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Diseases pancreatic enough.A prevention of diseases of the pancreas is the rational nutrition!

Pancreas - one of the most important glands in the body, which has two main functions.It produces digestive enzymes (enzymes) and allocates them to the duodenum.Enzymes entering the digestive tract and decomposed carbohydrates, fats and proteins.Another function -.. The so-called endocrine, ie the function of the endocrine glands.Its operate islet beta-cells producing insulin hormone.Insulin acts hyperglycemia, that is, when a high blood sugar, Glucagon is produced by the alpha cells, is the opposite, - eliminates hypoglycemia, or lack of blood sugar.Insulin is the body primarily for glucose penetration into cells and plays a key role not only in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but.

pancreatic hormones stimulate the cleavage of fatty acids which are used and other muscles of the heart, liver, kidneys as energy material.Violation of the endocrine function of the pancreas causes diabet

es.Both functions are independent from each other.Diabetic patients can not be digestive disorders and pancreatic patients is not necessarily diabetes after severe inflammation.Any abnormality of the pancreas affects the carbohydrate, fat and energy metabolism.

Inflammation of the pancreas is caused by exposure to the enzymes activated in the very fabric of the prostate and pancreatic ducts, while difficult, allocating most of these enzymes, called pancreatitis.Pancreatitis can be acute and chronic.How to cure this disease folk remedies, see here.

enzyme release through a common duct may prevent swelling of the pancreas, blockage of the duct stone or pressure from outside the tumor.In this release of the enzymes is stopped, and they start to digest the gland tissue itself, causing acute inflammation - acute pancreatitis, which is at the wrong treatment becomes chronic.Causes of pancreatitis can also serve as infectious diseases, cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, surgical trauma, helminth infections, alcoholism, toxic poisoning, thyroid disease, pregnancy, etc.

Acute pancreatitis -. Degenerative inflammation of the pancreas - is caused by different reasons.It is based on self-digestion of pancreatic tissue due to the impact on her own activated enzymes - is an enzyme-a chemical process to which the infection can start again.
acute pancreatitis arises mainly from people before they do not suffer.After adequate treatment the condition is usually completely normal.
Acute pancreatitis may occur, or only an inflammation and swelling of one or another department of the prostate, or necrosis with suppuration and the formation of a plurality of abscess (ulcers) in the tissue, and bleeding, resulting in extremely grave condition of the patient, and often - fatal even with active treatment.

main causes of acute pancreatitis:
formation of stones or "sand" in the breast duct;
acute cholecystitis;
effects of alcohol;
gallbladder disease;
postcholecystectomical syndrome (a condition that occurs after removal of the gallbladder);
inflammation of the papilla, through which the pancreatic duct goes into the duodenum;
significant nutritional stress (especially fatty and spicy food), a feast with alcohol;
drug allergy.
Older people added circulatory disorders of the pancreas: thrombosis, embolism, the atherosclerotic process in the blood vessels.

In this disease, activated pancreatic enzymes penetrate the prostate tissue itself, increasing vascular permeability, organ swelling occurs.In other words, under the influence of various factors disrupted the secretion of digestive juices by the pancreas.As a result, instead of having to digest food, the juices begin to digest gave birth to their authority.Acute pancreatitis is manifested by sharp pains in the upper abdomen (epigastric, left or right upper quadrant), most of herpes character.Often there is vomiting, a violation of the chair collapse.Collapse - is a form of acute vascular insufficiency characterized sharp fall in vascular tonus or rapid decrease in the mass of the circulating blood, which leads to a reduction of the venous flow to the heart, the arterial and venous pressure drop, and inhibition of brain hypoxia of vital body functions.Joining infection leads to infectious inflammation of the pancreas.

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, acute pancreatitis can also lead to the death of cells in the pancreas, which leads to the emergence of a number of toxic substances released into the body This in turn threatens the patient a more severe course of the disease.Progresses, the disease can damage other organs and preventing their normal functioning.All patients with a diagnosis of acute pancreatitis require intensive medical care at the earliest stages of the disease.

most common cause of acute pancreatitis are gallstones and alcohol consumption.If a stone falls from the gallbladder to the main bile duct, it can block the pancreatic duct, which is connected to the common bile duct to the duodenum, which can also cause acute pancreatitis.alcohol metabolism products can directly damage tissue pancreas.In this case sometimes even rare or moderate alcohol consumption in individuals with hypersensitivity to alcohol can cause disease.At the same time, many people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol, never faced with pancreatic inflammation.Anyway, all patients with acute pancreatitis have to give up, at least temporarily, from alcohol.

