Diabetes symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

The disease is diagnosed by blood test results (increased glucose) and urine (the appearance of glucose is normally absent).

treatment of diabetes first type is based on a diet and insulin delivery.The dosage of the doctor chosen individually in each case.For the second type of diabetes is sufficient diet, in more severe cases, appointed by drugs that reduce blood sugar level.

Medicine known type 2 diabetes.For the treatment of insulin needed, as the pancreas has lost its ability to produce.This type of diabetes is called insulin-dependent diabetes.

second type of diabetes is characterized by the fact that for its treatment need special drugs that help insulin "released" from the pancreas and to carry out its part of the work on the digestion of food.This type is called non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus as well as the pancreas continues to produce it.

insulin dependent diabetes affects mainly adults, which, according to the "water" theory, is the final result of the water shortage in the brain

tissue.In this case, the whole system is affected generation neurotransmitters including serotonicheskaya system.

brain is designed so that the central nervous system automatically limits the flow of glucose if the substance is necessary to itself to make up for energy costs.Brain requires glucose as fuel, which then converts it into water.Now it is assumed that the energy loss of the brain can only make up sugars.However, the "water" theory holds true only in this case the body lacks salt and water.Recent brain needed to generate hydroelectric power, used mainly in the neurotransmission mechanisms.

reasons for changing the amount of sugar in the blood simple.When starting to intensify histamine, in addition to the regulation of energy balance and water, it activates a group of substances called prostaglandins.Recent involved in the process of distribution of water in the cells of the organism.

The pancreas is located in the abdomen between the stomach and duodenum.Besides insulin, it participates in the production of saline containing alkali.Alkali (sodium bicarbonate) and then enters the duodenum and neutralizes there food treated by gastric acid.At this time, prostaglandin E, acting on blood flow to the pancreas, the production .stimuliruet liquor and simultaneously suppresses insulin synthesis.Normally, it acts on the well-established pattern: when activated the process of development of alkali, insulin production is suppressed, and vice versa.

Insulin helps the sugars, amino acids and potassium to enter the cells.Along with the mentioned substances in them falls and water, due to which its content is automatically reduced cells.When dehydration insulin activity leads to the opposite result.

apparatus body is programmed so that prostaglandin E 2 performs functions pancreas water supplies, removing it from the cells, and if necessary inhibits the production of insulin.When insulin synthesis depressed, disturbed metabolism in the whole body except the brain.

in water deficit conditions, even the brain uses a shortage of insulin, although the number of the last of its cell functions are independent.Cells other organs are strongly dependent on the properties of insulin, so it continues to the pancreas to produce, and during dehydration, though now it requires the presence of other chemicals.

Thus, non-insulin dependent diabetes, dehydration occurs in an environment where all pancreatic efforts aimed at ensuring the digestive process.Since the pancreas adapts to the chronic shortage of water.

Folk remedies treat

1. Drink as you want an infusion of leaves of blueberry.

2. Drink a tablespoon per day decoction of the root Ratanov.

3. As much as possible to laugh becauseLaughter improves the patient, reducing the percentage of sugar in the blood of the body.

4. Take 3 times a day for a teaspoon of mustard seed.

Diabetes - a hereditary disease, especially if they suffered from both parents.

Note. few words about how disgusting insulin.In diabetes and repulsive when receiving insulin after receiving it, should be good to eat.If a diabetic patient forgets to eat immediately, it falls into fainting and may soon die.

If you want to live without insulin torments of hell, then check your urine and blood periodically.As soon as you notice that there was a small amount of urine or blood sugar levels and the number starts to increase, then try to follow the advice, and especially - the treatment of hunger.

