cervical erosion symptoms

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cervical erosion uterus - one of the most common diseases of female genital sphere.Most erosion does not itself detects and identifies her gynecologist during a gynecological examination.But sometimes it can be shown the emergence of abnormal bleeding from the vagina, especially after intercourse.Erosion can occur at any age: and very young girls and elderly women.The reasons for the erosion of a lot, but most of them are pelvic inflammatory disease, trauma and microtrauma resulting from the careless handling of gynecological and even during intercourse.An actual cause is now becoming allergic reactions to contraceptives and sperm.How to treat people's means, see here.

There are two types of cervical erosion.First - true erosion - in clinical practice is quite rare.This defect of the epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix, when the broken surface of the mucosa.Arisen wounds bleed.Through them, as through any other wounds, easily penetrates the infection.The causes of erosion may be true inj

ury, careless douching, inflammatory diseases of the cervix.

Another type, called ectopia , the most common.In this case, the columnar epithelium of the cervix canal is shifted towards multilayer flat epithelium of the vaginal portion of the cervix.Ectopic also often occurs in young women, virgins, and with the beginning of sexual activity, it may be complicated by inflammation.As doctors say, ectopia - a benign, or background state.But as they say, no smoke without fire.So with ectopia: it is dangerous for its complications.

infections such as chlamydia, gonococcus, herpes simplex virus can easily penetrate into the cervix and thus cause disease.The fact that the displacement of epithelium protection is lost, and nothing prevents pathogenic bacteria to penetrate and begin to "poison the life of" the woman.After the displacement of the cervical epithelium in its place remains the secretory epithelium, and it survive for long in the acidic environment of the vagina can not.And here starts the body self-healing mechanism.He epithelium, which remained after the true displacement, turns into a stratified squamous.It seems to be good, but there is a danger.It was at that moment when the epithelium heals, the surface may be a fertile breeding ground for human papillomavirus.This virus is sexually transmitted and causes cervical disease of varying severity: flat warts, cancer.

is why gynecologists always wary of ectopia.In some cases, they can trust the body to cope with the disease - the condition that the woman did not give birth and ectopic nothing complicated.

Ektopion - this eversion cervical mucous arising after delivery, traumatic dilatation abortion and diagnostic curettage.Specific complaints of the patient, as a rule, does not show.

leukoplakia - is the appearance of cervical epithelium of sites similar to normal skin.The reasons are varied: infection, trauma, hormonal disorders and immunity.This pathology does not manifest itself, but in most cases leads to a malignant tumor.

erythroplakia - thinning of the cervical mucous.When viewed in the mirror is a bright red spot on the cervix.Causes of this disease are still unknown.

as an image of the tumor?When long-existing inflammation of the body includes a self-healing function.Properties vary epithelial cells, they start to divide rapidly, and this usually results in the formation of tumor - benign, first, and then the cancer.Also, we have shown that tumors can arise against infections caused by certain types of genital herpes virus and human papilloma virus, which is transmitted through sexual contact.

As a result, the woman put diagnoz-- cervical cancer.The disease mostly affects women aged 40 years.But recently observed the following trend: these women are increasingly starting to visit the gynecologist and the doctor diagnose the pathology in the early stages.At the time prescribed treatment reduces the amount of suffering.But women under the age of 35 years is much less likely to attend antenatal clinics.And in this age group, the number of cancer patients started to increase.The reason is also the fact that patients hear the diagnosis, treatment fear, thinking that they were sentenced to death.Be aware, this is not true: in recent years medicine has advanced greatly in the treatment of cancer, and in the initial stage of the cancer is treated quite successfully.

