gastric lavage

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

The main task of the immediate first aid measures in case of poisoning is an urgent removal has not grown deep the poison from the stomach and duodenum.In this case the only effective method of washing is stomach probe, skills of which should be to buy the entire adult population.You must be able to implement it at home or at work, as any of those listed in this book urgent measures.

for gastric lavage using an appropriate instrument, which consists of thick-walled rubber tube length of 1.5 m with a wide lumen and funnel capacity of 0.5-1 liters.The funnel and a rubber tube at home, in the shop medicine cabinet or in a set of medical equipment of any of the staff should be sterilized by boiling and stored in plastic bags.Just before the procedure, the instrument is washed 1-2 liters of boiling water.

Prepare 8-10 liters of warm (you can not boiled) water.The victim was seated on a chair, leaning back against the backrest and a few bent his head forward, close oilcloth apron, plastic capes or drapes.A

t the feet put the pelvis.One assisting the probe enters the stomach.At the same end of the probe is applied to the root of the tongue and the light is sent forth motions in sync with swallowing movements of the patient towards the esophagus.In no event it is impossible to produce dramatic effort with the introduction of the probe, the more progressive if its motion is resisted, impedes the progress of the probe.Retching patient as a result of irritation of the tongue and throat with a rubber tip reduced and even completely stopped with a deep breath of the patient.

After insertion of the probe into the stomach (at least 50 cm) at its free end put a funnel, pour the water into the funnel, slightly tilting it so there did not get air.The funnel was initially kept below the mouth of the patient;filling it with water to lift up until the water reaches the funnel neck, the funnel is lowered and then poured in a basin of the stomach contents.The mechanism of gastric lavage based on the principle of communicating vessels, in connection with which there comes the return fluid flow from the stomach into the funnel.It is necessary to fill and empty the funnel until until clear water appears, indicating that the achievement of the required quality of cleansing the stomach.Because the stomach should go out as much liquid as was introduced.If left less fluid, the patient is asked natuzhitsya.

If gastric lavage should not be allowed, so that the water is completely gone from the funnel, because after that the air gets into the stomach, making it difficult to process.After washing and extraction of the probe to the patient offer a mouth rinse, wipe his lips and chin with a towel.