In addition to those listed main causes of pancreatitis, there are more rare, such as an infection, a variety of drugs, as well as congenital defects of the pancreatic ducts.

result of dysfunction of the pancreas after acute pancreatitis can be indigestion due to lack of enzymes, which are responsible for the pancreas, and the development of diabetes due to insufficient amounts of insulin.However, these problems are corrected reception or completion of enzyme preparations of insulin.

Enzyme preparations should be taken strictly at every meal.Wherein the dose varies depending on both the nature of the food and symptoms.The greater the amount of food, the higher dose.This enzyme deficiency occurring during nausea, diarrhea, and a feeling of bitterness in the mouth disappear.Formulations replace natural enzymes, are easily absorbed in the body and, as a rule, do not give side effects, and only in very rare cases, the allergic reaction.

If due to malfunction detected high blood sugar pancreas or surgical intervention, it also requires correction of certain drugs.If the sugar level is not too deviates from the norm, it can be adjusted as a food and drugs affecting blood glucose levels.Treatment insulin directly as may become necessary at high levels of blood glucose.

Chronic pancreatitis often develops after acute pancreatitis, as well as in liver disease, atherosclerosis, thyroid diseases, hemochromatosis, ulcerative colitis.In chronic pancreatitis, normal pancreas tissue is gradually replaced by scar.As with acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis should be treated and not to let to "drift" disease.

main symptom of chronic pancreatitis is severe pain in the upper abdomen.Constant and prolonged inflammation of the pancreas could lead to the destruction of healthy cells.As a result, the cells turn into scar tissue, which inhibits the natural functioning of the pancreas.This negatively affects the production of digestive enzymes responsible for the breakdown of food and its subsequent absorption by the body.There are diarrhea (often foul-smelling), weight loss, lack of vitamins.Due to the destruction of pancreatic cells have a limited amount of insulin, violated the metabolic processes that affect blood sugar, which leads to the disease diabetes.

For proper diagnosis and more successful treatment requires the participation of specialists in ehotomografii and endoscopy.

Typically, patients come to the hospital with pancreatic necrosis in toxemia phase.If the blood and urine of patients with elevated levels of amylase, with the help of medicines block the work of cancer (pancreatic secretion).This typically administered intraarterially drug 5-fluorouracil.

To reduce pancreatic secretion, reduced gastric acidity.For this purpose, such as cimetidine and atropine.

More doctors are taking steps to restore the disturbed outflow of pancreatic secretion.To do this, conducted a special surgery, when dissected papilla sphincter (endoscopic papillosphincterotomy).After that decreases the level of enzymes in the blood and urine, and the patient feels better.

When necrotizing pancreatitis is also carried out detoxification, that is removed from the body excess of enzymes and cytotoxins.This is achieved by forced diuresis: intravenous or intra-administered special drugs that cause excessive and frequent urine.Duration of forced diuresis may reach weeks.

If a patient has pancreatic necrosis in the abdominal cavity exhibit a liquid mixed with blood, is assigned to laparoscopic dialysis.It is carried via drainages through which the pumped liquid is introduced and a solution of novocaine, sodium chloride and antibiotics.Once the liquid flowing out of the abdominal cavity, becomes transparent, and the level of amylase in it decreases, the procedure is terminated.In the case of increasing intoxication and acute pancreatitis complicated with jaundice, spend hemosorption or blood cleansing.

When properly conducted treatment phase ends toxemia pancreatonecrosis patient recovery.However, it also happens that the developing stage of infiltration and suppurative complications.Then the patient is prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, which are inserted through the femoral artery.Usually after this infiltration resorbed.

If the positive effects of medical procedures does not occur, then the patient is being prepared for the operation, during which removes dead pancreatic tissue.

forecast of the disease depends on how severely struck by the pancreas and whether the treatment is started promptly.