If you go to the doctor and he will deliver you a diagnosis of "cervical erosion", prescribes treatment tampons with oils, it means that you have a slight reddening of the body and you just need to help deal with inflammation.Here, most importantly, do not run this "small scratches" that on your next visit to the gynecologist, he has not appointed moxibustion.This recommendation of the doctor means that a small wound began to increase.If you continue to not pay attention to it, it is at the wrong time will present to you is not a pleasant surprise.

danger of cervical erosion does not depend on its size.In addition, there are situations that it has not even seen "armed" eye, and here you will help professionals cervical pathology, uterus - they accurately diagnose.

worth noting another fact.There are cases that, due to mismanagement cauterization of erosion scars are formed on the surface of the uterus.In the first year as a demonstration

So before you start treatment, you need to choose a good clinic or highly skilled gynecologist who practices in this area.

cervical examination is conducted on the gynecological chair.Many women refer to this extremely negative, probably due to the fact that the examination procedure is not very pleasant.Examine your genitals, the doctor proceeds to the study of the cervix.To do this, it introduces into the vagina metal mirrors;As a rule, they seem to be a woman cold because of this it becomes unpleasant, as the muscles contract and tools include tight.This problem is often solved with the use of plastic mirrors.After the introduction of mirrors to direct light cervix and examine it "naked eye".This can be seen only gross violations, they can not be distinguished from each other, they look the same as redness site - but it is the erosion of the cervix.The doctor takes a swab for flora and cytology.For an accurate diagnosis is necessary to conduct extended colposcopy.

So, to properly diagnose cervical erosion, the doctor must conduct inspection of the cervix and bacteriological examination.If necessary, for a more accurate result, make the extended colposcopy.In this case the doctor will consider the surface of the cervix under a special microscope.Then it determines the degree of danger, and methods of treatment.

It is also necessary to carry out cytological and histological examination.To perform the latter will have to go to the hospital for 2-3 days.A woman cut off a tiny piece of the damaged epithelium and examined to see if there was malignant degeneration.Biopsies allow definitively clarify the diagnosis and determine the choice of treatment.

Bacteriological examination is a smear from the vagina and cervix under a microscope.It has done in all gynecological facilities, but the quality of it depends on the individual qualifications, looking through a microscope.In a smear, the number of leukocytes (more than 10-20 in sight indicates the presence of infection) and are looking for agents of this infection.As gynecologists say, smear can find absolutely everything.This, of course, an exaggeration, but the bulk of the information after this analysis, the doctor really gets.In smear determined diseases such as thrush or candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea.If the smear shows signs of infection, but does not identify the causative agent, shows the seeding and PCR diagnostics.

What does the Pap woman if she erosion?Some mistaken in thinking that the erosion - is also an infectious disease that is caused by inflammation on the surface of the cervix.And if it is to cauterize, all the germs and bacteria will die.Such opinion is wrong!

infection treatment must precede the treatment of erosion.Firstly, it can lead to the erosion of self-extinction;secondly, any organ surgery, including cervical, impossible in the "contamination" of its microbes as fraught with the development of complications.When treatment is necessary to combine the common drugs used in tablets, and local - candles, douching, gels.Local antibiotic drugs help penetrate directly into the affected cells, including cells of erosion.After the use of antibiotics often develop thrush;to prevent it, a course of antibiotics should end the use of products containing lactic bacteria, which normally live in the vagina (eg, "atsilakt" candles).The only exception - the original thrush (candidiasis).In its treatment of "atsilakt" use is not necessary, as in the presence of a large amount of lactic bacteria is exacerbated candidiasis.

addition to bacteriological examination, as has been said, the doctor may carry out extended colposcopy.Colposcopy is called a special microscope that allows to study the external appearance of the cervix, and the procedure for the study with it and have a colposcopy.In principle, any gynecologist is obliged to possess this method.Today, almost every antenatal clinic have such a device.The gynecologist uses it to accurately determine the presence of erosion, as well as not to miss phenomena, similar to the malignant tumor.

Before starting to examine the cervix using a colposcope, it is treated with a substance containing acetic acid and then with iodine.The procedure itself takes a lot of time, 20-25 minutes.Be patient and do not distract your doctor questions: making extended colposcopy, the doctor must be very careful.So first gynecologist mirror enters into the vagina and cervix processes, as has already been mentioned, a solution of acetic acid.The fact that this substance leads to vascular spasm, allowing the physician to see the cervix itself, not its vasculature.Before painting the cervix with acetic acid it looks like a big pink spot, after all available pathology clearly stands out.Then the doctor pulls the chair a great device with eyepieces, includes light bulb and looks.colposcope stays outside himself, it allows you to see an increase in the cervix from a distance.

