Giardia symptoms

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Symptoms Of Disease

Giardia (Lamblia intestinalis) - flagellates are small parasites that cause the defeat of the small intestine and liver . first giardia been described by the Russian scientist DFGiardia in 1859.Giardia - a parasite purely human, so giardiasis occurs only in humans.These parasites in the human body may exist as vegetative (active form) and cystic (inactive) form.How to treat people's means, see here.

• malabsorption of fats leads to malabsorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K, vitamins C and B12.- There are vitamin deficiency symptoms;
• violation of the absorbability of glucose - hypoglycemic state with the manifestation of irritability, fainting and so on;
• violation of the absorbability of proteins - cachexia and violation of the formation of immune bodies).

For exact definition of giardiasis is a specific diagnosis and serological methods.It is also used additional methods - clinical, biochemical and scatological.

specific diagnosis (fluorescence microscopy of feces and duodenal conte

nts) - this method is the most reliable.

Serological Methods - directed to detection of specific immunoglobulin M IgG and in serum.It is also a specific and sensitive method, and are mainly used RNIF, XRF and ELISA.If found "M" - means a sharp process, in full swing.If the «G» - says about the chronicity and can avoid the disease.

General clinical methods:

Coprogram: the presence of undigested fat, muscle fibers, starch, neutral fat, and especially the simplest - is to speak not only about the infection, but also about the malabsorption syndrome.

Biochemical analyzes: hypoproteinemia, the presence of lipase and trypsin in duodenal juice will also indicate malabsorption syndrome, but this symptom can be caused by many other diseases that are not related to infection by Giardia.

The treatment includes:

General preventive measures are the same as in other intestinal dysfunction: detection of infections have decreed those in nurseries and private institutions, observance of sanitary rules -gigienicheskih.Specific prevention of giardiasis is not currently developed.

stick to the rules: