fungus Treatment folk remedies

You have probably heard of fungal diseases and various attempts to treat it.So, if it so happened that it was you become a victim of an unpleasant illness, do not despair!

There are many ways to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms.Learn more about the symptoms of this disease, see here.

In today's world almost forgotten about the ancient sources that helped our ancestors to overcome difficulties.What are we?Yes, all elementary!Nature - that is our main friend and assistant, the only people on this long forgotten.And so, back to our problem.The fungus is, of course, the phenomenon of little sweet, but can and must fight it!If you have tried a variety of medications, you are tired of expensive and ineffective ointments, try to solve the problem in another way.

main methods of fungus treatment folk means have a very wide popularity.And this is no accident!Thousands of people have got rid of unpleasant disease only by traditional medicine.Do not hesitate, if properly and gradually carry out the following

recommendations to the effect will be stunning!You'll find that methods of fungus treatment folk remedies is not a myth, but a reality!In addition, you should try?You have nothing to lose, but on the contrary - with the right approach you can get rid of the fungus.Tempting?So let's try to solve your problem!

And so now we'll tell you about the basic methods of fungus treatment folk remedies that really helped many people.But do not worry, all the recipes are proven and are absolutely safe.You yourself can see this.Among other things, collected recipes available absolutely simple population - there is no expensive ingredients or unknown to you before herbs.

If it so happens that you suffer from a fungal disease of the legs and bring it to attack you for a long time does not work, the disease to develop into the chronic form (which means that it is worth the foot a little sweat as the fungus soon will be manifested on the skin between the toes).Here, of course, not only pleasant, but you can still help.

Here is one effective recipe (!), Take 1 liter of milk home and put it on for a while in the fridge.When it settles, remove the 1 st.spoon heavy cream.Next, add to it 1 fresh homemade (!) Egg and 100 grams of birch tar.All mix thoroughly.The resulting ointment must be kept in the refrigerator.The method of application is quite simple!You should apply to the affected area prepared ointment and bandage.Here the main condition is a strict adherence to the rules.Do not give up procedures even if the fungus has already retreated.Lazy and fungus immediately return!

In order to achieve the desired result and completely get rid of the disease requires you to use these tips for at least two months.Then will it be good!In addition, you should adhere to personal hygiene and to boil socks every day, shortly cut nails, and change shoes if possible.Do not worry, it will help!
Another, no less effective way to treat the fungus is a folk remedies following recipe: you need spruce branches, butter, foil and container of cream.Grind (as can smaller cut) tree branches and place them in a jar (250-300gr) layers with butter.Next, cover the jar tightly with foil and secure (you can attach a thread kapron Then put capacity in a hot oven and allow to simmer ointment Cook about 5-6 hours you will see the formation of a green liquid -.. This is what you need ready Strain the oil and place!in the refrigerator. Patients sites are treated carefully and tape up. the procedure is repeated several times a day. Do not hesitate, the effect comes almost immediately, but there is no hurry and cancel the procedure, otherwise it can happen again.

unpleasant disease as is the nail fungus. If you are experiencing this for the first time, probably, immediately ran to the doctor. But the people who over the years can not get rid of unnecessary illness know better ways that are based treatments for fungus folk remedies. And so, we suggest you do nothurry up and try to get rid of nail fungus alone and forever.
and so, the most common remedy for nail fungus in people has always been the use of Kombucha.This unique plant has wonderful properties and costs you nothing to try it in action.To do this, you need to take a plate of tea fungus and gently primotat to the damaged nail plate.Secure mushroom cellophane wrap and bandage.The procedure is prodelyvat evening.Attention!Do not be scared of that at first, this method may cause unpleasant pain.Be patient, because your health is more important!In the morning remove the bandage and wash the foot in lukewarm water.You will see that the nail surface deadened.It is necessary to carefully remove and treat the inflamed surface of iodine solution.The procedure can be repeated after a day or two.Within a few weeks you will be able to get rid of the fungus for good.Just follow our instructions precisely, and do not let things take their course.
The following recipe is also quite good, and you can try to use it to get rid of annoying disease.And so, you need to prepare oil propolis.To this end, 100 g of petroleum jelly melt down in a water bath in an enamel pot (do not bring to a boil).A little cool and vsypte 15-18gramm crushed propolis.Then again put on a steam bath and stir everything well until smooth.Strain and safely apply the ointment to the affected fungus places.It is absolutely painless way, and he guarantees you quickly and safely to save you from unnecessary problems.The procedure should be strictly prodelyvat twice a day - morning and evening before bedtime.

panacea for this disease is also a bow.Onion juice helps get rid of unnecessary problems.You should know that the fungus - is a tricky thing, and it affects not only the skin of the hands, feet, nail plate, but sometimes your ears may be affected.If you strongly itching ears, and doctors diagnosed - a fungus, you need the following advice.This kind of fungus really cure all for 3-4 days.Prescription medications is simple!It is necessary to rub quite a large onion on a fine grater, squeeze the juice and the night just to dig into the ear and the nose for the net 5 drops of juice (undiluted).Those "waste" from the bulbs just need to eat.A few days later you forget about bothersome symptoms.Also, with the defeat of the skin soaked in water, onion grate, mix it with Vaseline and the mixture is applied directly to the affected areas.You will only need 10-15 minutes.After two weeks you will forget completely about your troubles.

way, the fungus - is not just a disease of the skin.These are signs of problems in the body.If you have such problems, then maybe you can help bowel cleansing and vitamin complex.Think about it, because the problem should be solved as long as they are small.You are using the methods described above can easily get rid of any kind of fungus, it is if you have a health problem, it is likely that the disease will come back again.We recommend closely monitor their health!We hope that you do it correctly and will get rid of fungal diseases!