After the doctor examined the surface of the cervix, determined the place of pathology, it proceeds to the next stage of the procedure - a clearer definition of the size of the erosion.To do this, use Lugol solution.In contrast to the alcohol solution of iodine, iodine is dissolved in water, so you should feel nothing.When the surface of the cervix is ​​treated, normal, healthy cells will be painted with a solution of Lugol and pathologically altered - no.But if you still feel a burning sensation, it means that you have more in addition to erosion and inflammation: solutions that are used in this procedure are only designed for colored surface of the cervix, not the antiseptic treatment.

spending extended colposcopy, you can make an accurate diagnosis of cervical disease and determine its malignancy.If it is not done, the erosion will be a red spot unexplored, which may be hiding anything.

addition to the extended colposcopy, a mandatory step in the diagnosis of cervical pathology is cytology.It is worth noting that the cytological scraping from the cervix should always be carried out before the start of treatment, even if a woman does not bother the uterus and at first glance looks without pathologies.

Cytology - the science of the cell.When cytology study the structural features of the cell surface of the cervix.The result of the study is largely dependent on the skill of someone looking through a microscope, and the correctness of the fence material.

to take the material for cytological study, gynecologists use a special tool - spatula.It has a curved surface corresponding to the shape of the cervix.This layer is removed with a spatula cervical cell surface.But do not worry, it's totally painless procedure.If it is wrong to hold, it is not an accurate diagnosis is made.Layer falls scrape cells from the fact that the malignant process begins with the lower epithelial layers (overlay fabric) of the cervix and progresses up to the surface.Therefore, if only the surface layer gets in the smear, the diagnosis would be comforting, but wrong.As a result, it will lose valuable time and illness woman learns only at the last stage.Scrape cells from the cervix a certain area - space surface epithelium junction, located outside, and columnar epithelium lining the cervix from the inside - they are distributed on the glass.

pathologist gives one of the two possible answers: "Atypical cells are not found", - it means that everything is in order, or "found" - means that there is pathology.Atypical cells - changes in shape, size, structure of nuclei.Such changes may be caused by inflammation or malignant process.Therefore, if the answer is definitely an anti-inflammatory treatment is carried out, and cytology data complement the biopsy under the control of colposcopy.

One of the causes of cervical pathology, can be viruses.If you have had genital herpes, the doctor may carry out a study to determine the type of virus to see High risk it or not, that is, what is the probability that the virus could eventually cause cervical cancer.Therefore, with a slight lesion is necessary to determine the type of virus.In a serious pathology neoplasm usually removed regardless of the type of virus, in this case, it can not detect.To identify the virus is introduced into the vagina a special brush and a cervical smear taken.

biopsy (histological examination) may take 5-7 days of the menstrual cycle, immediately after the cessation of menstruation.In other words, almost at its very beginning.

Before biopsy, the physician must verify the absence of infection you have.If smears on the flora will show poor results, the first doctor prescribe treatment of infection, and after controlling the stroke take a biopsy.The biopsy requires purity: it is though small, but still surgery.

To more clearly see the changed portion of its stained Lugol's iodine solution, and then perform the procedure under the control of a colposcope.To do this, use special tools - such as biopsy forceps, radionozh (apparatus "Surgitron") elektropetlya or scalpel.

Do not worry: biopsy - a procedure is painless and very fast, making it just a matter of minutes.It does not require anesthesia, but if you're still afraid that will hurt, your doctor may treat uterine cervix lidocaine.However, your fears were groundless: on the surface of the cervix few nerve endings, and local anesthesia is practically no effect.If you are tense, your muscles will be reduced and a doctor will be uncomfortable to put the instruments inside.To make the process easier and faster, as the team needs to make a strong breath, and after a few seconds a piece of tissue will be taken for analysis.

After a surface of the cervix biopsy, this site may bleed.As a rule, a gynecologist cauterize this point, and then presses it with gauze.Searing lasts a few seconds, and you'll feel stretching in the abdomen as during menstruation.

After biopsy within a week you should not have sexual intercourse, douche, lift weights.In other words, you need to take care of the cervix.

main plus histological study is that it allows you to put a definitive diagnosis.