Another danger can lie in wait for the pancreas from its nearest "neighbor" - the gall bladder if it has stones, can cause big trouble.The simultaneous combination of the extrahepatic biliary tract diseases (mainly gall bladder) and pancreas may lead to the development cholecystopancreatitis.

Indeed, pancreatitis, occurring against the background of a troubled gallbladder, make up more than half of all cases of inflammatory diseases of the pancreas.Most cholecysto pancreatitis-elect their target women.And it should be noted that our reader was lucky, because in this particular case holetsistopankreatit declared itself quite nicely.Let's look at why there is this disease and how to treat it.

cholecystopancreatitis main cause is gallstones.And if you say that kamnenositelstvo - a ticking time bomb in our body, at any time, ready to explode, it is unlikely to be such a big exaggeration.

course, stone stone strife, but if large formations can lead to bedsores, breakthroughs of the gall bladder, the small stones are insidious in their own way.They can penetrate and migrate into the bile ducts.Wandering through it, the stones reach the level of the confluence of the duodenum, and it stuck.Due to violations of the outflow of bile pigment bilirubin begins to accumulate in the blood, and there is jaundice.Furthermore, it can quickly develop a severe attack of pancreatitis-cholecysto.In this case, no longer thought to whether to remove the gallbladder - need an ambulance doctors.

And if you are in any do not want to part with his gall bladder, you should know that if there was a stone in the gall bladder, he never finally resolve.The presence of even the smallest stones suggests that the work of the gall bladder is broken - the bile begins to precipitate.And if this trend has appeared, it will only grow.

usually clinically acute holetsistopankreatit begins a typical attack of acute cholecystitis.After the error in the diet of food lovers at "fatter pozazharistee yes" appears in the right upper quadrant pain, radiating to the right shoulder blade and right shoulder.Often there is vomiting bile, fever.At this stage, blood leukocytosis detected leukocyte shift left.On ultrasound revealed gallstones, swelling.

signs of acute pancreatitis then appear that you are already well known: the pain becomes more rigid, assumes the character of shingles, a painful join vomiting, ileus dynamic phenomenon.diastase content is increased in the urine.

cholecystopancreatitis Treatment includes a range of therapeutic interventions used in acute cholecystitis and pancreatitis.After a thorough examination the doctor will select the appropriate medication and prescribe treatments.

Particular attention is paid to diet therapy.At the time of exacerbation of chronic cholecystopancreatitis for 1-2 days is better to refrain from eating.Permission is granted to only drink mineral water "Borjomi", "Bjni", "Slavyanovskaya" (room temperature, without gas) 1 / 2-1 glass of 6 times a day, weak and unsweetened tea, broth hips.On the third day from the beginning of the exacerbation with doctor's permission can be gradually included in the diet mucous soups, pureed oatmeal liquid water, vegetable puree and jelly from fruit juice.After 5-7 days, if there are no complications, it is recommended to switch to a full diet, but mechanically and chemically gentle.This diet the patient must comply with throughout the period of exacerbation.After 1.5-2 months it will be possible to eat or pureed food.

To help your pancreas, do not rush while eating, chew food well - crushed, it is best mixed with the digestive juices, and therefore, it is better digested and assimilated.Eat 5-6 times a day in small portions in a strictly fixed hours.At the same time for each meal secretes bile and pancreatic juice, too, in small portions, and hence the liver and pancreas work in power saving mode.

If you sit at the table rare, but cast in his food bowl "with a slide," this will require enhanced separation of digestive juices.In the context of the complicated outflow may provoke an attack of pain.A long breaks in foods contribute to the stagnation of bile and pancreatic juice and thus maintain an inflammation in the gallbladder and pancreas.Supper try to at least 2-2.5 hours before sleep, because during sleep to digest the food worse.

Since the diet you have to comply with for many years or even a lifetime, it will be full.For more information about how to eat at holetsistopankreatit, described in the fourth chapter of this book.

If you wear the stones in your gallbladder, our job to warn you, dear readers, that you go on a very, very dangerous path.At the very least, go through inspection, do not break the diet, take care of yourself in those situations where the gallbladder is making itself felt.