Useful and therapeutic properties of bedpans

August 12, 2017 17:50 | Medical Treatments At Home

bedridden patients serving ship in the bed.Before giving the vessel should be rinsed with hot water, as it should be clean and warm.Serve the ship should be very careful.The left hand is supplied by the sacrum of the patient and at the same time lift it carefully and enclose the right ship and summarize it under the sacrum cape forward to buttocks slightly hung over his hole.Then the patient is covered with a blanket, and after a bowel movement once a ship carried away.It is desirable to the patient during a bowel movement to isolate the screen.After defecation bedpan carefully removed from under the patient so as not to spill the contents, covered with oilcloth or newspaper, and endure to the bathroom.The patient was tempted and anus wiped dry.

contents of the vessel is poured into the bowl.In patients with intestinal infections feces poured disinfectant solution for disinfection, and only then poured into the sewer.A 10% solution of bleach, a 3% chloramine solution, 3% Lysol dry lime mortar or the rat

e of 1: 2.Intestinal allocation stirred with double the amount of disinfectant solution allowed to stand for 2 hours and poured in a toilet bowl.Thereafter, the vessel is well washed with hot water, detergent and disinfected in all cases the above solutions.

weak patients with little subcutaneous fat layer, the tendency to the formation of pressure sores, as well as fecal incontinence should be given inflatable rubber bedpans, which, thanks to the elasticity have the least pressure on the sacrum and at the same time protect the skin from contact with secretions, provide prevention of bedsores.The ship should not be tightly inflated.

Under it is necessary to enclose oilcloth, and not to put directly on the sheet.Caring should regularly and in time to empty the vessel.

Men for voiding and patients with urinary incontinence provide urinals ( "duck").They put between the patient's legs and lowered into the hole penis.These catheters may be of glass, plastic and enamel.After each empty their bladder and washed well with a detergent.To remove the residue from the walls and eliminate persistent odors urea should periodically wash the bag with a weak solution of hydrochloric acid.Before serving, the patient should rinse the bag with warm water.