bra, avoid squeezing the breast during feeding and pumping.If breast size is small, it is possible to do at all without a bra.Otherwise, without a bra can do in the evenings after work and on weekends.Bras should be selected from natural fabrics rather than synthetic materials.It is useful to do daily exercises, in which the pectoral muscles are involved.It is important to follow the diet, preventing the formation of excess weight.The diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts are useful, especially almonds and walnuts, and cereals, among which the first place belongs to the buckwheat and millet.Bread is best to choose or rye bran, wholemeal.Meat should choose fish and poultry, which it is desirable to eat with vegetables.