Treatment starvation

Example .Sorokavosmiletny patients suffering from diabetes for 12 years, taking larger and larger doses of insulin, and finally turned to me.It was found that the intestine had been severely weakened, which further complicated by an enlarged prostate gland.Palpation of the abdomen showed that the patient's bowel movements bodies have been pulled together and confused many intergrowths.This happens often with people leading a sedentary lifestyle, and my patient was a watchmaker.

patient was not inclined to sacrifice, at least temporarily, some of the habits and comforts, and especially - a favorite food, but due to our short conversation, he agreed to try treatment hunger.He wanted to get well, and in the most short time and at low cost.Since his work was not heavy, he could do for many days without food.

He chose a grapefruit for his three-day liquid diet, laxatives took three times in the morning and started his 26-day hunger.Despite the fact that the first few days he was feeling very weak, he never missed a day's work.After the fifth day of fasting weakness passed.He was amazed at how easy it was to climb the stairs, and made weekly trips to the mountains several miles each, totally overworked.And most importantly - he stopped taking insulin.

For twenty-six days, he lost weight about thirty pounds and began to eat at the twenty-seventh day.

During the famine of his blood and urine were examined regularly, and the results were quite satisfactory.He had to take a little bit of insulin, when he returned to his usual food, but the portions of insulin gradually decreased, and finally, he completely stopped taking it after three months.For three years he was subjected to periodic studies, and blood and urine remained free of sugar.

Diabetes is very hereditary, especially if they suffered from both parents.

author strongly opposes the adoption of insulin.

few words about how disgusting - Insulin ... One friend of the author, an American middle-aged, experienced a painful disease of diabetes and insulin intake.She recently died at an early age: she was not yet 50 years old.

In diabetes and repulsive when receiving insulin after receiving it, should be good to eat.If a diabetic patient forgets to eat immediately, it falls into fainting and may die soon.

In the four years before his death described diabetichka-American locked herself in her bedroom and fell into a fainting (this state is called "coma").Fourteen sick son broke down the door with an ax, and called an ambulance.Such cases with insulin wraith had a lot of American ...

If you want to live without insulin torments of hell, then check your urine and blood periodically.As soon as you notice that there was a small amount of urine or blood sugar levels and the number starts to increase, then try to follow the advice and the rules of this medical book.

Attention!Fasting be under the supervision of a doctor!

Recipes. Folk medicine recommends for patients with diabetes:

• cabbage and cauliflower, onion, garlic, celery and spinach;

• hips, dogwood, blackberries, raspberries, cranberries, strawberries, rowan, blackthorn;

• pear, pomegranate;

• tea from caraway;

• tomato juice;

• brewer's yeast (2 teaspoons dry yeast 2 times a day);

• hot milk with soda (a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk) 3-4 times a day;

• tincture Peony Root (30 drops 3 times a day before meals).Prevention of diabetes requires virtually all people over 40 years old.It is desirable to establish a rational diet, give up the sweet, to monitor body weight and avoid the appearance of "extra" weight.It is very useful to eat more fruits and vegetables, to give up animal fats in favor of vegetable.The need for regular exercise stress and exposure to fresh air.

In this disease in the urine contains many grape sugar and oxalic acid, which leads to the formation of kidney stones.

First of all it is necessary to stop using sugar, and everything that contains sugar and starch: bread, rice, cereals, leguminous fruits, raisins.It is necessary to have a little more meat in all forms, more fat and fresh fruits, except bananas, chestnuts, cherries, plums, grapes.Very good skim milk, cottage cheese and yogurt.Spices are needed to facilitate the digestion of food fats.

Helps to such a diet to be followed at least once a week, all day to consume only fresh vegetables, then eat 3-4 eggs and a little fresh oil.

Since diabetes is a result of diseases of the pancreas, which produces the hormone insulin, the best health care agent is insulin as directed by the physician.

Against the itching is very good adoption salicylic hydroxide 3-4 times a day for 1.0.

itching genital parts have to wash them with water with iodine: a glass of water to take 4-5 drops of iodine.

Instead of sugar for food use saccharin.

diabetics laugh more useful, since laughter lowers blood sugar.

Instead of coffee well brewed chicory roots.

depends on the age at which the disease made its debut.